Here we are, ready to take on a kind of “part 2” of our best of 2020 lists with a best of 2020 movies and TV list. Are we ready?


I’m going to be transparent and say something. Something that may surprise some readers or maybe no one cares, and that too is cool. But the point is, what I’ll say is I really have not watched the movies all the cool kids are watching this year (therefore I don’t have any of the cool best of 2020 movies and TV below). In fact, some of the films I finally watched and enjoyed in 2020 are 2019 releases that I’m just seeing. Others are older yet and I only *just* made the time for them. Then, the majority that ARE from this year are more indie-esque films than anything. But hey, that’s fine, right?

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Regardless, I’m just going to press ahead and share this best of 2020 movies and TV list with you. Before we do, I’ll also note (though most of you who have been readers know this), my choices are based solely on entertainment value, and therefore not Oscar contenders. Let’s take a look.


A collection of movies that while not “the best” by industry standards, made me laugh, cry or impressed, and for me, that’s enough. Here we go with a ‘best of 2020 movies’ title list.

1: About Time

About Family Love and Life: ‘About Time’ Film Review. Thoughts on the 2013 drama with Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams. Text © Rissi JC

This one has been out for several years, but finally I watched it and while it’s not a movie that I really expected to fully like, I did find it to be quite sweet in its own way. The film is rated R for strong language and some sexuality.

2: Barefoot

Oh, look! Here’s another “oldie” film. This loose re-telling of the Rapunzel fairy-tale is so sweet and fun. Plus, while the end is totally improbable, I love it because it does give us the fairytale. The film is rated PG-13 for sexual content [innuendo] and some language

3: Enola Holmes

‘Enola Holmes’: The Fierce Holmes Outwits the Smart One. A review of Enola Holmes (2020), the Netflix adaptation. © Rissi JC

Didn’t read the book on which this adaptation is based, but this Netflix original about Sherlock Holmes little sister is WAY fun. So fast-paced and full of good characters, plus contrary to popular opinion, I do love the cast. The film is PG-13 / Find Enola Holmes on Netflix

4: Jumanji: The Next Level

FINALLY I watched the 2019 sequel to Welcome to Jumanji! It’s SO MUCH FUN! I love the pace of these films and cast, plus the adventure aspect makes them all the more entertaining. The film is PG-13 for innuendo and adventure violence

5: The Lost Husband

THE BEST OF MOVIES, STREAMING AND TV IN 2020. A list of Finding Wonderland's best of 2020 movies and TV! Which were your favorites?  © Rissi JC

I’m quite alone in liking this film, but I have to include it because I do really like it. I admire that it’s a grown up kind of story that isn’t really a romance, but more a narrative of hope and most important (for the future it leads us to believe) healing. It’s this that makes me like the film all the more, and I really like seeing Leslie Bibb act in a role so opposite of what I’m used to seeing her in. The film is PG-13


6: Military Wives

While slow-moving, this British film is bittersweet, but really quite good; it’s also based on a true story and features a stellar cast. The film is PG-13

7: Rebecca (2020) 

Why Netflix's Rebecca (2020) is a Dream of a Romance. Sharing thoughts on this Lily James and Armie Hammer adaptation. Text © Rissi JC

This film is stunning! It’s a beautiful film, and though I haven’t yet finished the novel, it’s pretty authentic to the “feel” of its atmosphere (though I hear the end is different). The cast and look of the piece is pretty, and therefore, this film totally holds my interest throughout. The film is PG-13 for some sexual content/innuendo / Find Rebecca (2020) on Netflix

8: Rip Tide

Go on a Journey in ‘Rip Tide,’ a Good Movie. A review of the Australian Indie film with Debby Ryan, Rip Tide (2017). All review text © Rissi JC

This is a random watch from Netflix that I didn’t know anything about prior to watching it. I think my impression of it was that it’d be a typical almost-corny teen drama (further infused by Debby Ryan in the lead), and while bits of it are this, Rip Tide is actually a very solid and good little drama. It follow Ryan’s character who, after melting down at her latest modeling gig photo shoot, escapes to Australia to re-book and hopefully, rediscover what dream she wants. The film is PG

9: The Secret: Dare to Dream

Bought this one on a whim and goodness, IT IS GOOD! I love its message of positive thinking and the good impact this can have in our life. It makes me happy, and is something I’ll enjoy a re-watch of. The film is PG best of 2020 movies and tv

