With all the shows that have come and gone from our TV screen, this has to be one of the warmest collaboration of stories there are. Heidi Thomas (Ballet Shoes, Cranford) consistently puts out material that rivals most of its competition. To the best of my ability, the following review is spoiler free. call the midwife series four

Call the Midwife, Series Four (2014) BBC TV Review

Ushering in a new decade is something the young midwives of Nannatus House are ready to welcome whereas their elders don’t adjust the same. Before 1960 arrives, they have yet another Christmas program to put on with the youngsters in Poplar. With as many patients – if not more, than ever, there isn’t time for the midwives to enjoy much beyond their work. This means their patients always come first, which includes Patsy (Emerald Fennell) and Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) accompanying two young teenage expectant mothers to a group home. Upon their arrival, the girls discover the home is run by a drunken matron who doesn’t seem to give concern about the care of the girls in her charge. This temporarily reassigns Chummy (Miranda Hart) as the nurse in charge until a permanent replacement can be found.  

‘CALL THE MIDWIFE,’ SERIES FOUR (2014). Review of the fourth year of the BBC dramedy with its all star cast. All text © Rissi JC

Sister Evangelina (Pam Ferris) is suffering some health setbacks that worsen as she brushes the concerns aside. Even Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) and her nurturing coercing to see a doctor fall on deaf ears; Sister Evangeline remains resolute in her decision. Then there is Shelagh (Laura Main) and Dr. Turner (Stephen McGann). The Turner’s are settling in as a new family nicely with their two children – Timothy is growing up into a talented young man and baby Angela is flourishing in her new home. Then there is Trixie (Helen George) suffering from some demons of her own and the surprise proposal that relates with that, and finally, the arrival of Barbara Gilbert (Charlotte Ritchie), a new midwife.  

‘CALL THE MIDWIFE,’ SERIES FOUR (2014). Review of the fourth year of the BBC dramedy with its all star cast. All text © Rissi JC

There is much to praise about this British series. Is it “right” for everyone? No. Is it always perfect? No. But I often find the genuine wholeness of the guest stories and the way the returning characters are fleshed out makes all the bad worth trudging through. Speaking of those flaws, let’s get that over with. There are a few story threads that won’t be to everyone’s liking this season, though with exception to one episode, I was relatively surprised at how classy (the storytelling of) each of these were handled. Then there are all of the goodbyes. Some fans who treasure all of the characters as a group might feel cheated.

Believe it or not, I think Jenny’s (played by Jessica Raine) presence is missed more than I expect. (But given some of the opportunities this opens for other characters – which we’ll talk about later, I don’t mind.) Considering it’s her narration that keeps the stories progressing, it does feel somewhat off balance that her character is no longer here. Then there’s Chummy’s greatly diminished presence and for a while Sister Evangeline. Fortunately for every possible downturn, this shift opens doors for new characters arcs, which in turn captures a good and special kind of direction change.  

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Keeping with the characters, one of the best characters this season is Trixie’s progression. If ever you thought she was nothing but a ditzy blonde, this season will make you rethink that. I always “understood” her to be much more than the persona she put on for the world. Her world is equal parts happiness, then we crushingly watch as it crashes and burn. The finale in particular is heart wrenching. Helen’s performance in the latter part of the season is spot on brilliant, and it’s particularly moving that it’s Cynthia who “finds” Trixie. Beyond that, I adore Fred, Sister Julienne, Sister Monica Joan, the Turners, newcomer Barbara… and oh, everyone! Same as with each season prior, the settings and costumes are terrific. I was leery about seeing this season cross into a new decade, but there are not many changes from that angle.  

