Today’s subject in our usual “top ten” format does feel a little bit… “vulnerable.” At least compared to the usual conversation. I have to be honest when I saw that writing about reasons why I’m not reading came up it did kind of feel as though it was a slap in the face. Metaphorically speaking of course. But still, seeing these words was kind of a reveal I knew but also didn’t really make me want to think about. At least not in the strict way of having to sit down and compose something such as we are now.

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When it  comes to me not reading, this has been an ongoing thing for about three years now. Some of these reasons are personal and I probably won’t talk about them because I’ve never been a “dear diary” kind of writer. Other reasons are kind of extensions of what I’ve shared before and may possibly be repetitive. Still, this is appropriate since it’s actually what our weekly book list topic asks of us.

As a result of this I’m getting to officially share about some of the reasons why I’m not reading.



I was part of bookstagram for several years. I took all the photos. I staged them and bought props. It was, admittedly quite fun. But something tripped me up and I discovered there is – gasp – drama even in the bookstagram corner of the Internet. It kind of took me aback (though why I don’t know since drama is what the Internet thrives on).

Looking back, I’m pretty sure this was kind of the start of my retreat. Or maybe the middle. I won’t get into exactly the drama was, but I will say, it sort of made me reexamine being a bookstagrammer and all that entails. I still love when I run across (as a kind of recommended post) a beautiful photo that’s all about books and I even follow some accounts that are all about books and simply put, create lovely content. Some of the photos I see are beautiful; and IO also now that content, for me, did “better” than anything I do know.


I think, to some extent, part of it is the industry too. The books I’m reading about just don’t excite me (outside of my favorite authors). The same is true of film and TV too. I also heard this author recently say that this author, along with friends who are authors, are finding it harder to create because of the industry. I can believe that and find it sad that we’re leaning into a place where there’s a set of “rules” in that the industry is only looking for x, y or z as the “appropriate” things to publish.


I think some of the opinions about what constitutes real readers vs non-readers was a small factor too.


Perhaps less than the bookstagram reason (above), I think some of the things I read or discover about publishing houses and publishers, like what they go along with, is perhaps another reason why I’m less than enthused. This is especially true about one smaller market.

CLOSING thoughts | Despite this and other elements stopping me from reading, I still appreciate books. I still enjoy talking about them. Discovering a favorite author has a new book makes me excited! Opening a book store’s website to browse all the latest cover reveals is fun and I love seeing an author reveal their latest cover design. All of the excitement for these things is there. I enjoy creating lists like this or seasonal lists of books readers may enjoy in any given season. It’s just the picking up a book that is, at least right now, not something I’m currently pulled towards. This is no way reflects on favorite authors, and I still love reading as a rule, I just have to pick up a book, read it and hopefully that will be the catalyst that reignites some of my reader love.

What reasons do you have for not reading as much or anymore? Do you still enjoy reading? What books do you think could pull someone out of it? (Drop them below! I want all the recommendations.) Let’s meet up in that comment section. I want to hear all the comments.


Thank you for visiting; please do visit again soon.

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  1. I usually get into reading funks of my own making…picking books that are super long and draggy or just poorly written and then being not willing to abandon them…suddenly I don’t feel like reading anymore.

    I think we should all read to add to our life and it should just augment everything else we are doing. Enjoy life. Enjoy reading!!!!!! Let go of other’s expectations. What keeps me from reading…life!

    1. It’s true that can put me in a reading funk too. I’ve tried really hard, through the years, so learn what I like so that I don’t pick up (as many) books that don’t work for me. Either way, reading is awesome and I will be enjoying it again soon!! :)

    1. I felt a little less “alone” when I saw someone else, who writes books, mention that a while back. Seems like no one seems to think the industry is changing, or at least not in strange ways. But hopefully that won’t affect us finding good books… too much. :) Thank you for visiting here, Lydia! I appreciate this.

    1. That’s awesome, Deanna! I used to read some indies/self published books and I did enjoy 95% of what I read. Someday I need to pick up some new ones. :)

    1. Glad I’m not “alone” in this! I felt like, generally, I was and then I saw someone, who also authors books, talking about it and it piqued my interest. :)

  2. I call myself a “bookstagrammer” (is that even a word, LOL), but I don’t post pretty pictures, it’s basically just the cover picture. I see what other people do and I think it’s pretty, and I appreciate the time and effort they put into it. But, for me, I can’t keep up with the Jones’, nor do I want to. I am not artistic, but I do love to read and chat about books. I have found that when I start getting too many request books on my plate, my reading enjoyment decreases. I think I would probably be happiest just sticking with my TBR pile and skipping new releases. They will be there when I get there…but there’s that pull of new books too…sigh. Thanks for your vulnerability, it does help to understand why you are not reading much right now.

