Following in the footsteps of the Hallmark Movie and Mysteries lines, Mystery Woman, Garage Sale Mystery, of recurring mystery movies, this new original is the latest in a planned series of films. It stars a familiar Cedar Cove face and is co-written by said star and his wife.

Gourmet Detective (2015) Hallmark Movies & Mysteries TV Film Review

The script centers on Henry (co-writer and star, Dylan Neal), a world renowned chef who’s now a kind of “consulting” connoisseur dabbling in the sleuthing business. While attending a dinner with some of the best in the business, a murder happens; a murder that seems connected to a string of recent thefts and break-ins. When he meets the pretty detective, Maggie (Brooke Burns), Henry’s keen observations inspires an instant partnership with Maggie; a partnership that has a reluctant Maggie playing along.  

GOURMET DETECTIVE (2015): RELFECTIONS OF ABC'S CASTLE. Dylan O'Neal co-stars with Brooke Burns in this fun mystery. Text © Rissi JC

Right up front I have to say, this is easily my favorite “launch” film in the newest of Hallmark’s mystery series. Somehow the mix of hobbies (Henry) just works effortlessly in this script. Originally based on a series of books, the story has enough pizazz to be plausible while being insanely entraining. In fact, if you like ABC’s Castle (or really, any will-they-or-won’t-they detective duo), the chances are good you’ll enjoy this. It has this distinct storyline in place only here, the eager partner is a world-class chef instead of a best-selling author. 

GOURMET DETECTIVE (2015): RELFECTIONS OF ABC'S CASTLE. Dylan O'Neal co-stars with Brooke Burns in this fun mystery. Text © Rissi JC

Seeing Dylan and Brooke (Undercover Bridesmaid, The Most Wonderful Time of Year) pair together is such fun; especially considering the banter they work with. Both are familiar to the network however this was their first time working together far as I know. There’s plenty of cute scenes between them and additionally a sweet family dynamic for Maggie. If you’ve like the book-to-screen adaptations from this network’s mystery series in the past (or any production on this network, really), be sure to catch this. It’s as fabulously entertaining as its Chef’s tasty meals look.  

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You can find Gourmet Detective digitally on Amazon Video

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