2021 is nearly at its end, which, if I’m being honest is something that freaks me out. I have no idea how we’ve gotten here or why each year speeds past. The year, looking back, hasn’t been one that can be heralded as a favorite of mine because of personal things. But, I am very passionate about not sitting around trashing a year. What I do believe is, if there’s no adventure, we can learn from any year, good or so-so. It’s been a year of much thinking and considering, but also asking “what’s next”? As we go headfirst into this next year, I’m sitting here with reflections on 2021 and a New Year 2022 (!!), and wondering what this may look like.


Instead of the normal kind of New Year greeting, I’m doing a three bullet point publication. These are issues currently occupying my mind and may affect this space in 2022. Life has been interesting these last few months. At the beginning of the year, I had a new opportunity that I DID NOT EXPECT in the slightest. It was surprising and exciting and something that felt like a new challenge. It’s also something I’m enormously grateful for. Even going into the New Year, I’m curious about how things will fall into place and what it may look like. That was certainly a busy distraction in the first of the year, but as I like to keep busy, it “felt” right. However, going into the rest of the year because of my contemplation, I started to realize some things; all things that would require change.



Ah, yes. Let’s just start with this, a taboo word. I’m firmly in the camp that not all change is bad. Despite its association with the word, it doesn’t have to be unhappy. Just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s bad. I was brought up with the mentality of doing the right thing is rarely easy. Life isn’t going to give us “easy street” in everything nor does it owe us this. This teaches us how to be stronger, and to find joy in what truly matters.

Some of this belief (small) in change not being bad is frustration over being unable to gain traction in the work I’m doing. Full transparency, while I always want what I’m doing to be fun and be something I enjoy, this is literally work to me. Despite the controversy surrounding this, none of this is wrong.


Much of this can trace back to social media and its deference to a specific kind of creator. I’m weary. I’m annoyed. The preferred content is not the type of creating I enjoy, or that I want to create. I don’t want to conform to something that isn’t me just to gain minor traction for the spaces I, along with many others, work hard to maintain, to create, to keep fun, to make presentable, and spend hours with. None of this is something I’ve only thought about for ten minutes. These thoughts have occupied my thoughts for the better part of a year, and I’ve been here for ten years. I haven’t just started this work. But when social media (which is a way to help put content into the world) doesn’t help you because you don’t conform, and in even works against you, that’s discouraging.


Because I always struggle with pushing something that an industry isn’t looking for or doesn’t want. If I don’t feel like what I do is helpful or interesting or fun, than it’s ten times harder to do it anyway. But the part of me that loves this and looks at everything as a learning experience persists. Do you ever feel this way?

As we head into this New Year, these are some of my thoughts on creating content and where I’m at in that pursuit. It’s not sharing in as cohesive a way as I like, but this is sincere and I’m trying to share more about what this space means to me, what it means when someone finds something helpful, and where I’m at in creating its content.

A New Year often signifies fresh starts and in a very specific way I’d love that to be true. Whether you have goals or intentions, new hopes or something exciting, I wish for you the best 2022. May you chase after change (if you want it), look for the small things that bring joy, and rediscover the truly good and important things in life. Know this, to anyone who shows support here, whether that’s through reading a review, comments or anything, I’m grateful. Far more than I ever take the chance to say, but I’m so grateful and appreciative you take the time to hang out here.

As the countdown begins on this year end and the new year edges in, I wish for you the best in this coming year. I hope you have a wonderful year and see bright new prospects on the horizon as 2021 heads in our rearview mirror.

Thank you times a million for being here, and happiest New Year to you all! I appreciate you.

May the countdown begin… here we come 2022.


REFLECTIONS ON A YEAR END AND THE NEW YEAR. Chatting about my thoughts on change, what it means and content creation. Text © Rissi JC

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Note: some edits and revisions were made to the above text. The conclusion is no different, just the “getting there” is.

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    1. Angela, thanks! I need to write more but I also go back and re-read them and think, “You didn’t say that quite how it was written in your head.” ;) Guess I’ll just keeping trying! You too. Hope 2022 is AMAZING for you!

    1. Melanie, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you have the best 2022! And I 100% understand. I need to get back in the habit of visiting the places I love best, but it’s juggling act. Sometimes I have the time but don’t feel like being in front of a screen (after putting in some work) and other days my days are too full. Someday I’ll get the balance right. ;)

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