Hello, blogger friends and readers. It’s finally Friday which subconsciously tells us it’s time to start the weekend (even if we’re still on a week day – it’s all in how we look at the technicalities). With that, today I decided to finally give a shout-out and my gratitude to fellow blogger Grace of Fictionally for the Sunny Little Sunshine Blogger award.

THE SUNNY LITTLE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD + 7 FACTS. Joining the fun that is this kind award. Thanks, Grace. Text © Rissi JC

Grace is a lovely blogger friend who writes book reviews and most recently, she learned she was to become a published author in the novella collected Five Magic Spindles, which is the third fairytale re-telling collection spearheaded by Anne Elisabeth Stengel. Earlier this month, Grace kindly awarded this blog with the The Sunny Little Sunshine Blogger Award and I’ve regretfully not yet written a post acknowledging her. Thank you so much for the award, Grace!  


This award is a simple one that requires nothing more than the blogger to mention their nominator and provide seven random facts about themselves. As is the standard for me, coming up with seven facts isn’t the easiest of tasks since I literally live a dull and quiet life (which is a happy one for me). But since seven doesn’t number that high, I’ll give this a chance.


1. Writing | While writing (as I am doing this very early Friday morning), I tend to skip around within my projects. I have various documents open that are my current WIP pieces. These range from book and film reviews to projects that are more like article
formats (like a romantic moment for Silver Petticoat). While this probably isn’t the best method of writerly madness, it helps keep things interesting and then I’m stuck, I simply swap one project out for another. 

THE SUNNY LITTLE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD + 7 FACTS. Joining the fun that is this kind award. Thanks, Grace. Text © Rissi JC

2. Café Escapes | I’m obsessed with Café Escapes Café Mocha k-cups. (No, I don’t think that’s too strong of a statement.)  

  • 3. Cake | For the first time, this year I made a cake and cupcakes that didn’t come out of a box! It didn’t look as pretty as the expert baker’s homemade cake would, but it was edible, which is half the battle, right? 
  • 4. Currently | Current read is I’ll Be Yours by Jenny B. Jones (I’ve since finished this novel, and am ready to move onto INSPYs reads. This means lots of quiet on my current reads.) 
  • 5. Funko | Despite telling myself I wasn’t going to, I’ve become a little bit obsessed (there’s that word again) with Funko pops. I bought an Agent Carter pop (for reasons – Peggy is such a fun character), and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve since added a few *cough* okay, one too many to my shelf, the most recent of which being Lizzy Bennet from Pride + Prejudice + Zombies.  
  • 6. Jewelry Design | One of my current pursuits is attempting to turn some creative thinking into jewelry designs (for the shop I co-run with my mother, Baubles, Beads and Stuff) into some bookish designs. Right now I’m working on some inspired by The Hunger Games and the Lunar Chronicles. What sort of bookish jewelry would you most like to shop for?
  • 7. TV Addict | This is totally a “thing” with me. I try new shows, become interested, watch 2-3 episodes and then forget about them or buy the episodes, but don’t go watch them. Needless to say I’m probably currently watching 8-15 shows (legit!) now that are in need of being finished. The good news is several of them were already cancelled, so once I return to finish them, they’ll be done and I won’t have to keep up with them anymore!   Though I am watching all of these I’m thinking of in those 8-15 (BBC’s War & PeaceThe Player, Nikita, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: S1, Bunheads) alone, my mother and I are currently addicted to Dickensian. It’s a period drama enthusiasts dream.  

As usual, I won’t be awarding this to specific friends (not because you aren’t all amazing, because I’ve gone through the process of choosing fellow bloggers, and they either don’t wish to be bothered with it because it’s not their “thing” or they’ve been awarded before, all totally fine reasons). But if you’d like to join in the fun, please do, and don’t be shy! I’d love to read your posts. Boring as they are, that’s a wrap on today’s “seven things/facts.” What are you enjoying this fine Friday?   

Comment with your current favorites. As always, thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland, and thank you, Grace for thinking of this blog.   

Happy Friday, bookish peeps and friends. Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland.

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  1. I like how you have two points centered on the theme of cake.
    I agree that you totally NEEDED that Lizzy Bennet figurine.
    I'm so jealous that you've gotten to watch some of BBC's War & Peace! (Hurry up, dvd release!!!)
    And this was a fun post. I liked getting to know a few more tidbits about you, Ms Rissi. ^^

    1. + Well… cake is important! ;)

      + Right!? How could I NOT get Lizzy Bennet as a Funko figure!? She fits well with my superhero collection because this is kick-butt Lizzy.

      + War and Peace is amazing, Joni! I'd love to know what you think when it comes to DVD (May!). It's more adult than the foreign version but the prettiness of it and superb cast makes it all worth it.

      Thank you so much for visiting – and reading. I had fun putting this together. :)

    1. If I keep up my current pace with my Funko craze, I'm heading that way, Alyssa – and it's NOT good. ;) I said I was good until they came out with some new line that I simply *had* to have (like Veronica Mars), and then I saw Pride + Prejudice + Zombies and knew I'd be in trouble. ;)

      Thanks so much for visiting and reading! Glad you stopped by.

  2. I read this awesomely fun post via email on my phone and totally forgot to comment. Ugh! Anyways, LOVED reading these random facts about yourself, Rissi! High five to baking cupcakes from scratch! So cool. Oh, you got the Lizzie Bennet Funko from P&P&Z?! I'm thinking of grabbing that one too. I don't know why I ever bought that first Funko…I'm up to 6 now, though to be fair I've won 4 of them from giveaways. Oh my goodness, jewelry inspired by Hunger Games and Lunar?? Cannot wait to check it out. Oh, and you *must* catch up on Agents of SHIELD…this current season is getting so, so good. Again, this was an AWESOME post!!

    1. No worries! I forget about commenting all the time which usually leads to 1 or 2 days of binge-commenting on my favorite blogs. And you're welcome anytime.

      I did get Lizzie! I couldn't resist! She's too cute; now I need Darcy because they can't be apart. ;) Hooray for giveaway wins! I wish that was my legit reason for collecting these. (What's your secret ;D)

      I'm excited about more bookish jewelry for the shop. Hoping this next month to add it!

      *Note to self: CATCH up on ALL the "SHIELD" awesomeness* Hopefully this note will be all I'll need. ;)

      Thanks so much, as always, for visiting, Bekah. :)

  3. Fun fun! I do love those Funko pops. Still haven't actually purchased one, but Lizzy from P&P&Z is high on my list! And I noticed that your etsy store had some bookish inspired stuff. Very cool! And appropriate. ;)

    1. Well, Lizzy is a given. You simply must add her to your self – after all, it's practical because DECORATION! ;) Thanks! We're adding more bookish stuff (or have) in the coming weeks. It's been fun.

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