When the Joy of Creative Inspiration Is Missing


Remember those days when you’d page through a coloring book with a box of crayons by your side, and color outside the lines? I don’t have clear memories of being scribbling in my coloring books, but I know I liked it and remember the state of our crayon; they were broken and well used while being contained in a beat up white box. Either way, it’s a pastime that perhaps inspires the creativity bug in many of us. Putting my time into creative outlets is kind of who I am. It’s when I’m happiest (in a work-y scenario) and it’s what I enjoy best. On any given good day, none of this is really work. When it comes to finding inspiration by creative pursuits, I’ll attest to this being quite true. But like anything, sometimes, creativity will elude us, so what happens then?

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No matter what you may insert here instead of creativity, the answer to this is subjective and something that works for me won’t work for others. But in my own pursuit of creative things, here’s what – sometimes, helps me.

On Creative Inspiration

1: On Designing…

These days, this is my favorite thing to do. I love to design digital graphics. I used to create digitally years ago (the number of bookmarks I made was ridiculous) before I stopped. Why I don’t know though I suspect time is to blame. In the last year, I’ve been creating in this sphere again and I find it’s like a new discovery – and it’s quite glorious.

I don’t often find myself “stuck” when it comes to designing within these confines, of course, some projects I like less than others. But when you are stuck, try a new color palette or font placement or even a new photo of your subject. Sometimes it’s the simplest change or edit that make the biggest difference.

When the Joy of Creative Inspiration Is Missing. Talking about some of the things I do when creativity alludes me! Text © Rissi JC

2: On Photography…

Sadly of my creative pursuits, anything with my camera is becoming less of a joy – and I know precisely why. User. Error. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, I can no longer find that “sweet spot” of settings that takes the “right” photo or films the right video. Needless to say, this is endlessly frustrating. This said, when I am taking photo, the best cure for lack of inspo seems to be building off the theme of a book or leaving the set up “as is” (even if it’s terrible!), and coming back to play around with it later; whether that be adding more colors to a photo or more accessories.

What Nikon Camera setting do you like/recommend for these uses?

3: On Writing…

Writing is something that comes and goes in waves, speaking to how easily something clicks or how long it takes to pen the words. Right now, I’m in a pretty good phase, and I think this is in part to something different I’ve begun to do in the last 2-3 weeks, something which I’m going to talk about on another day.

Writing is something that flows and works differently for everyone. I’m one of those “force the issue” even if it’s not flowing people because, for me, having words on a page, no matter how bad they are (and they often are), helps. It’s useful to me to see words rather than to stare at the cursor blinking at me on a blank page, always in a taunting manner.

What are some of the ways you find help you when you find writing inspiration is missing?

Tell me, what are your experiences on creative inspiration gone missing? Have you had any times like this? What tips or tricks do you find helpful? Comment all of your advice below.

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When the Joy of Creative Inspiration Is Missing. Talking about some of the things I do when creativity alludes me! Text © Rissi JC
When the Joy of Creative Inspiration Is Missing. Talking about some of the things I do when creativity alludes me! How do you cure creative blues? #Create #BloggersTribe Click To Tweet

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  1. I haven’t picked up my camera in months! I miss it, but now that spring is here, I’m feeling a little bit of a pull to do some outdoor photography.

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