Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Hers is a name that plasters across many a Hollywood billboard. Despite it all, I am not a die-hard fan; for a variety of reasons. Somehow, Salt did appeal to my cinematic interests, so I watched it.

Salt (2010) Film Review

Evelyn Salt (Jolie) is one of the CIA’s best assets. She knows her job and does what they expect of her. Two years ago, in North Korea after a mission goes wrong, she became a poisoner. What Evelyn doesn’t understand is her release in exchange for a trade. Turns out, the one man she fell in love with while on an assignment, turns the world upside down until he finds her. Now, with the truth out between them, she happily marries the German native, Michael Krause and works for the CIA in a limited capacity.

Salt’s handler, Ted Winter (Liv Schreiber) finds her departure from undercover work hard to take. Her life revolves around her happy marriage now. Just as Evelyn plans to celebrate her first anniversary, she’s detained to interview a Russian with claims of an assassination. It’s this accusation that turns her world upside down.

This all sets into motion a series of conspiracy theories that will forever change everything: Who is Evelyn Salt?  

Let’s start with this: It’s no great secret that I love a good action flick. As Angelina is not my favorite celebrity made liking this something of a surprise. What I do like is the Bourne trilogy and so, of course, Salt‘s similar vibe helps in that allure. To say this isn’t a decently brilliant script wouldn’t be fair to the writers. To say the director didn’t put together one of the most interesting espionage thrillers would be unmerited. Because the truth is that Salt does live up to its tagline.  

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At its best, confusion and the adventure of the chase keeps everything interesting. This isn’t just an action flick; it’s an intelligent “who’s who” that keeps us on edge, guessing any number of possible results. In truth, the plot may be implausible but as with any good spy caper, there’s still lots of good action scenes. It’s big, bold and action-packed.  

I like the movie, a lot. Having said that, both the beginning and end don’t set up well. I can appreciate the anti-climatic ending because, most filmmakers want the potential for a sequel, but I cannot agree with the beginning, mainly because, it never fully explains what it has to do with Salt’s quest for… revenge? redemption?truth? Or whatever she may be searching for. We aren’t led to wonder if the hero defines the definition of “hero” or defies the definition of a “villain.” The notion that there are suspicious in this case is quite fun.

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Content: there’s a whole lot of violence. Someone kills an entire company of “comrades,” one of whom is killed by a bottle [although the impact is off-camera, blood spurts]. The rest die from a bomb or a gun wound. Others die from a point blank gunshot, stabbing or punched out. An intense fight sequence climaxes things, and in an unexpected flash, someone is choked to death by a chain, snapping his neck instantaneously. Profanity is a part of the dialogue; sh*t, d**m, h*ll, etc is the brunt of it. The story opens with a woman in captivity in only her underwear; her face is bloody and briefly, there’s instances of torture. The film is PG-13.

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  1. This is a movie I'm *definitely* interested in seeing. I'm not a Jolie fan either, although I did enjoy her in "Sky Captain" and I have a grudge against her for the Croft movies. ;) But I adore Bourne and this looks like such a thrilling, fast-paced, entertaining movie!

    Question, however– is the language frequent and throughout or occasional? My family doesn't have any sort of filter right now, so we have to be careful.

  2. Rachel – yeah, I am NOT a big Jolie fan. Period. But I have liked everything I've seen her in. Guess I am able to separate her personal life from her characters. =)

    Enjoy if you do see this one!

    AnnaKate – that is one movie I never saw. I have seen her in The Tourist (loved!), a TV western mini-series and another movie that I cannot remember the name of but also really enjoyed. This is very Bourne-like, so in that regard, it is awesome.

    Honestly? I didn't filter this one either time I watched it. There is a theatrical and extended cut and while I've skipped through the former, this review is based on the latter. From my memory, the profanity is definitely more scattered. Some movies seem like every-other-word is a swear word; that does not seem like that was the case with this one. (There are some GD's, too.)

    Hope you enjoy this one if you see it – as I said, it is reminiscent of "Bourne" only it has a female lead!

  3. Hey, I just saw this film last week! I'm not an Angelina Jolie fan for various reasons, but Salt was quite interesting. Perhaps it was a little bit too violent and profane…still it kept me in suspense till the very end. And yes, it does remind me of the Bourne trilogy–only this time, a female version.

  4. I really liked this one, Jemimah. Of course, it doesn't hurt anything that I love the Bourne trilogy. ;D Last I knew there was a sequel in the works, too. If they made one, I'll see it.

    Yes, it was a bit brutal but overall, the mystery was decent and I loved the fact that we questioned the "good guys" motives – normally they are above reproach but here filmmakers shook things up a bit, which was cool.

  5. It was, wasn't it? I loved the great suspense of the story.

    Thanks for the follow! I really appreciate that – and yes, I follow you now. =)

  6. Sort of like a female Bourne… interesting. This is one of the movies that I'd heard a lot about, also. Maybe I'll have to see it.

    And yes, I'm with you on not being a big Jolie fan. :)

  7. There seems to be a lot of that around here. LOL! I don't know why I don't like her as an actress (I really don't as a person) but I just don't. It is odd because I've liked what I've seen her in, but I cannot help that opinion!

    This one was really good, Lauren – or I enjoyed it. It is intense but not any more so than the Bourne series.

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