‘The Baby-Sitter’s Club’: This is the New Netflix Adventure!


Based on the popular middle grade series of the same name, this Netflix series introduces us to a quartet of besties, and shows us how they form a club they call ‘The Baby-Sitter’s Club!’

The Baby-Sitter’s Club (2020) Netflix Review

Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace) is something of a whirlwind. The “leader” of her friendship group, Kristy’s best friend is the exact opposite of her, but there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Mary Anne Spier (Malia Baker). Rounding out the group is a former good friend of the girl’s, Claudia Kishi (Momona Tamda), a fashionista to the core, she’s all about the arts. Then there is Claudia’s newest friend, Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph), a newly arrived girl in their grade, Stacey seems to be hiding more than she’s eager to share.

As they re-band together under the promise of Kristy’s newest idea, they make plans to form a baby-sitters club. Between the four of them, they’re ready to be the best (and most fun!) baby-sitters their neighborhood has ever seen, but first they have rivals, school crushes and potential new step-parents to navigate!

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If I think the YA adaptations are now “too young” for me, then this certainly is. That said, it’s a sweet, easy to watch production that makes its viewer smile (and is an easy end of day entertainment when sometimes we need a smile). The cast is mostly unknown which makes it more fun to see them step into “iconic” shoes. I did go in blind since I haven’t seen this on screen or read the book, which means I went in knowing nothing. Each of the girl’s is good, all of whom add some flair to their roles; and you’ll see familiar faces in Alicia Silverstone playing Kristy’s no nonsense mother.

The series swaps off letting the girl’s narrate the story, and the domino effect works. As we the audience get to know them better through this peek into their mind, so do their friends. We learn about their limitations, favorite things, scares and first crushes. All in all, it’s effective and makes for a fun series of adventures in this cute “club.”

Between a solid cast and sweet plot, The Baby-Sitter’s Club is a solid Netflix original sure to make you feel nostalgic, or if you’re like me, at least inspire a smile.


‘The Baby-Sitter’s Club’: This is the New Netflix Adventure! A review of the 2020 first season Netflix show. All review text is © Rissi JC
‘The Baby-Sitter’s Club’: This is the New Netflix Adventure! A review of the 2020 first season Netflix show. #TheBabySittersClub #Netflix #Review #TVReview #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

Content: Most of the material in this is TV-PG or G appropriate. There are some topics (like transgender, etc.) the series touches on that surprises me (given the genre), but it’s also thematic elements that are becoming norm in any entertainment industry.

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