‘CALL THE MIDWIFE,’ SERIES FOUR (2014). Review of the fourth year of the BBC dramedy with its all star cast. All text © Rissi JC

Certainly there are some stories that affect the viewer more than others. However I do find most of them to be heart-tugging, bittersweet and full of joy. There’s stories of mothers bonding over a very difficult choice regarding their daughters; teens having to choose how their babies be raised; disease; Cynthia considering (and ultimately making) a choice that would change her life; Dr. Turner’s crisis; and on the list goes. These stories again captivated me. They’re about so much more than you think. You will find a lot of beauty in the storytelling, stories that go deeper than most. To tell you the truth, even after all I did say, there is copious amounts more I could write about. But let’s not.

Given that there’s already fifth year renewal, I’m thrilled to discover what else is on the horizon for these characters. Some of it might turn out to be emotionally wrecking, but I suspect many have brighter futures ahead.  

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Content: on par with prior seasons there is at least one birth in every episode which may or may not bother some sensitive viewers. Unmarried couples have children, some minor suggestive dialogue works into the script. There is some social drinking [and a storyline that deals with alcoholism]; suicide is touched on in a pair of episodes [one man even locks himself in a car]. Homosexuality also plays a role in the stories [there’s a same-sex kiss in episode three] including one relationship that plays throughout the season. The episodes shift between a TVPG and TV14 rating.

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  1. I love this show, but I have to say so far (having only seen the three or four episodes that have aired on PBS) this is probably my least favorite season. Mostly because of last week's episode and that plotline that seemed to come from nowhere…and the sneaking suspicion I have that they're going to continue along in that vein with another character.

    Mostly I miss Chummy. Jenny, too, in a smaller way (ha, no pun intended). I'm hoping I'll enjoy the rest of this season more! I do like seeing Queenie from Lark Rise again. :)

    1. I completely understand and respect that, Kristin. I have a friend who didn't like the season quite as well either. Perhaps if I watched the oldie seasons again (I haven't gone back for second viewings), I'd not care for this one as well too. As it was, during my viewing of S4, I was just as enthralled with the stories and characters.

      As for Chummy… *sniff* I missed her too. I think the actress is THAT busy (doesn't she have another show?), which might be why she was written out so much. I'd love to know what you think of the rest of the season, if you think of sharing. :)

      As for Queenie… me too! And I do really like her character as well. She gets some great moments later in the season. Hope you enjoy!

  2. I'm having a hard time with the new season. I particularly miss Jenny Lee. Chummy is missed as well. My family recently rewatched the older seasons and my heart is sad to see the direction the show seems to be going in. I feel like the writers are using the show, at least this season, to promote their own agenda. :(

    1. Nothing wrong with that, Rosie. I've a feeling I'm more in the minority with this season since a lot of fans seem disappointed in this season. I LOVED it (albeit some portions are flawed) just as I have other seasons. That being said, had I gone back and watched prior seasons maybe I'd come away with a different perspective… who knows! :)

      Glad you shared your thoughts! I enjoyed knowing what you're thinking about the season.

  3. I haven't watched any of this season yet, (anxiously awaiting it's dvd release as we don't have cable tv.) but my Mom and I watched all the others together, (Finally got her OBSESSED with a TV show. haha) and we are rather excited. I am really sad that Chummy doesn't have a huge role this time around, as she is definitely my favorite character. I'm a klutzy/ditzy personality, so I can totally relate with her. In fact my mom would start to giggle over and over through out the seasons and announce, "That would be you!!" But I am excited to see how the other characters get fleshed out more, and new roles are added.

    1. Good for you, Becca! My mom and I watch these together as well. I think I like these a smidgeon more than she does, but we both enjoy the heartwarming stories the series tells. :)

      Me too! I missed Chummy lots – even knowing she was doing good in her off-screen posting. At least Chummy does return in the end and we can hope she'll be back in the next season.

      Adding new characters was a nice change. I loved both of the newbie nurses (Barbara and Linda's character… am forgetting her name) and liked that Trixie had such a heartbreaking, pivotal moment this season. It was very well done in my opinion. I'd be curious to know what you think if/when you see it, Becca. :)

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