‘Superman Returns’ is More of a Quiet Love Story


Though no more special than the rest of the super hero flicks, if only one thing can be said about this re-boot, Superman Returns does raise the bar higher than most feel-good movies.

Superman Returns (2006) Film Review

In seven years, the “Man of Steel” sees a great deal of change. His place of origin, Krypton is assumed destroyed until scientists find what they assume is pieces of the planet. This is the only thing that takes Superman (Brandon Routh) away from the people who make his life on earth so special. This includes the woman who raised him as her own, his mother, Martha. Living in anonymity as Clark Kent, an eager, dedicated reporter, his return from a “trip” is a welcome one by co-workers and his boss (Frank Langella). Clark is most anxious to see the girl he left behind without a good-bye, Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth). A reporter who knows no limits, Clark is devastated to learn she has a family; a fiancé (James Marsden) with a young child. Furthermore, Lois no longer believes in Superman.

‘Superman Returns’ (2006) is More of a Quiet Love Story. A review of the adaptation with Brandon Routh. Text © Rissi JC
‘Superman Returns’ (2006) is More of a Quiet Love Story. A review of the adaptation with Brandon Routh. #Movies #Superman #BrandonRouth Click To Tweet

Looking to rekindle something that cannot be undone, Superman continues to watch her from afar while she fights with her boss about covering Superman’s return. When the world is again in danger from Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey), Superman faces a battle that threatens all he hopes to regain.

FILM REVIEW | ‘Man of Steel’: The Unique (Mostly Fun!) One With Controversy

Controversy or no, the upcoming DC Comics’ Superman movie is actually the first about this hero that has piqued an interest. Since I haven’t seen any version of Superman, it seems only appropriate that I finally add Superman to my growing list of superheroes to love. This 2006 adaptation is the only version that looked appealing enough to rent; I wasn’t up for the sappiness of the 90s or 80s adaptations, so this is the winner.

Though its characters are familiar to me, I didn’t know what made them tick. To my surprise, Clark (or Superman) is one of the most humble, likable heroes to ever grace the silver screen. Or perhaps this is just how Routh plays the studious Kent. If there is one thing a bit ridiculous, it’s Superman masquerading as Kent while rescuing people without a disguise. (I mean, can his alter-ego even be a “disguise”?) As the film progresses, it may be easier to accept given what an unassuming presence Clark maintains; he goes out of his way to not attract attention though his constant reminder to Lois that he is “always around” is awfully sweet.

One of the fun things about this speaking about its production quality is the sets; they have touches of the fifties era. In fact, it’s so prevalent in the first twenty minutes that I have to keep looking for modern things like electronics. One thing I could do without is superman’s boyish curl in the middle of his forehead. Similarly, the costume he dons is a bit laughable but at the same time, even it’s a kind of icon in American pop culture. Though the pacing is slow, and because of this sometimes the film needs a shove in the right direction, and the special effects aren’t always up to par, the movie is a good time. There’s hero willing to sacrifice everything in order to protect the defenseless attests to good characters.

In the end, Superman Returns is one of the better comic book adaptations around. A flop at the box office is likely because it actually has morals. Bravo!

Content:  PG13 for a few instances of violence which is mostly off-camera. Someone stabs and shoots a man multiple times, three others die by heavy objects; a woman is slapped. There may be one or two profanities but they are rare. One couple live together without marriage for years.

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  1. Charity – really!? That is good to know. I enjoyed this one quite a lot – almost better than the "Spider-Man" trilogy. It was a bit slow sometimes but overall, good. :-)

    Rosie – yeah, it is fun! I am SO excited about the re-make because I love the cast – Amy is going to be an AWESOME Lois Lane. :-)

  2. "it isn’t hard to make comparisons between him and his alter-ego."

    This was a problem even in the comic books! His "alter-ego" stretched incredulity, but then again it was a comic book… :)

  3. I laughed myself silly over how easy it was to see that Clark was really Superman and vice versa but… in the end, it was a really fun flick. I am so used to seeing superheroes who disguise themselves even if that is laughable. ;-D

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