The Memory of You: Family Secrets and Hope


Author: Catherine West
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: 2017
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary
Source: Publisher provided for INSPYs consideration – thank you
Rating: ★★★ ½

The Memory of You by Catherine West | Book Review

 Review: With a decade plus some change stretching between her present and past, Natalie Mitchell can do everything but forget. She cannot shake the painful past that clings to her. What she has become good at is hiding her anger, sorrows, and the nightmares. When a change in her life reignites the memories of losing her twin sister, Natalie is unexpectedly sent to California by her father. Her job is to assess the family’s vineyard, run by her grandfather, and evaluate its sustainability.

Once there, memories of summer’s long past assault Natalie, as does the realization that so many rely on her families vineyard for their livelihood…The Memory of You

The Memory of You is – far as I can remember, the only novel I’ve read by Catherine West. It ties to its core story a numerous of weighty emotions all while building an interesting character study. Despite her imperfection, I really like Natalie. Given the trauma she goes through, and the listless attitude she has in the early parts of this book, this might suggest she’ll be difficult to connect with. But the idea of having this kind of emotional reaction to something (at some point) in life is honest, and this story portrays Natalie’s journey as such.

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The rest of the characters are also memorable, though I don’t remember all of the complexities. Natalie has relationship with various family members that need to be healed, and in part, that’s also what this novel is about. Though I don’t remember specifics (it’s been too long since I read this novel), but Tanner is a character who I remember liking as well. He’s a solid leading man who helps Natalie, but at the same time, there’s a hate-to-love bit of banter given Natalie represents the destruction of all Tanner has worked for.

If you enjoy fiction with a greater emotional punch, The Memory of You is a good read. It might break hearts in a few spots, but it ends with these characters in a better place, which is the best kind of place to be.

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Sincere thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this book; all opinions are my own

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