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Valentine’s Day 2015 is nearly here. That means there are overzealous romantic displays or bouquets of flowers showing up everywhere. But, there is still fun to be had on this day of romance. I mean, come on fellow book addicts, we can always read a book with a lovely romance or a fictional crush. *wink* Plus, I will admit to decorating my bookshelves with paper hearts. Clearly, I have way too much free time. Or can enjoy a romantic-comedy and a nice meal. On this day before Valentine’s, I thought I’d share a kind of “round up” of fun Valentine things.

All Things Bookish

First, in case you missed it and want to curl up with a good read, I put together a Top List over on Silver Petticoat. The topic? Favorite contemporary romances. I had a great time putting this together and if you’d like to chime in with your favorites, have a look at the list.

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In case you missed the #ShareYourHeart campaign with Tyndale House and author Courtney Walsh, here is the darling video she put together as promotion of her novel, Paper Hearts! How cute is it, right!?

Makes me want to read this one all the more.

Romantic Comedies and Valentines Day Fun 2015

Also over on Silver Petticoat, I put together a list of 15 favorite Hallmark movies. These are the ones that I enjoy re-watching, but what about you?

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Below is a list of favorite romantic comedies. Many of which I don’t mind admitting, I’ve seen several times.

27 Dresses

I do adore this film. All of the wacky dresses its heroine wears, the banter and of course, the fabulous (complete) ending. This is definitely one I’ve watched time and again.

Rated: PG13


Only recently did I finally re-watch this (I’d bought a copy but hadn’t seen it since the theater) and golly, I loved it even more the second time through. The wit, the humor, the characters… it’s all the makings of a special yet quirky kind of movie.

Rated: PG13


Though not my favorite ever, this film is cute in its own way. Based on the novel by Alex Flinn, as its title would suggest, it’s a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast.

Rated: PG13

Jane Eyre

It hardly seemed right to pull together a few romances (even if I am focusing on contemporary romantic comedies) without putting a classic on the list. Of the adaptations I’ve seen, this one is my favorite thus far.

Rated: PG13

Leap Year

2015 may not be a leap year, but this darling film is always in style. Between Amy Adams and Matthew Goode’s bickering and banter and the fun Irish humor, it’s a must any time.

Rated: PG

Letters to Juliet

Valentine's Day Fun 2015. Sharing some Valentine's Day fun and lists to celebrate the fun and romantic day! All text © Rissi JC /

Fell in love with this movie some five years ago and still love it. It’s sappy, yes, but that’s part of its charm.

Rated: PG

The Proposal

Valentine's Day Fun 2015. Sharing some Valentine's Day fun and lists to celebrate the fun and romantic day! All text © Rissi JC /

One of my favorites. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are hilarious.

Rated: PG13

How about you: What are some of your favorite romantic comedies? Share about comments, thoughts or fun below. Let’s talk.

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  1. You've named two of my favorites…Letters to Juliet and 27 Dresses.

    My other favorite romantic comedies are Princess Bride, Sweet Home Alabama, Wedding Singer, Music & Lyrics, Serendipity, Jerry McGuire, Shakespeare in Love, Ever After (not really a comedy, but definitely a romance!), Just My Luck, Just Like Heaven

    I'm probably missing a few but I can't remember all of the ones sitting on the shelf!

    1. Those two are re-watched a lot at my house, Dawn. Gotta' love the fun of rom-coms!

      Oh, yes! Many you list are favorites for me too – how on earth did I forget them!? Loved Sweet Home Alabama, Music & Lyrics, Ever After, Just My Luck and Just Like Heaven. Like you say, there are probably lots more I'm missing. All are fun though. :)

    1. Oh my, yes you do, Amanda! I haven't read the book but the movie… so cute.

      Leap Year is one of my "always favorites." So cute.

      Ps; just wanted to let you know I hadn't forgotten about that email I was to send you… but I didn't see an email addy on your blog. Do you have one you wouldn't mind sharing? Or you can send me an email with your address if you prefer. :)

  2. I need to watch 27 Dresses and The Proposal…haven't seen either one of those!

    I usually watch my favorite movie, 2005 Pride and Prejudice, on Valentine's Day (though last year I mixed it up and watched North and South). I've been wanting to rewatch it lately, but I'm saving it for tomorrow. :) I have, however, rewatched some of my favorite romantic films lately (maybe subconsciously with February 14th approaching?): Austenland, The Young Victoria, Julie & Julia, Penelope, etc.

