The Sound of Music… Re-Made?


The Sound of Music... Re-Made? Sharing thoughts on the teaser of the upcoming Sound of Music NBC re-make! What do you think? © Rissi JC

Months ago, Ruth shared that the classic musical, The Sound of Music would be re-made in an NBC television production. And this makes me quite excited! Needless to say, I totally forgot my mental note to share it with all of you. *My Bad* Though I don’t know for certain but I’d wager some of you are fans of the Julie Andrews classic. The music is fabulous and I adore the romantic story line. Here is the quip about the casting of Carrie Underwood: sound of music nbc re-make

Next Christmas season, Carrie Underwood will bring us the gift of music. The ‘Blown Away’ superstar will play the role of Maria von Trapp in a live broadcast of the famous Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ‘The Sound of Music.’ – Taste of Country

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Just the fact that NBC is planning to air it this coming holiday season has me giddy; and I am curious about it being a “live broadcast” rather than a traditional re-make. This could either be very good or a disaster but it would seem producing a more theatrical take on it would lesson the criticism there is bound to be! As far as the casting of Carrie Underwood, don’t be too quite to judge. Whatever you think of her, the girl has got a set of pipes on her; she’s an amazing talent and is likely one of country’s best female artists today. As for the dramatics, I will admit to being on edge as to her capability though I know the vocals are in good hands.

So… it’s your turn now, friends! What do you think about this news? Do you like the idea or hate it? (Setting aside the cast) Do you think this Sound of Music NBC re-make will be a good experience or bad? Who else would you cast? Names like Colin Firth and Daniel Craig are going around for the Captain. While Jennifer Lawrence is a name out there for the role of Liesl.

Share your thoughts – I’d love to read them!

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  1. Aha! This most controversial bit of news…controversial only to myself, as I'm not quite sure yet what to make of it. :)

    Yes, I'm a HUGE fan of the Julie Andrews film. My first reaction to this is "if it isn't broken, why fix it?", however, I'm trying to keep an open mind here. :) The idea of a live production (which I didn't realize before) makes this idea much more palatable…it would make it more like a theatre production, which would make it ok with me…that's what you do in theatre. :)

    So we shall see! As for casting…hmmmmm! I like the idea of JLaw…and either Captain sounds fun. :) Definitely something to ponder!

    1. It is controversial, Alexandra – I don't think that's too strong a word!

      The original version is wonderful… I love it for being such a perfect representation of what a film should be and rarely is. I've got an open mind because as you say, it's slated to be a live production. That should lessen anyone bashing it too much because really, it wouldn't be fair. Theater productions or revivals happen ALL THE TIME!

      Love Jude Law! He's so fabulous in what I've seen him in. ;)

      So glad to see you here again – visit again soon. :)

    1. What is bound to "save" this one, Charity is that it's slated to be a "live" version. In that sense, the criticism won't be as justified because basically it'll play out as a stage production, only you'll be able to watch it from your living room. That sounds cool to me. :)

  2. Omw…Colin Firth for the Captain…I'll have to think about that for a while before I'm sure if I like it! What an interesting role! But hey, neat news…I'll look forward to hearing more about it. :)

    1. Much as I like Colin, I'm not 100% sold on the idea of his being the Captain. Oh, I think he'd play the part well but still…

      I thought this was neat, Charity – and I'll certainly share any more news I read. :)

  3. Really, how come I never heard of this?! The Sound of Music remake–now this is going to be interesting. However, I love the original film to pieces, so I am a little bit reluctant with a new version. But if they let Colin Firth or Richard Armitage play Captain Von Trap…well, I'd prolly be even more excited to watch it. Can't wait to see who'll play the children!

    1. I don't know, girl! Happy to let you in on it though.

      I think this will be interesting – like you, I'm very fond of the original, Jemimah. It is everything a movie SHOULD be but rarely is. However the fact that this is being planned as a "live" version should lessen the criticism.

      Like you, I'm *dying* to read the cast list. The Captain needs to be someone who can look good in a uniform… who will it be!? I wonder. ;D

    1. Isn't it!? Cannot wait to see how this will develop – and I'm most excited about it airing on NBC. :) Re-makes are usually something I love also – in fact, most of the time I prefer them.

