‘Hawaii Five-0,’ The Final Season: How All the Best Things End


After ten seasons of taking viewers on a pulse-pounding (and personal) adventure and making us laugh, this CBS show is, sadly, now at its end. As the season has now officially wrapped, I couldn’t let a chance go by without putting pen to paper to share some Hawaii Five-0 series finale thoughts.

Season ten picks up in the aftermath of Steve McGarrett’s (played by Alex O’Loughlin) encounter with a woman bent on revenge. As the team comes back together, they face (again!) their nemesis, Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence). But this isn’t the only trouble each one encounters. Adam’s past catches up to him in the aftermath of his girlfriend’s kidnapping, which leads him to abandon his team. Junior (Beulah Koale) and Tani (Meaghan Rath) continue to learn from their bosses, while personally, they find they share a connection as more than professional partners…

Lou (Chi McBride) has to come to terms with his kids being grown up and gone to college while trying to help his niece reach her potential. Then there’s newcomer Quinn Liu (Katrina Law), former CID. Elsewhere, Steve contemplates his past and Danny (Scott Caan) stands beside him, hoping to be the friend and partner Steve needs.

Hawaii Five-0 Series Finale Thoughts

What a pleasure this show has been to watch. I haven’t seen the 1960s version on which this re-booted from, but this one has been so good. There’s been excitement and tears, joy and laughter, and an entire spectrum of emotions in-between. From episode one, I was hooked, hoping each renewal season would not be its last. This holds up for ten years and now, it’s time to let go of these characters and the people who make them so easy to like. 2020 is the year we have to say our good-byes.

What makes audiences enjoy this so much is the back-and-forth between Danny and Steve, or this is certainly in part, true. Their time on-screen over the years has minimized due to actor choices and an expanding case, but what doesn’t change is the friendship between these characters. These bonds, with exception to one, remain so during this season. Some even grow in strength. The only downside of these characters is not getting to know Quinn better. She would have been such an asset to this team. hawaii five 0 series finale

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‘Hawaii Five-0,’ The Final Season: How All the Best Things End. Sharing some FEELS thoughts on Hawaii Five-0 the series finale! Share all of your FEELS thoughts on this #HF0 finale! #CBS #TVShows #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet
‘Hawaii Five-0,’ The Final Season: How All the Best Things End. Sharing some FEELS thoughts on the Hawaii Five-0 series finale! Share yours! Text © Rissi JC

What producers, writers and actors do with the ten years they have is wonderful. Though I never want to see something I like this well end, this swan song is good. Not dynamic because it has to be rushed, but it’s still good. Steve’s arc feels a tiny bit ingenious (at this time) simply because he only recently gave up a business because he’d be a cop forever. That said, I do think writer’s do a nice job with what they have. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by Ian Anthony Dale’s character journey as Adam also. It’s just so impressive since he became a more central character. Of course, the romance between Tani and Junior is sweet too.

In the end, Hawaii Five-0’s end works. Plus, given that its producer/showrunner is also involved in MacGyver and the Hawaiian set Magnum P.I., I have a feeling we may see some of these characters pop up in Magnum and Higgins world once in a while; there’s also a rumor that the network may not be done with Hawaii Five-0 or that some streaming service could give it a few more episodes. Either way, there’s a likelihood we will see some if not all of these characters again someday. That’s a happy Aloha we can rally behind.

Your turn! Do you have any Hawaii Five-o series finale thoughts? Did you like it? Do you feel any particular character didn’t have their due? What speculation do you have about a possible revival or future character appearances on other shows? Comment all of your thoughts below.

Content: there’s the usual spectrum of violence and heavy weaponry. Various people are shot, some injured, others die. One character has a tryst in a bathroom with a stranger. We see another in the shower with implied nudity. The show rates TV-14

‘Hawaii Five-0,’ The Final Season: How All the Best Things End. Sharing some FEELS thoughts on Hawaii Five-0 the series finale! Share yours! Text © Rissi JC

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