A drama film that received some noticeable promotion, Sharper is a film with an ensemble cast.

Sharper (2023) Apple+ Film Review

Running a bookstore may be what Tom (Justice Smith) loves but it’s less than financially fruitful and fulfilling. Into his life walks Sandra (Briana Middleton), a beautiful college student who has a thing for classics, particularly Jane Eyre. Together they build a romance and discover pieces about each other they don’t easily show to the world.

Tom grows to love Sandra and so does she. But just as things look hopeful and happy between them, Sandra disappears…

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Apple productions is rarely something I look into with any fervor. This is because I refuse to have more streaming services than I already have. Plus Apple rarely produces things that appeal widely to me. Even scrolling their library tells me I just cannot find enough to appeal to me in the way that would make me want to pick up the service. Then there is this film. Sharper isn’t anything I thought it was. Despite my passing knowledge, the film still surprises.

It features a recognizable cast which helps it have a wider appeal. What I like is that it has a broad appeal between its veteran names and its up and coming cast. Everyone is good and you can also see Sebastian Stan, Julianne Moore, and John Lithgow.

Likely another reason why I rarely look into these originals is some of them surround some kind of social justice issue and it’s not my jam or because the content they put out is heavily profanity laden, much like this film. And this one does love its profanity. The concept is quite interesting. I should also mention that the film does work its story, backwards, kind of, which is a little complicated to keep straight. Saying more would risk revealing secrets so I won’t. I end on the fact that Shaper is interesting. Even if only for its good concept.

You can stream Sharper digitally on Apple TV+.


🌆‘SHARPER’: A MULTI PERSPECTIVE APPLE+ TV FILM.🌆 Julianne Moore leads an all-star cast in this Apple TV drama. All text © Rissi JC

CONTENT: We see a couple in bed together in a montage, making out and lying together talking about their feelings. Later they are again in bed mostly naked and kissing. Later, a woman straddles someone and he rubs his hands up and down her body, focusing on her breasts. We hear his belt unbuckle and them make-out before the scene cuts. A man pees in front of a woman into a vase. At least 30 (likely more) uses of the f-word. There’s talk of suicide and violence. Someone abuses drugs. The film has a rating of R.

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