    And that Paper Hearts video was so cute! I really want to read that book.

    1. They're both *really* cute, Kristin though of course, each have some flaws. As most films do.

      I adore the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. I've probably seen it more times since its release than the miniseries. It's really very good. Well, if you have to mix it up, North & South is a great way to do so! That's another of my very favorites. It's been far too long since I've seen The Young Victoria or Julie and Julia and of course, I adore Austenland and Penelope. Both are WONDERFUL. :)

      Wasn't it!? I thought Courtney's vision for that was too cute! She's doing a lot of fun promotional stuff for this novel. Like you I have to read it soon(ish) too. :)

  3. I love so many of these–especially The Proposal, Austenland, and Leap Year. My absolute favorite romantic comedies are While You Were Sleeping and You've Got Mail, plus I love Never Been Kissed, Sweet Home Alabama, She's the Man, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, 13 Going on 30 … I really could go on and on. My DVD collection is definitely overpopulated with romantic comedies :-)

    1. Again… you've reminded me of several additional favorites, Becky! I do so enjoy some of those "classics" you mention (While You Were Sleeping) and think the rest of your list is darling too. I haven't watched "13" for far too long, but think it's one of the cutest films out there.

      Me too… my collection has LOTS of rom-coms or chick flicks at the very least. ;)

  4. 27 Dresses, Austenland, Letters to Juliet, Leap Year, and The Proposal are among my top favorite rom-coms as well! I would only add She's the Man and Bride & Prejudice. Such a fun post, Rissi! Hope you have a great valentine's day! :)

    1. I enjoy the two extra titles you mention as well, Bekah; I like the former for it's great humor (and unique story) and the latter for its vibrant retelling of Pride and Prejudice, plus its Darcy is kinda cute. ;)

  5. I have to say my favorites Leap Year love that movie, I tend to watch it around Valentine's day every year as well as around St. Patrick's day as well. Persuasion is my go to movie based on a classic book. Based on a modern book is Beastly I love a good Beauty and the Beast retelling. Then my three favorite that I watch for a laugh are The Princess Bride, 27 Dresses, and Bride Wars.

    1. Leap Year is darling anytime of year. Ooh, yes! I like Persuasion as well. I don't think I've seen a version I've absolutely thrilled with yet (the casting hasn't ever been quite right – this coming from a girl who hasn't read the book ;D). That being said, I really enjoy the 2007 version. Beastly is really cute and same for me; Bride Wars was made with all sorts of funny bone moments. Love it!

      Glad you visited, Carissa.

  6. Loved 27 Dresses. Also a big fan of The Holiday (the one with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz), Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Sweet Home Alabama :)

    1. Oh. My. Goodness. I forgot all about The Holiday. That's another one I've seen time and again – and it never grows old. Never Been Kissed and Sweet Home Alabama are two favorites, though I've not seen "10 Things." Perhaps a rental is in order. :)

  7. The Paper Hearts video is simply too adorable! They did such a great job. And it makes me anxious to start the book as well! :)

    And I love your list of fave romcoms! Agree with all of them (especially Austenland! ;). Except for Jane Eyre and that's only because I haven't seen that particular version yet. I do want to though! Someday.

    1. Ditto. That video is darling. Courtney does a lovely job with it and in creating unique ideas to promote her novel. :)

      Austenland, I suspect is one we could gush about for a looong time, Kara. (Loved reading you and Amber's tweets and had a fun convo on Instagram). Oh, I hope if you see Jane Eyre, you like it. I haven't seen the miniseries (2000's) adaptation yet though I hear it's great! :)

  8. I love romantic comedies!! 27 dresses is one of my favorites. I also just saw letter to Juliet recently and loved it!! I have to check out some of these movies that I haven't seen.

    1. Same here. They're a guilty pleasure of mine for certain. I've seen 27 Dresses lots of times and do love Letters to Juliet. It's so sweet. Hope if you see any of these, you enjoy! Thanks for visiting, Viki. :)

  9. I took an online quiz about which heroine I'd be. I got Elizabeth Bennet. I'd never read Pride and Prejudice so I decided to read it to learn about the character. It was pretty good.

    1. It was indeed, Heather. I've watched that one too many times – and love it each time. :) Me too! The Proposal has great chemistry and I love the characters/acting.

      Austenland is one of my favorites. I recently re-watched it and realized I love the ending. So sweet. I've not read the novel yet either… but it is probably fun, too! :)

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