      Thank you for dropping by, Tessa – I'll post any "new developments" I find. :D

  4. Hhmm, the purist part of me that grew up watching Sound of Music regularly, as well as listening to a cassette tape that we recorded of the entire movie several hundred times (not an exaggeration – my sisters and I were puzzle-maniacs and we'd do puzzles all day long and listen to those two cassette tapes. We can quote you every word and sound in the movie!), that part of me stands up and screams bloody-murder against this. But….I can try and forcefully put my profound bias aside, and give it about a quarter-inch room for this to be successful. :) Funny timing…as I'd just been thinking, since seeing Les Mis, that if there ever WERE to be any kind of remake, that Anne Hathaway would do well as Maria. But since it's Carrie Underwood? As much as I love me some Carrie country tunes…I'm not convinces that a countrified Sound of Music could ever do it for me, though. But I've been wrong before. :)

    1. The classic version of this story is lovely, Kellie. It was something my family watched dozens of times also – basically because it was one of the only "appropriate" movies to watch! :) (Such a cute story about you and your sisters!)

      Having said that, I don't get the impression this will be a "country" version although I do understand a concern that Carrie's country twang may come through in the vocals. I keep wondering when the rest of the cast will be announced as I cannot wait to read that list – it should be AWESOME. And then again… maybe it'll be disastrous. :O

      What will probably save this is that it's going to be a "live" version so in many ways, it's not really a "re-make" but rather a stage production.

    1. Considering it has a talented leading lady (in vocals) and that NBC is producing it as a "live" version rather than a traditional re-make, I think it could work, Juju. I am *dying* to read who is cast! :D

    1. Yes! This is set to air on NBC during the 2013 Christmas season – so at least it's not planned for years from now. LOL! The style is going to be "live" meaning it will be more of a play but to its credit that might work. It has me excited, Gwendolyn. :)

  5. I'm willing to give my girl Carrie a shot…..but I do love the original, so this remake will either go really well or be a train wreck! I'm hoping for the former scenario

    1. So do I, Ella. Carrie has the voice but I'm a bit worried about the dramatics. Nevertheless I agree: It will either be a grand thing brimming with talent or an embarrassing fail. Hoping for the former!

  6. Hmm. I have mixed feelings about this one, because while I know nothing can replace the timeless Julie Andrews' classic, a new cast would be an interesting take. Mostly, though, I don't really like Carrie Underwood. She's got the pipes, no doubt, but in a very different way, imo . . .

    Anyways, I'll try to keep an open mind until I see it!

    1. That is me also, Jess-Rose. Knowing it's going to be a "live" production shouldn't put it in the line of fire in terms of being criticized. With that, I'm actually excited about it!

      Love Carrie but I don't know if her voice will suit (since she's country) or if she'll handle the dramatics well. However like another writer pointed out, she's got the stage presence down unlike some actresses who are more at home in front of a camera on the big-screen.

      Cannot wait to see the cast list!

  7. OK. I'm kinda torn. Her voice is a little to country for Maria…but at the same time, her voice is gorgeous. And the REMAKE? I don't know! How WEIRD! I love remakes for their entertainment value…and I love to be critical of them (lol), but I don't think they could every make one as good as the original in this case…though I admit it would be QUITE interesting to watch! And oddly enough…Jennifer Lawrence would make a pretty good Leisl. For the Captain? I would say NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO to Colin Firth. NO. I feel there are sooo many other British/European actors better suited to the role…and seriously? Colin Firth and Carrie? ICK. Weird.

    LOVE the topic of this post Rissi! So fun.

    1. Know what you mean. She might have a country sound that she won't be able to taper. Some of her recording are really pretty love ballads though so… maybe!

      Wouldn't mind seeing Jennifer in a role but yeah, much as I like Colin Firth, he's not my ideal Captain either.

      What will save this is that it's not a traditional re-make. It will be more of a stage production than film. Hopefully it will still be impressive.

      Soon as there's more casting news, another post like this will go up, Micah! Glad you shared your thoughts. :)

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