Second Chances (2013): Romantic Drama about Finding True Love


Even when Hallmark produces films that take a weightier stance, there is still that magical quality one cannot help but love. Such is the case with this Second Chances (2013) movie, a romantic drama that finds itself through a few detours.

Second Chances (2013) Movie Review

Though her life hasn’t been smooth, single mom Jennifer McLean (Alison Sweeney) has a full and happy life. She keeps busy as a 911 operator and her two kids – Elsie, and Luke, keep her laughing. When her hours are unexpectedly cut, Jenny is forced to creatively think of a way to supplement her income. Her solution? Rent the spare bedroom in her house – all, of course, with her kid’s agreement; they’ll
pick the tenant together she tells them.

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second chances (2013) movie
Second Chances (2013): Romantic Drama about Finding True Love. Allison Sweeny (Murder She Baked) stars in this sweet #romance drama. #Hallmarkies Click To Tweet

They approve an ideal tenant sooner than expected when “Cowboy,” the fireman Jenny has a rapport with over the radio, answers the ad. After an injury on the job, Jeff (Greg Vaugh) needs a temporary place to recuperate. As Jenny discovers, he’s not just a dedicated fireman, he’s also a man with a past that isn’t so different from her own.

Though it premiered a number of years ago, when I ran across a re-air of this one, I had a vague memory of talking about it with a friend on Twitter. Naturally, my DVR schedule immediately found a time slot for Second Chances, and then I again forgot about it. Recently I rediscovered it was sitting pretty on the DVR. Then I eagerly watched it in anticipation of it being another winner.

Though some of us will prefer the lighter, “fluffier” romances Hallmark tends to put out (on Hallmark Channel), this story is absolutely wonderful. I cannot express how impressive this story is, for its genre. I adore everything about it, even the predictable let’s-break-up-ten-minutes-before-credits-roll trope.

The chemistry between the cast is easy-going which makes the film that much lovelier for us to experience. The relationships are romantic and adorable. I love the relationship progression between Jenny and Jeff, and am given the chance to appreciate it since no specific time line is discuss. (By this I mean these two could get to know one another for 2 months or longer. It’s only limits is our perception or imagination.) Then there are the kids – who, lest you think otherwise, are adorable! The young stars turn in a fabulous character portrayal. Not only do have fun screen time with Jeff, they also earn their own subplot that’s as cute as it is heartwarming.

In case the words above don’t convey this, I’ll end by Hallmark’s Second Chances (2013) movie is lovely. From the story’s poignant scenes to the lighter romantic moments, everything about the film is, in my book perfect.


‘Second Chances’ (2013) Movie – Romantic Drama about Finding True Love. A review of the drama with Allison Sweeney. Review text © Rissi JC

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