    1. So many people do AMAZING things with book photos that often leave me going, “wish I were that creative!” ;) This week just felt oddly more “personal” than most week’s topics just because I do have THINGS about reading. I still LOVE books an d 100% will read again but life sometimes changes and that’s ok. Either way, I still enjoy creating things about books just as I have organizing my books and remembering what I really still want to read or what I’ve already enjoyed. :)

  3. I completely agree about the publishing industry! It’s like as soon as they discover a niche or a trend, they can focus on that’s all they post for a while. It’s one of the reasons I mostly read indie/small press right now. They post what they want when they want and I tend to find books I enjoy that way.
    I lost my “spark” for reading a while ago to and its the worst feeling not being drawn to participate in something that I normally enjoy!

    1. I agree. It is a sad kind of feeling. I know I will read again, I just have to make purposeful time to. A start would be binging less TV. :) I read several indie books once and was really happy with 95% of the ones I read. I should give the genre a chance again because I feel like I’d find more!! :)

    1. Always a bummer when we loose some of that reading fun! But knowing we all deal with this from time to time, and usually rediscover it, is what we like to hear. :)

  4. What a bummer that Bookstagram got too toxic for you. You’d think a bunch of book lovers sharing what they love would be a more loving place! Bookstagram isn’t something I’ve ever gotten into. I only follow book bloggers who also have Bookstagram accounts. I’m not into drama, so I get why you gave all that up. Good for you.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


    1. I’m not into drama either… but I confess, I do write about “drama” (topics) sometimes. Mostly I try to make sure it’s something important or that I feel strongly about. But when it comes to something like Bookstagram which is creative and fun, that was “easy” to give up given drama wasn’t what I was looking for in that area. :) Thanks so much for visiting, Susan! I’m glad you stopped by.

  5. Hmm. I think I actually feel the opposite about the industry right now. Or maybe I’m not sure exactly what you mean. 🤔 I know it definitely has its problems, but it’s been so refreshing to see so many marginalized groups represented in books and on covers. It’s opening up the book world to so many new people. And Bookstagram. I was very active on the platform for years but then they changed the algorithms and almost overnight, no one was seeing my posts. It was too much work to start over. Now I just use it to connect with the blog. But it was so frustrating! It’s okay if you’re not reaching for books right now. I went through a ten year period of not reading for myself when my kiddos were small. Just embrace what makes you happy! <3

    1. I’m so glad you’re loving the industry, Dedra!! I always feel like I’m alone in my perspective about it, but I’m still glad people are seeing and finding things that work. As for Bookstagram, YES! That’s another thing. The algorithms are ANNOYING. I know there is a way to trick them and make it work for your page, but I haven’t learned that. My page never does well… but that’s just how it is. I could reach the point of never posting and like you, use this website as the place to have all the conversations, which honestly… I’d prefer. :)

  6. Ohhh yes, i agree with your list, I don’t know if it’s nostalgia, but I feel that when I was a teen I enjoyed reading more, it was easier, without so much social media, haters & bots and without pressure to write reviews

    1. Excellent points. I think, for the most part, social media does (or did) play a part in the, shall we say, less than happy things in the world.

  7. I hadn’t really thought about the whole book industry thing, but I do hear about drama online and though I stay well out of it (I have neither time nor inclination to be an active participant), I can see why that could interfere with reading. And the industry does have its flaws and I can imagine that there are trends and niches that don’t always fit every author. Which is a shame because I find that the opposite is what impresses me – when there are books that are different and interesting. I hope that over time the industry becomes more diverse – both in terms of content and authors. Thanks for stopping by earlier and for sharing!

    1. Thank you for return visit, M! Appreciate this. And yes! I try to stay out of all the drama on bookstagram, too. I will sometimes write about “drama” topics but I try to make it things that I feel strongly about. :)

  8. I went through a long slump too. It was really hard because reading had been such a big part of my life. However, over the past year or so I’ve slowly started to pull out of it. It has been such a relief to enjoy reading again. I sincerely hope you are able to enjoy reading again soon. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  9. I definitely drew back from interacting with people as much as I used to on Book Twitter because the whole thing just felt like it wasn’t becoming a very nice place to be, which is a shame because I used to love chatting books with people on Twitter but it wasn’t worth having to dodge all the various dramas in order to do it. I can understand what you mean to an extent about the industry as well, when I got into a major book slump in 2021, a lot of it was definitely not feeling excited about the books I was reading as I used to and pulling away from genres I had previously read a lot of (primarily YA fantasy) because they just didn’t excite me anymore. It took finding new genres I was excited about and leaning into new reading tastes (plus a very healthy dose of audiobooks) to get me excited about reading again that year.

    Jo recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #420
    1. Your story sounds very similar to mine, Jo. I too chatted books ALL THE TIME when I was on Twitter in the early days. There are threads that go on for days if anyone wanted to scroll back that far. ;) There was a group of us who loved it. Some of us aren’t on Twitter anymore, some still are, and then there’s me who is there, but doesn’t chat nearly as much. I’m SO glad you found new books or genres to enjoy! I did start reading a book this week because a publisher kindly sent it to me, and it is a sweet, enjoyable read, so now I have to remember how to write a book review again. ;)

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