‘Double Wedding’: A Cute Sister Comedy and Romance


Before seeing this, I had to bide my time. While not the best little romantic-comedy I’ve seen, Double Wedding (2010) does entertain, plus it features leading ladies who are always fun to see.

Double Wedding (2010) Film Review

Being a twin can have its benefits and disadvantages. The Warren girls have always been close, in spite of their differences. While identical in appearance, the two are far from alike. While juggling careers, Deanna and Danielle (Tia and Tamera Mowry), are busy making preparations for their grandparents’ anniversary vow renewal. This inspires the two of them to make a friendly sibling rivalry; see which of the two can make it down the aisle first.

Deanna is a busy lawyer, about to make partner, and so her paralegal, Jasper (Chad Connell) decides to give her a little shove by giving her a dating profile. One disastrous date later and she meets a man with potential. Danielle similarly happens to meet someone who seems perfect. Not long afterward, the girl’s realize one very complicated detail: they’re actually dating the same man…!

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As I sat down to recently re-watch this, one thing I noticed is this premise stretches thing a little too much (even for us romantic comedy aficionados’). Could something like this happen, all without the knowledge of the guy? Not likely. Even being twins, it’s just hard to buy into. That said, the guy in question, Tate, is a nice guy. But also, one cannot help but see him as a little bit clueless. To be fair to him, who, in a million years, would guess you might be dating twins!? The other big flaw is the way it ends. I mean, sure it’s cute and all, but it’s just a little too sappy to be… good.

The majority of Double Wedding is really cute. In many ways it does break free from certain patterns of the prototype of most romantic comedies. Still one can see where the plot is going even before it really knows where it’s going. There is a nice message, and one walks away feeling like the girl’s end up where and how they should. Seeing the Mowry twins, famous from their days on Sister Sister, I’d imagine this is fun for many fans of the show.

Whatever conclusion you reach, one thing cannot be argued, this is a perfect choice for the next girls’ night out rental.

‘Double Wedding’: A Cute Sister Comedy and Romance. A review of the 2010 Lifetime romance with Tia and Tamara Mowry. Text © Rissi JC

Content: There’s a few swear words (a**), and some crude sexual content. A woman teases her boyfriend (over the phone) about being in bed. All in all, things are pretty tame. The film would be PG / PG-13 depending.

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  1. I love this movie! I haven’t seen it in years, but it’s really cute. I love the twin actresses too, so it just added to the fun!

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