Morning, all! Hope you all enjoy a bright, beautiful Friday. Today, I’ve put together another edition of ‘Link Love: March 2013. ‘ These are some of the links that are making me deliriously happy. Or annoyed.

Why, yes, I am a simple girl.

Unofficial listing and all, seriously, do pre-orders come better than this!? I am one happy girl.

So cannot wait for this season to come on DVD because of this spoiler…

Logic tells me it’s fake. My romantic side says: Could this (spoiler) be for reals!?

Dying to get a hold of this May 7th release because of this catchy groovy song  

Why hello, cute spring blouse!

This recipe is delicious! All new “twist” on the always yummy lemon bar (thanks so much to Ella!)

How fabulous are these promotional posters!?

As a girl who didn’t even watch this show, is it okay that to be excited about this news?

Despite this franchise being a consecutive spin-off TV show, I am THRILLED by this!

What an adorbs “faux” photo shoot from the styling’s of Margot Wood – and creative!

Officially it won’t be here until Summer 2014 but.. it has a NAME!! Oh, yeah and instead of the usual three – there will be FIVE (count them) books in this series!

Just to clarify: I would not hate this Downton Abbey rumor/spoiler/whatever-it-is… it just seems too… “convenient” or impossible(?) given their relationship

What ‘Link Love: March 2013’ list would you have? Or what fun new discoveries did you all make this week? Happy Friday! ♥

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  1. Love the top and the book news :D Oh and the Ann & The French Kiss thing was cute! And whatever she was eating looked scrumptious! Like the post idea girly!

    1. That top is cute! Saw something similar at Target yesterday too. And the book news is wonderful – makes me all the more excited for this series to complete. :)

      I'd only recently come across Margot's works and thought it was a cute idea. The 'French Kiss' was my fave. And yes, that pastry looks tasty. :)

      Thanks for the comment, Sierra!

  2. Well… The WC "spoiler" isn't what you think… just sayin'. ;)

    I have not heard that Downton rumor though! Interesting… I wouldn't hate it either, but it would be awkward potentially for little Sybil and George. lol Probably won't happen though.

    Oh and I love those Catching Fire portraits! They do look smashing.

    1. Darn! I *knew* it wasn't to be. ;)

      (I did read a headline that revealed it was all put on. But a girl could hope. :D)

      Honestly much as I love the relationship these two 'Downton' character's have developed… I really don't wish to see them romantically involved. I mean, they are wonderful as friends and allies, just not potential marital partners. Or that is my thought. We'll see how it plays out – for now I'm a fan of the "new guy" so long as he's not a jerk. ;D

      The Catching Fire portraits are simply gorgeous! Loved the white rose.

      Thanks for sharing, Rosie.

  3. YES!! I cannot wait for Foyle's War S7! That is such great news for the day! :) Hhm..and the Catching Fire prom poster! I am indeed looking forward to that movie's release!!

    1. *High five*

      You and I both, Kellie! CANNOT wait for S7. That will be a great day. :)

      As for 'Catching Fire,' those promos are gorgeous! So classy.

    1. *sigh* That teaser seems too good to be true methinks. After all, this is Neal we are talking about – notorious con man and all. ;)

      Elizabeth, thank you so much for the comment and blog follow! Appreciate both and hope you visit often here at 'Dreaming Under the Same Moon.' :)

  4. The White Collar thing was great–but no, not what you think it was ;-)

    And I know, I am the ONLY one who wants that DA thing. I am still bitter over Fellowes's writing decisions…..and I don't want to like new characters. So there you have it :-)

    1. LOL! I *knew* that wasn't the case – when we are talking about Neal, that scene was just too good to be true. ;)

      You aren't the only one, girl! To be honest, I wouldn't hate it – at all – I just think it seems too "convenient." Granted, so is a new love interest a bit cliché however neither will be "impossible" or uncommon considering back in that era women likely did re-marry…? I don't know, either way I'm excited and hope that with time, maybe you'll find yourself curious about it also. For your sake and all the enjoyment you've had from 'Downton,' I hope some of that is re-discovered. I think we both agree that we don't want Rose with Branson either! ;)

      From what I've read, the new character's will bring excitement into the house. If they are unlikable jerks, I will be their loudest critic. ;)

      Happy you dropped by, Ella! :)

  5. I haven't watched any whole season of Veronica Mars, but I have seen episodes here and there. So I don't know that I'm allowed to be excited about the movie news either. But I still am!! :D

    I love NCIS: LA. So I'll take another spin-off. No problem at all.

