‘THE ONE’ BOOK TRAILER FROM EPIC READS. Sharing the link for the book trailer for Kiera Cass' The One. Are you excited? Text © Rissi JC

Evening, friends! How are things going with all of you? Just wanted to stop by with my thanks for all your awesome comments today and for last week’s roll out of entries! As always, I enjoy and appreciate them all. Today, I finally posted the review for Catching Fire and have plans to post one more review before the week is out. Until then, in case you didn’t see what popped up on Twitter (thanks bunches for the shout-out, Amber) today, I wanted to share this. There’s been no secret made that I have loved reading Kiera Cass’ trilogy, so I’m sharing The One book trailer – eeep!



The series follows a teen, American Singer, on her quest of finding independence and love, too! The One will be the third in the series, following The Selection and The Elite. This YA novel releases on May 6th and let me tell ya’, as if I weren’t excited enough already, this just ups that. And all I can say is, thank goodness it’s less than a month away!

Ok, as always, it’s not YOUR turn. Tell me, friends and fellow book enthusiasts, what’s your thoughts? Comment all of your opinions below and chat about this new book trailer.

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  1. Happy to share! Thought you might want to see this. ;) Thanks for the S/O in your post!

    I still have to read The Elite… Hopefully soon! Loving this dress in the trailer. :D


    1. Absolutely, I would want to see this!!!! Squee… cannot wait to hold this one in my hands. ;) Me, too, I need to finish The Elite. So far it's great.

      Ditto. I don't think it'd be unfair of us to request this dress – who cares that it wouldn't fit in my closet!? ;)

      Thank YOU for sharing.

  2. Did you see the key-chains for pre-ordered copies? I'll read this one, but not for a little bit. I'm torn on the guys and the situation. I'm not really sure how it's all going to come down. I was really disappointed in Maxum in the last book in some ways. I hope you love it! I LOVE the dress!! :)

    1. I did see those – they're so cute. :)

      I'm not quite done with The Elite yet however, I haven't gotten mad at Maxon. Yet. I suspect it's nearer the end of the book he messes up. I'm rooting for Maxon (not because he's the prince, just because of how he's treated America – he's the better guy so far). In my reading history, usually the girl ends up with "old" sweetheart, so I'm expecting her to choose Aspen.

      Me, too! I want that dress – that's not too much to ask is it!? ;)

  3. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Also, I want that dress. Badly. :)

    I've got my copy pre-ordered from B&N, because they're signed, and will be sitting next to the door for the mail man to bring it to me come May. I really love the simplicity of the trailer, actually, maybe largely because I get to look at that dress more. :D

    1. Me, too, Rachel – like why can't we just reach into the cover and pull the dress out!? ;)

      Fun! I thought about using B&N because of the extras, but well, I have an account all set up on Amazon so I went with that. Either way, I'm *dying* for it to show up in my mailbox. And I agree, the trailer is simple but effective – that's the way to go. Plus, it's wise since the dress is beautiful albeit "big" on its own, so there doesn't need to be "more" busyness. :)

  4. I am "team" Maxon although the second book makes me sick (America is the worst; she cannot complain about what Maxon did because she did it all along, but it still felt like betrayal that the good guy couldn't just be good). I still want to read this. I hope my library buys it quickly because I am not going to buy it.

    I love the covers. Those dresses are so gorgeous.

    1. Let's hope that The Elite is just suffering from a "middle book" slump and the final novel is oh-so-much better. "Team Maxon" for me too – no convincing needed. :)

      Hope you enjoy the novel, Livia – and right there with ya'. Lovin' America's closet! :)

    1. Aw, fun! Hope you enjoy them, Rachelle. I think they're really beautiful and love that it was partly inspired by the story of Esther. :)

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