When it comes to bad things, it’s fact that there is plenty in the world. Even with the dishonesty accounted for, we can see this through the tragedies that happen, sometimes in our own backyard. It’s something we mourn over and worries us, maybe for some, even keeping us up at night. There’s a few reasons these ideas are amplified, and when it comes down to it, alarmist culture is, for some reason, popular.

Unfortunately, it’s more harmful than helpful popularity.  



I used to consume quite a lot of information; still do to some extent. I’m currently in process of making conscious efforts to lessen what I consume to “sillier” things because I “have” to in order to have content to write about. Through all of this, I’m learning a lesson. Part of this is that the less information I consume, the more I’m able to clear my thoughts. To think about commentary, and what it really means over what “spin” is placed on the topic. What I’ve come to realize is, breaking away from this consumption and thinking about it, and looking at things critically, is healthy.

Even though all of this is true, there is something else that’s true. Bad things happening is not a new thing. It’s been in the world for nearly as long as its existence. Tragedy, sorrow, loss, despair, death, murder, all of this can be traced back to times long before we ever existed. The idea of something hard or tragic happening isn’t exclusive to us.

What bothers me about this alarmist culture which out of hand, is that most of us don’t think we are a part of this. We don’t think we constantly scroll news stories. We don’t think this is all we talk about. But it tends to be. When “scary” things are in our ear all the time, that usually dictates our actions. Social media accounts consistently put out drastic things that are alarmist which undercuts the good reporting they put out. There are things you stand up for and cultural things to push back on. But coming from this from a logical, less emotional perspective is sorely lacking in culture.

Alarming everyone and turning everything into something to fear isn’t healthy. If there’s one thing I could encourage you and anyone to do, it’s take a break from it all. You don’t need permission to do this, but honestly, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded to just take that break.

Stay informed, pick your fighter and make decisions based on the information that seems logical. However, it’s OKAY to breathe. I’d challenge you to break for a week, for two weeks from social media, from the constant “need” to scroll or to listen to those podcasts or talk shows. Breathe. Enjoy life. Take that time you’d listen to something and instead listen to a fun cozy mystery on audio book or blast some upbeat and fun music. Go on a walk, explore. Play board games with your kids. Journal, the old fashion way with pen and paper. Take up a fun hobby or go to your local vintage store or bookstore. Do something other than consume the weight of the world news and the alarmist stories.

Just take a break. Trust me, it’s okay.

What do you think about this? Do you take breaks from consuming all the things? Do you think it’s a good idea to break away? Is it helpful or a bad idea? Comment all your comments. Let’s talk about the topic.


LIVING IN AN ALARMIST CULTURE. Talking social media (yes, again) and the trend of being an "alarmist" and its affect on culture. © Rissi jC

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