Seasons of Blogging: On Why I don’t Discuss Politics


Looking at the news headlines today is sure to inspire melancholy as opposed to draw a smile. It seems like nearly every other day, news of a bombing is the headline rather than an exception. This destroys not only people’s livelihoods but the lives of people, leaving in its wake shattered dreams and hearts. Beyond that, news of the controversy surrounding the (Fill in the Blank) “Lives Matter” slogan is turning even the most normal people crazy. The rest of the news is cluttered with stories of the current political landscape. on why i don’t discuss politics 

My Twitter feed is one such place I run across opinions about today’s political scene. Some of which make me terribly disheartened because of what I passionately believe and know to be true. In an age of “instant gratification,” we now know at the tap of our electronic device what the masses think of a speech, scandal or the tragedies
that currently echo around the world.  

Seasons of Blogging: On Why I don’t Discuss Politics. Getting personal and sharing why I don't discuss certain topics. All text is © Rissi JC
Seasons of Blogging: On Why I don’t Discuss Politics #FWarchives Click To Tweet

Five years ago when I began writing here, my mission was different than it is today. (I began looking for a “professional” outlet to write reviews.) That said, in many respects as I’ve “grown up” (as a writer and blogger, and person) in this world, and learned things and began to want to write some things about life or culture in general, I made myself a kind of unspoken promise about this blog’s content. I didn’t want to become caught up in the various debates, word-slinging or the line that divides blue and red.   

I wanted instead for it to be a place full of fun where we could talk about our shared love of books, fandoms or any other lighthearted topic we had thoughts on – even those that differed from one another. I’ve never been afraid of disagreements, but that wasn’t ever my intention for this space.  

Today, the political scene is at its height because of a much buzzed about and talked of election.  

As I scroll through my Twitter feed during these debates, tragedies and preposterous thoughts and theories, sometimes I can barely restrain myself from typing out a reply. Why? Because contrary to what my Twitter feed or site might suggest, I do care about these issues.  

I care about my country and what’s happening inside its borders. I care about and respect the men and women who have sworn an oath to serve and protect. I care about the outcome of the November election and what its results might mean for this country. I care about the increasing attacks shattering those around the world – and in many cases, our own backyard.  

Even still, I’ve retained my promise not to discuss politics in this space.  

Does this mean that by steering clear of controversy I’m somehow not doing my small part to share why I vote the way I do. Or that by not expressing sympathy in the wake of tragedies that I somehow am not mourning with families who’ve lost loved ones?
In no way, shape or form does this mean I don’t care. It simply means I’ve chosen to keep my opinions private from the very public forum that is the World Wide Web.  

One thing I do believe most passionately is the following. This political year is conflicting with dishonest statements, speeches that contradict themselves, and classless acts. It’s now had many resolutions though the greatest one – who will become our next President, is still to be decided. I also 100% believe that the right to vote is a privilege. We have the chance to choose who we want to lead our country for the next four years, and whether my candidate is still in the race or not, I will be voting come
November 8th. The alternative that will result in not voting will cause too great a catastrophe to consider. For me, that’s enough.    

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