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Life as a Movie. Talking about what if our life were like the movies with Taylor Swift's 'If This Were a Movie' song. All text © Rissi JC

Have you ever wondered what life would look like on an HD movie screen? (Am I the only one who thinks it could be scary to see her face blown up in high-definition?) How it would read in a script and which studio would option it? Who would star in it?  

Probably not many of us have had that thought process (my life would be far too boring to make a compelling blockbuster – believe me). Inspiration for writing strikes me sometimes at the oddest moments and when I was humming some random, familiar tunes while going about my day, it struck me again. Grammy-winning songstress Taylor Swift (do I use her material too much… because I am beginning to think I do) wrote a charming little song called “If This was a Movie,” one that I’d not heard until recently.

The story is a soapy, teenage romantic ballad about a girl begging the guy who has recently done something to break her heart to “come back.” It is a song filled with longing of two lovers romance being cut short and it climaxes with the idea that if reality were a movie, the two would be running into each other’s arms before the day was out – and preferably just as the sun set along a pristine beach.  

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It uses fiction as a metaphor for a reality could-have-been. The American mentality is caught somewhere between obsession and enjoyment in going to the movies. (Case in point: the phenomenon and fascination with Twilight – or going back farther and
looking at Star Wars, both of which are just two examples of “love affairs” America has had at the box office.)

Fortunately, I fall into the latter category. Watching a story come alive on-screen is purely for entertainment purposes and I enjoy it as that. Entertainment is so ingrained in us that I think it does “effect” our mentality on reality. Minus the glitz and glamour, the pretending and pretenders, in a way, we can indeed make our own analogy between the movies and life – minimal as it may be. Only difference is, in our real life, we know we cannot take back something once it is done.

  • Forget what pop culture, society and the news media all claim is right – sometimes it feels like we could even do a better job than the government – God is our “director.” He is the One who we want to please. He is the one we should take direction from. He is, at the end of the day who we want to hear say, “well done.”
  • God has left us the ultimate “script” – the only Word that truly matters. The Bible is the one place that we should always
    remember to use as our source for this walk here on earth. 

I am not trying to liken cheap Hollywood gimmicks to our spiritual walk with Christ – believe me, I know the two are about as far apart as one could possibly imagine.  Still when we think about it, life can offer us some similarities to life “at the movies.” No, we probably won’t ever run into someone’s arms as music swells or dance in the snow as the perfect, pristine white backdrop but life’s mysteries is more precious than a fleeting moment of romanticism. What we do have to be careful of is the “no re-takes” guideline in reality. We cannot yell “cut!” and simply have a do-over. We do not have that luxury. Instead we have to think before we act. As productive, well-meaning citizens, we should consider what our actions might be saying about us. We must recognize wrong vs. right – know that sometimes, not saying anything is best…or like the film industry, that sometimes being brutally honest with your best friend – even though it might hurt at the time will be what’s right in the long run.

God didn’t design the world knowing what it would become (or that is what I believe – but that is for another day and another post…) but He does love each and every one of His children. He wants us to seek answers in what He left behind and find support in His wisdom.  

The real difference between our reality and Hollywood’s is that we know that in truth. This contrary to what the liberals want
so badly to impress upon us, we do desire to live happy, moral lives. Something “life” would have us believe is unobtainable. 

…and “that’s a wrap!” on yet another one of my rambling posts. *grin*

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  1. Excellent post. I think that movies do sometimes give us a warped vision of reality, because life is much more "boring" than movies should be (although I don't know, there are some incredibly dull movies out there). But a movie is just… a movie. It ends, and it is meaningless. Our lives are not meaningless. C.S. Lewis once described our lives as if we are involved in a play on a stage, but we do not know how our role will end, or even what the next act will be. Only God, the director, knows.

    On a shallow note, two things:

    I don't want to see MY face in HD, but I sure don't mind seeing *insert handsome actors here* in HD! ;)

    RISSI SAID TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. Happy Friday!!

    I’m having my first giveaway come and check it out!

    Have a great weekend!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. Charity – thanks. I have been "working" on this post off and on for goodness knows how long; it was high time I either posted it or threw it "out." =D

    Movies (fiction) definitely do give us a warped sense of reality. So many people (probably more girls) get caught up in the romanticism in a film – they start to believe that their own life could mirror something like that. It is SO not true. C.S. Lewis had a lot of good things to say and he left quite a legacy behind.

    (Your comment about "dull" movies made me smile.)

    Well… the actors look great in HD (usually) – my face under that scrutiny could be scary. ;D

    I know, right!? It was big for me to type out, Twi- Twilight… (Look at that: Managed it again. ;-D)

    Shia – cool! I dropped by your blog. Thanks bunches for making me aware of your giveaway.

    Same to you: enjoy your weekend. =)

  4. I cannot say I've ever compared my life or thought of my life like a movie either, Juju but hearing that song just inspired a post… so I am all for that. =) Music means a LOT to mean. I don't think I can really explain why I like it so much but oftentimes I get more out of a moving song than a sermon. Bad or good, it is my personality.

    Thank YOU for reading. =)

  5. Hi Rissi! I haven't heard Taylor Swift's song. I remember pretending that my life was a movie as a teen. It was always start over again when I didn't like something that happened, lol!

  6. Up until about six months ago, I hadn't either, Gwendolyn. It was on her "Deluxe Edition" of Speak Now exclusive to Target. Anyway… I bought it on Amazon and found it a "cute-sy" song. =)

    I play acted as a child, too. But believe me I wasn't a center-of-attention kind of girl who wanted to "act" on a stage – that freaked me out! =)

    Thanks bunches for dropping by – I hope you do so again sometime.

  7. Wonderful post, Rissi, and so true! I have often imagined my life as a movie (or a play), although movies and life can be two very different things–just like you stated here. But I'm glad we have an ultimate Director and and ultimate Script.

    By the way, I love your blog button!

  8. That is the "real" difference in life and a movie, isn't it? We actually have purpose and the promise of so much more whereas the movies are oftentimes just "flopping" around… and dishonest. No matter how entertaining they may be. =)

    Awww! Thanks, Jemimah! I had a lot of fun putting it together. I think I made a "new" button without the "culture. life. movies." because I didn't love how the print/sizing looked. Haven't put it up yet though (I was thinking of making it round, too). I love the pic. though – I don't know that I could have found one I liked any better.

    So happy you shared your input. =)

  9. Thanks, Emily! I did check out your blog, and it is lovely; great job!!

    Thank YOU for following me – I love my followers. I hope you stop by again sometime. =)

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