‘Fallen’ (2017): Paranormal Romance Adapts Lauren Kate’s Popular YA Novel


Earlier this winter, I discovered a film I didn’t know existed. When I make these discoveries, I’ll confess, my movie fangirl heart gets a little excitable. Through random searches (because who doesn’t “window shop” on Amazon??), I discovered a film called Fallen (2017). 

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‘Fallen’ (2017) - Paranormal Romance Adapts Lauren Kate's Popular YA Novel. A review of the adaptation. All text © Rissi JC

Based on the popular YA novel, written by Lauren Kate, I knew nothing of the story aside from it being based on said novel (of the same name). The more I read about the story, the more I thought it might be worth renting. So I did. Renting it with low expectations, I settled in for a late-night movie night, and let the story sweep me into its clutches. 

Much to my pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed this one. The cast is strong and the story is intriguing. It draws the viewer in rapidly, and with exception to the over-exaggerated end sequence, it’s a solid production. Especially for its genre. 

‘Fallen’ (2017): Paranormal Romance Adapts Lauren Kate's Popular YA Novel. #YALit #Movies #FallenMovie #LaurenKate Click To Tweet
‘Fallen’ (2017) - Paranormal Romance Adapts Lauren Kate's Popular YA Novel. A review of the adaptation. All text © Rissi JC

The story is haunting, mysterious and full of plenty romance angst. Plus, as previous mentioned, the cast isn’t too shabby. This includes Jeremy Irvine who costume drama aficionados will remember from Dicken’s Great Expectations. 

Inspired by my love of this film, I’m sharing a small snippet of my official review from Silver Petticoat. You can read it in full by clicking the links. Have you seen this one? Did you like it or have you read the book? Drop a comment on Silver Petticoat or below to let me know your thoughts. 


Sometimes bringing popular books to the screen works seamlessly with their original format, and other times, not so much. News that Lauren Kate’s novel, Fallen (a YA novel about angels), was to be adapted broke a few years ago. Since then, it slipped under the movie-making radar. Until now. With an on-demand release to its credit, fans of Kate’s story could finally discover Fallen in glorious HD. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

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  1. I tried to read the book that this was based on, but I was irritated after only a couple of chapters that I actually DNF'd it – sounds like the movie must have been better. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    1. I really did enjoy the film, Lauren. It gets a little on the cheesy side in the climax, but overall, super entertaining. Haven't read the book though… so maybe this isn't much better. ;)

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