‘Grantchester’ (2015), Series One: A Smart 50s Period Drama with Complex Character Writing


No secret is ever made of my love for British costume drama. Pretty much, it’s a fact that receives endless documentation on this space. In fact if there was one consistent stream of reviews on this site, it’d be period dramas. (Well, it could be a tie between that and superhero blockbusters.) Another PBS favorite of mine is now done, I’m watching another ITV drama that airs in June and recently got through with ITV Masterpiece’s recent smash hit. Like I say, lots of British costume drama love. Today we speak of Grantchester, series one.

‘Grantchester’ (2015), Series One: A Smart 50s Period Drama with Complex Character Writing. Thoughts on the BBC drama. Text © Rissi JC

Of course, we’re talking about Grantchester. If you do not know what it’s about, it chronicles the life of vicar Sidney Grantchester (played by James Norton). He’s a former soldier with a past that haunts him, who struggles to be an example to his parish, and torn by his love for his childhood friend, Amanda. Into this walks police inspector Goerdie Keating. All of this leads into a series of mysteries that Sidney is in a unique place to solve.

TV SERIES REVIEW | ‘Grantchester,’ Series Two (2016) – Cozy British Mystery (and Romance!) at its Best
‘Grantchester’ (2015), Series One: A Smart 50s Period Drama with Complex Character Writing. Thoughts on the BBC drama. Text © Rissi JC
‘Grantchester’ (2015), Series One: A Smart 50s Period Drama with Complex Character Writing. Thoughts on the first series of the #British character drama. #PeriodDrama #GrantchesterPBS #FWArchives Click To Tweet

You can find Grantchester, series one digitally on Amazon Video

Yesterday I had a chance to review Grantchester on Silver Petticoat, so naturally I snatched it. The series might be one of THE best I’ve seen in 2015 (for its genre). If you like Marple or really any “cozy mystery” period series, this one is worth watching. It has a brilliant cast, heartbreaking writing (sometimes) and fabulous settings. Basically, it’s your next TV obsession. If you’d like to read the review and chat the series up, find the link down below.

‘Grantchester’ (2015), Series One: A Smart 50s Period Drama with Complex Character Writing. Thoughts on the BBC drama. Text © Rissi JC

Grantchester – ITV’s Newest ’50’s Era Program Worth Watching

It’s no secret that my obsession with British dramas might be a tiny bit unruly. Everything from the costuming to the men who bring the characters alive (those accents are never out of style) is a popular commodity on my movie shelf. Grantchester is the recent adaptation (inspired by a series of books by James Runchie) to make a splash on ITV, and once it was in my hands, the six-hour series went by all too quickly. The story is a familiar one, but it has lots of unique markers that shouldn’t be ignored. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

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  1. I love this show, and was so excited when I saw this review! I think so far my favourite episode is the second one (I really enjoyed Sidney's sister and her boyfriend). The best part of this series however, has to be the fantastically written friendship between Geordie and Sidney. I know it's a dynamic which has been done countless times before, but somehow they still managed to keep it fresh and interesting. Sidney is definitely not your ordinary vicar, and I loved Geordie's rather laid-back attitude, and his love for his family, of which Sidney has become an extended member. I also agree with your opinion on the settings and scripts…top-notch! Thanks for the great review!

    God Bless,
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Hi, Eleanor! Long time, no talk. Thank you so much for visiting, reading and the comment. Always great to chat with you. :)

      Everything about this series is fantastic! I didn't mention Sidney's sister and her boyfriend, but I agree. I really liked their introduction. I appreciated that he wasn't the man Sidney's snooty friends pegged him to be and that he truly cared about Sidney's sister. As for Geordie and Sidney, yes! Their friendship is epic. One of the best parts of the show. It didn't bother me that their friendship may have fallen into some clichés, really. I though Geordie's family life was precious and I loved that Sidney wasn't a traditional vicar. Everything was so good.

      Glad we're getting more installments! :)

    1. It IS so good, Meghan! I'd love to know what you think if/when you see it, friend.

      Yes, it did air on PBS. It's now on DVD and you can of course buy the episodes on iTunes or Amazon. Also there are previews for the show on PBS. :)

      Thanks for visiting.

  2. It sounds awesome! Right up my alley, and even more so lately since I've been obsessed with mystery shows. :) I just went and added it to my Netflix queue.

    1. It IS awesome, Kristin. Sidney makes one big mistake, but I still loved him and felt like this first series was a great learning experience for him. I hope you enjoy – and as always would love to know your thoughts if you do have a chance to see it. :)

    1. Yay! Hope you enjoy if/when you do see it, Kara. There's a few content "issues" to overlook, but I found it charming and fun all in one. :)

  3. Yay! I really like this show so I just got super excited reading your review! It's so good- I'm especially liking James Norton as Sidney (I've never seen him in anything before). Simply amazing review, Rissi!!

    1. Basically I loved everything about this series… gushing about it is one of the perks of seeing it. ;) James is fantastic in this. He's also in Death Comes to Pemberley if you were ever interested in seeing that. My mom and I are re-watching it now and he looks quite different, but it's him and fun to see him play a different character. :)

      Thank you – as always, for the comment and reading, Bekah. :)

  4. What a great review! "Emotional turbulence" is the perfect way to describe this show. You already know I agree that Sydney is a fabulous character :) Bring on season 2!

    1. Hi, Courtney! Thanks a bunch for reading. Glad to get your thoughts on this series.

      YES! I am so with you. I adore Sydney and am hoping season two is as good if not better than one. Though to be honest, even if it does have seasons of flaws, I suspect I'll still love it. Because, Sydney and British = awesome. ;)

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