A SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER 2021 BLOGGING REWIND. Chatting new discoveries and favorite posts published from the last two months. Text © Rissi JC


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Hey, there, everyone. Welcome back to Finding Wonderland! As always, I’m so glad to have you drop by and if this is your first visit, hi. Thanks for hanging out. We continue our mission to publish something new every day around here, and hope we’re doing a good job publishing a variety of things so that we don’t publish the same thing every single day. Instead of the usual monthly wrap up, I’ve been doing a two-month mingle of things, which leads to today’s September and October 2021 blogging rewind.


Here we are, bidding adieu to TEN (!!!) months of 2021! Cannot believe this, but regardless, let’s do this thing.


1: 90s TV. So. I’m pretty annoyed with today’s writing and TV shows, plus add in my need to enjoy some good comedy, and I’ve been watching some 90s TV! Most of which I’ve never seen. This includes shows like The Nanny or Blossom, and I’m also rediscovering some good 90s rom-coms! Where has the rom-com gone!?


2: Music. I recently discovered ‘Baytown’ from Raelynn and so far, I’m loving it. There’s some tracks I don’t like quite as well, but overall, it’s solid and something I’m thoroughly enjoying. Most especially her songs ‘She Chose Me’ and ‘Made for me to Love,’ especially knowing what they mean to her. What tunes, genre or artists do YOU recommend?

3: Spooky Movies. If you want something spooky(ish) to watch this weekend, check out our 2021 list or see (in the 2021 edition) the archives for prior years.

»Favorite Blog Posts: September and October 2021 Blogging Rewind«

(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1: [September] 15 PERFECT MOVIES TO STAY IN AND WATCH FOR FALL | I mean, we all love a cozy movie, right?

2: [October] 14 SPOOKY (BUT NOT REALLY) ALL HALLOWS EVE MOVIES TO WATCH | Not a Halloween person, but now and again, I enjoy a spoopy movie (and yes, that’s a term I’ve heard instead of “spooky”).


4: [October] 17 OF THE BOOK NERD MOVIES WE CAN ALL ENJOY! | I mean, this list was pretty much inevitable! What needs to be on a ‘part 2’ list?

5: [October] 25 YEARS LATER: CELEBRATE ‘SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH’ WITH A QUIZ! | Just recently watched this entire series and it’s cute.

6: [October] THE FIVE BOYS & LOVES IN THE LIFE OF SABRINA SPELLMAN | Had to keep the Sabrina posts going!

7: [October] FIVE FASHION LOOKS INSPIRED BY MOVIES AND TV SHOWS | I enjoy fashion even if I don’t always do it right, so while this was SUPER time consuming, it was fun too.

‘FOOLS RUSH IN’: A FUN PIECE OF 90s MOVIE NOSTALGIA. Review of the 1997 comedy with Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. All text is © Rissi JC

8: [September] FOOLS RUSH IN’: A FUN PIECE OF 90s MOVIE NOSTALGIA | Make rom-coms cool again!

9: [September] HOW WE MISUSE THE BIBLE & MAKE IT FIT OUR TRUTH | Wrote this as part of my new writing that looks beyond just pop culture or reviews or lists.

10: [October] ‘ROADHOUSE ROMANCE’: A CHARMING ROMANCE WE SHOULD SEE MORE OF | I could add more to this list because I’ve published lots of fun (for me to create/think about) things, but I guess this Hallmark dramedy will get the last spot because it’s dang charming!

 THROWBACK FAVORITES | aka the section in which we take a peek at what I was writing about or posting this time last year.
All of the New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance Movies! Taking a look at the *long* list of new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movies. Text © Rissi JC

» Monthly Popular Posts / September and October 2021 «

»Popular Posts the Week of October 24 – 31 «

»Finding Wonderland Book Videos | September & October 2021 «

There we are, another end of month close, and with it a Finding Wonderland “wrap up.” Tell me, did you discover any AMAZING new books? Bloggers? Booktubers? Bookstagram accounts? I’d love to “meet” these new accounts and the people behind them; or are you a newbie in this world? What are you looking forward to for the rest of the summer!? Please introduce yourself! Tell me about your new finds, people, or the books you’ve read… or anything goes.

Thank you for visiting! Please, do come back soon.

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amateur graphic designer. confirmed bookaholic. bubbl’r enthusiast. critical thinker. miswesterner. social media coordinator. writer.

Rissi JC

amateur graphic designer. confirmed bookaholic. bubbl’r enthusiast. critical thinker. miswesterner. social media coordinator. writer.

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