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We all love Disney, right? We relish in the adventure of a fox robbing the wealthy (all for a good cause); relate to the strength and bond of sisterhood between siblings who are opposites; admire a book-loving girl who sacrifices for someone she loves; and believe in the impossibility of a girl who dreams of nothing more than touching her feet to grass. Even if, as adults, we’re no longer invested, I’m willing to wager Disney played a role in most if not all of our childhoods.

Because this book community is an endless source of creativity and amazing people, Of Stacks and Cups combines the personalities of Disney princesses with our love of books and created a book tag.

Was I tagged with this? No, but I ran across it and since I’m looking for fun ideas for my booktube channel, I couldn’t resist putting this together.

Disney Princess Tag

Today, I decided to split up the tag. Half of the princesses and their prompt are featured here on Finding wonderland, and the other half (because apparently I’m mean like that) are in my new booktube video. So, read on through these twelve prompts and the princess they’re paired with and then, if you’re inclined, head on over to Finding Wonderland’s channel to hear my rambles.

Let’s get started. *First 5 answers are on Booktube!

1. Snow White – Name your favorite classic | 2. Cinderella – Name a book that kept you reading well past your bedtime | 3. Aurora – Name your favorite classic romance | 4. Ariel – Name a book that’s about making sacrifices and fighting for your dreams | 5. Belle – Name a book with a smart and independent female character

Booktube Talk | The Disney Princess Tag

6. Jasmine – Name a book with a character who challenged the social conventions of his or her world

Tris Prior, who’s name being the answer to this prompt should be self explanatory.

7. Pocahontas – Name a book [with an] ending [that] was a roller-coaster of emotions

Sara Ella’s Unblemished comes to mind. I don’t remember any ending beyond it that really struck me as awe-inspiring or jaw-dropping. I know there have been some, but since Sara’s is a recent read, hers in foremost in my mind.

8. Mulan – Name a book with a kick-ass female character

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The fact that Lizzie works inserted into a world of zombies is either very (very) wrong or somehow so right.

FILM REVIEW | Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) – Or the Film in Which Darcy and Lizzy Kick Butt

9. Tiana – Name a book featuring a hardworking, self-made character

Ella from Joanne Bischof’s The Lady and the Lionheart. Ella is far more self-sufficient that I think the surface reader gives her credit for. True, she chooses to have to be as “alone” as she is, but given the times she lives in, I think she’s incredibly brave, strong and admirable.

10. Rapunzel – Name a book that features an artist

Evelyn from the beautifully, emotional contemporary novel, Change of Heart by Courtney Walsh.

11. Merida – Name a book that features a mother-daughter relationship

Breaking the book rules here and picking the icons, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. (Although I will admit, sometimes their relationship is unhealthy when Lorelai should be more of a mother than “bestie,” I still love them.)

12. Anna and Elsa – Name a book that features a great relationship between siblings 

The relationship between siblings in Hillary Manton Lodge’s ‘Two Blue Doors’ series is fabulous. I know this might not be the kind of relationship this prompt is thinking of, but the D’Alisa siblings are pretty special.

That brings the Disney Princess tag to its conclusion! If you want to know how I answered (and what books I paired with them!) the first six princesses featured in this tag, check out my latest Booktube video now on Finding Wonderland’s channel.

I tagged one person in my video, but since I don’t want to overburden anyone on Booktube with tags (plus I don’t know who likes to put tags together), I skipped out on tagging there. As a result, I’ll tag a couple new bloggers I’ve recently met whose blogs I enjoy. Saying “Tag! You’re It!” to Cait of A Page with a View, Tiff of Mostly YA Lit, Shannon of It Starts at Midnight, and anyone else who wants to join in, please do. Only thing I ask is come by and share your blog post/video link, because as usual, I want to come by to read/watch your spin on this tag!

Which of these princesses are among your favorite? Which of these ladies is your favorite character? Comment down below with all the bookish and Disney comments. I’d love to chat with you all. For now, thanks for reading.

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    1. Right?? I adore her character and Col. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Great characterizations that "livens" up the classic a bit. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Oh my GOSH!! I am obsessed with these graphics!! This entire post is so pretty and FUN. I meant to swing by and comment earlier when I read this on my phone (I don't know why, but I always find myself leaving comments on my computer rather than phone) but here I am, a little late. *facepalm* Anyways, these answers are pretty perfect. So much yes to that Unblemished ending. I just finished pre-ordering Unraveling. Tris is perfect. Your siblings answer reminds me that I should of read that series a long time ago! Ugh. Lizzie in PPZ works so well for fierce. Awesome job with this, Rissi!

    1. (HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS YOUR COMMENT??? AGAIN?? And here I am late replying. *sigh* My apologies, Bekah.)

      Anyway, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad you did finally swing by and I completely understand the whole leaving comments on the computer. The bigger screen and keyboard is always a bonus for me! (Or maybe that's me slowly getting "old." ;D)

      …and now Unraveling is out, and lovely, and makes us all WHERE'S BOOK 3???

      Hope you enjoy Hillary's books! They're so good. And thanks, again. :)

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