    The Anna and the French Kiss photos are so cute! I'll have to check out more of her work. And I love those books, so it was perfect. Thanks for sharing!

    And hmmmm. I like the two characters as friends in DA. Nothing romantic should be going on there, so I'm hoping it won't happen or even be thought of. But you never know with Fellowes! Anything can happen. :D

    I hope your weekend is lovely Rissi! :)

    1. As I am, Kara! At least one friend watched it and she liked it as I recall. I just never picked it up. Perhaps one of these days I will or I may just watch the film – always did like Kristen Bell.

      NCIS is awesome. Its military tributes always touch viewers. Because of the spin off I may watch the "pilot episode." It sounds promising. *fingers crossed*

      Aren't those photos adorbs!? The model has a book blog that I've read on occasion and she, along with the photographer did a nice job.

      Just thinking about it, Kara, I am with you, I prefer these two characters as friends. Putting them together as romantic interests wouldn't be horrible (I wouldn't hate it) however I like them as they are – with her being an ally and he learning to accept a new life and looking to her as a confidante.

      Same to you, Kara – enjoy the weekend! :)

    1. It is cute, isn't it, Rachel!? Polka-dots are always cute. Thanks for the sweater tutorial. Looks fun. :)

      Lady A's upcoming release sounds fabulous! I am so anxious to get a hold of it.

      Thanks for commenting, Rachel.

  6. Loved this Link love girly! The pics for new Hunger Games look absolutely stunning. I almost choked on my spit when I saw that "faux" spoiler for Downton. Please dear God, no. haha
    I only saw the pilot for White Collar…I should try to watch more, I've heard they are pretty good. The new Bates Hotel looks quite creepy…must keep eye out for that. I saw the trailer :) That kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is all grown upish! Cra-azy.
    Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

    1. These are so much fun to do, Jeanine because they go up so quick and easy. :)

      Catching Fire looks great just by its promotional posters. I have "issues" with the book but the movie I liked better so we'll see if book/movie two follows suit. :)

      I am with you on 'Downton.' The idea isn't horrible in the sense that I'd hate it however it just doesn't quite appeal like a new guy does…

      White Collar is really quite good. It has moments of complete brilliance and likable characters – even though the main character is a total charmer. ;)

      Yeah, that 'Bates' show does look creepy. I've not read anything – or not much about it. The promos are off-putting on their own.

      Thanks for reading, Jeanine! :)

  7. Hi : ) Thanks for the link back!

    I really enjoy your site, especially a review site; I like to get other people's opinions on media as well.

    Oz: The Great and Powerful is an awesome movie, especially is you're a Wizard of Oz fan.


    1. It's always fun and interesting to read and chat about popular media (film, music, books), and get other perspectives. In the 18 months I've been blogging, it's been a great learning experience. :)

      Great to know about 'Oz.' Although it will likely be on DVD, I am looking forward to seeing it. :)

      Am excited about reading your blog, Ivy. :)

    2. You've only been blogging for 18 months and you have over 100 followers?? Lucky you!! It's understandable, though; you have an interesting website. I've been blogging for two years and I'm lucky if anyone ever bothers to comment much less follow me…


    3. It's been a little over 18 months now – in August, it will be two years. Last time I checked the time frame, it was a year and a half, so I guess I was still thinking of that number.

      I can tell that I'll enjoy reading your blog, Ivy, and I always enjoy commenting on blogs I frequent. :)

    1. Must agree, Juju. :)

      No, I never did! Love Kristen Bell's movies though so maybe before the movie, I should watch the show…?

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