10: Spider Man: Far From Home

spider-man: far from home

To be honest, I cannot remember how well I liked this addition to the MCU, which usually says to me, it’s not a favorite, but it’s MARVEL, and Spide-y, so I’ll go with the fact that I likely did enjoy. The film is PG-13

BONUS! To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Like the “TV” section (below), I cannot believe I neglected to add this charmer. I LOVE this series (books and movies), and this movie is one of the best kinds of feel-good. TV-14 \ find on Netflix

What’d I Miss? I still haven’t seen 2019 titles like Five Feet Apart; The Sun is also a StarTolkienX-Men: Dark PhoenixYesterdayWhere’d You Go, Bernadette?; and now in 2020 I haven’t made time for titles like Mulan; The New Mutants; A Rainy Day in New York; Wonder Woman 1984 (though buying another service to see it is NOT my idea of a good time); and others were on my high-priority list. Alas, I just didn’t seem to make time for them. I’m not sure why, but when it comes to box office films, I missed a lot this year. What should I start with in 2021??


now that I’ve shared a few ‘best of 2020 movies,’ let’s look at some TV! Sharing new favorite network TV, and streaming newbies (though I always omit Hallmark in these lists because we’d be here for days!), most of which are silly movies because, what can I say? I’m an easy-to-please girl!

THE BEST OF MOVIES, STREAMING AND TV IN 2020. A list of Finding Wonderland's best of 2020 movies and TV! Which were your favorites?  © Rissi JC
  • 1: The Baby-Sitters Club | Feels sort of odd to add this teeny-bopper kind of show to my list, but it made me smile every time, and so it gets a place. Plus, the cast is pretty good, too. TV-PG | find on Netflix
  • 2: Belgravia | A Julian Fellows period drama, this Epix series is beautiful. I also love how simple and romantic it is, because sometimes I just don’t need the OVER-dramatized series. TV-14
  • 3: Blood and Treasure | Along with my mother, this is a show I binge-watched and really quite enjoyed. It’s a kind of fun adventure show with a FABULOUS (in season one, have to reserve judgment until seeing its follow up) sparks-flying kind of romance. TV-14
  • 4: Burden of Truth | This Canadian show is really quite good. This is another my mom and I binged the first two seasons earlier this year, and are now watching the third season. It follows a driven lawyer who becomes entangled in nearly unwinnable cases, which always span the length of one season. TV-14 | find via Hulu (at publication)
  • 5: Dance Academy  | Pretty sure I found this one during a year that wasn’t 2020, but I don’t think I’ve given it a “best of” shout-out, and it needs it. There’s plenty of angsty teen drama, but this one is really very good. TV-PG |
  • 6: The English Game | Pretty stoked we had not one but TWO Julian Fellowes dramas in 2020. This one is different than his norm, but still so good. TV-14 | find on Netflix
  • 7: Outmatched | Though it’s cancelled, this sitcom was really quite funny. I didn’t love the way it ends (I thought it was funnier the other way), but still, seeing parents try to raise their kids (three of them are genius) in a way that doesn’t make them feel unqualified is hilarious! TV-14
  • 8: Queens of Mystery | I feel as though this is a show I already mentioned on such a list, but I didn’t see it on last years, so I’m going with it. TV-14
  • BONUS! Sweet Magnolias | I cannot remember when I watched this, but think it was in 2020. Either way, I adore this charming Netflix original – and CANNOT believe I neglected to add it the first go-round.

What about you all? What makes your best of 2020 movies and TV list? Did you watch all of the new films this year or no? Did you see any standouts? What should I make time for? Comment all of your thoughts down below.


THE BEST OF MOVIES, STREAMING AND TV IN 2020. A list of Finding Wonderland's best of 2020 movies and TV! Which were your favorites?  © Rissi JC

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  1. The only two most recent box office films that standout to me as favourites are Ride Like a Girl & Midway in 2019, so I’m right there with you on the being ‘behind the times’ when it comes to watching this year’s films!

    Of the ones you did list, I definitely agree wholeheartedly with About Time, Barefoot, & Rip Tide in particular ? I would also absolutely recommend Tolkien as one to watch in 2021 (not only because I loved it, but also, it’s the only one on your What’d I Miss list I’ve actually seen, haha!)

    As for TV, the two primary shows I binged on for the first time this year are also ones I am VERY late to the party on, Leverage & Criminal Minds, and both are mind-blowingly brilliant… seriously, I can’t believe it took me this long (though I have sort of made up for lost time with Leverage, having re-watched the entire series at least twice already!)

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