‘Meant to Be Mine’: A Swoony Hero and a Sassy Heroine Romance


STORY | Complicated is something that the Porter family seems to know how to navigate. This time it visits champion bull rider Ty Porter. His complication arrives in the form of the girl who harbors a crush on him throughout high school: Celia Park. Seeing Ty again in Vegas seems like a stroke of serendipity to Celia. Marrying him seems too good to be true, yet after spending four blissful days together this is exactly what Ty proposes. 

BOOK REVIEW | Her One and Only by Becky Wade – Fall Head Over Heels for This Romance

But the morning after their impromptu wedding is nothing like a fairy tale, the result leaves Celia in tears. Five years later, Celia hasn’t seen Ty since and struggles to hold together a good life. When the past brings Ty to Celia’s front door from Texas to Oregon, their separate worlds suddenly change. Ty discovers he has something he didn’t know he was missing, and Celia realizes her secret may be a mistake.   

Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade | Book Review

Favorite Love Stories in Fiction, Part 1. ‘Meant to Be Mine’: A Swoony Hero and a Sassy Heroine Romance. A review of the 2014 contemporary novel by Becky Wade. Text © Rissi JC

REVIEW | There are books that a reader admires and enjoys simply because they’re sweet. Then there are stories that leave us speechless. So much so that in writing about them, words escape us. For me, that is what Becky Wade’s third novel, Meant to Be Mine, does. It’s a testament to the novelist’s talent when each of her successive books read better and better (in faith, in characters, in storytelling). The second novel in Becky’s series is an emotional roller-coaster that inspires its characters to face tough decisions. A story, I believe, is Becky’s best yet.

If I didn’t already adore the novels that materialize from the pen of this author, this book surely would melt my heart. It’s exactly the kind of story that “gets to me” with its lighthearted moments of hilarity carefully balanced against the emotional, raw trials the characters experience, plus its plot is one that, for unknowable reasons, I adore. 

There’s something magical about a love story that isn’t the typical boy-meets-girl and instead, explores the relationship between a married couple; it brings out a more authentic kind of love story, a quality that makes the romantic tension blossom. As a bit of a warning, some readers have serious issues with Ty. I don’t. Don’t mistake me, I do understand; he does treat Celia wrong. That being said, I never feel like he’s “all bad” or as if he needs to be slapped soundly across the face. He’s written in a way that allows him to be compassionate. Plus it never hurts when the hero is genuinely sorry for his mistakes.

The rest of the characters are likable and easy to champion, particularly the book’s littlest who the reader always wants to protect. Beyond this, I cannot say more about Meant to Be Mine. It remains one of my most favorites in the genre. Who can have a quibble with this book and its heart-stopping kiss in the rain? Or the sassy dialogue? I would argue no romantic can or would. ♥

‘Meant to Be Mine’: A Swoony Hero and a Sassy Heroine Romance. A review of the 2014 novel by Becky Wade. Have you read this one? #GoodReads #WeekendReads #MustRead Click To Tweet


Author: Becky Wade
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: 2014
Series: Porter Family – Book 2
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance, Inspirational
Add the Book: Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★★

With thanks to the author, Becky Wade for providing a complimentary copy of Meant to be Mine for reviewing purposes.

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    1. *High Five*

      I just can't gush enough about this one. :)

      Same here, I'm eager to have Jake's book in my hands; I'm betting it promises to be equally as wonderful. Thank *you* for reading, Rosie. :)

  1. I've been waiting to read your thoughts on this one and was really excited when I spotted it. I totally agree with what you said about it being perfectly imperfect…that's a perfect way to describe it! (no pun intended) This was my first Becky Wade book and now I'm craving more. Lovely review, Rissi!

    1. Yay! Glad that this inspired your interest in more from Becky. Her books really reminded me why I adore contemporary so much, and made me "fall in love" with the genre all over again. This one is her best yet and it's a great experience to see that talent grow. Enjoy the rest of Becky's novels, Bekah. They're keepers too. :)

      …and thanks for reading.

  2. Glad you liked it, too! I'll admit that it took a while for Ty to grow on me, but eventually I became quite fond of him. :) My Stubborn Heart is still my favorite of her books, but I really do love the two Porter books, too. And I can't wait to read Jake's story!

    1. I did indeed, Kristin! There was a beautiful quality to this story and I loved that.

      My Stubborn Heart is a memorable read, and you know, someday when I don't have a stack of review books, I want to reread that one. I remember flying through it and getting caught up in the story through the joy of getting to know the characters. Everything felt so real while I read it, and that's what made the book have an edge on its peers.

      …me too! I cannot believe we have to wait SO long for Jake's story. ;)

  3. Great review. I really liked this book too. I loved the sparring between Ty and Celia, Addie, Celia's baked goods, and how Becky Wade took the readers on an emotional journey with the characters. Definitely a book I'll read again.

    1. This is one I'd love to read again too! In fact I still consider it one of my most favorite books ever. It's a delight from first to last page. Thanks so much for visiting – and for reading!! :)

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