Though there are familiar elements in Hanna as in any other thriller film, it’s still a unique concept that will no doubt bother some viewers.

Hanna (2011) Film Review

Her entire life, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) has been raised in the forest. Instead of affection and love, she receives the perfect technique on how to hunt for food and kill someone with her bare hands. Her father (Eric Bana) has spent these last many years giving Hanna this training. Then the day arrives that he wishes never would, she tells him she’s ready. Concerned he reminds Hanna of one thing… she won’t rest until Hanna is dead… or Hanna kills her. Hanna’s choice sets into motion a cat-and-mouse game that coincides with her experiencing the world for the first time.  

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A film by Joe Wright, best known to many of us for the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, without question this is a unique film. The movie won’t be for everyone, and it doesn’t really give us all of the information. The film just begins and makes us wonder what is going on, and who is the ‘she’ after Hanna? The film is stark and striking, not only through Wright’s vision, but also the cast bringing these characters to life.

The story is dark and troubling, but it contrasts this with some light through a unique perspective of innocence. Ronan is, as always wonderful and also charming in the role. She carries nearly the whole film even with the impressive cast surrounding her. Bana is great in his role, he makes us wonder while also playing a calm and in control character as his background would demand. Additionally, talent like Tom Hollander, Olivia Williams and Cate Blanchett appear.

If this sounds familiar but doesn’t look familiar, you may have seen the Amazon Prime series Hanna based on this film from Wright. Like his earlier work, albeit in the opposite direction, this 2011 production is fabulous to watch unfold. There’s introspective shots that enhances the story. The film is a story about one sole goal, or begins this way, before it morphs into a portrait of discovery that’s lovely, only to then return to the mission. All of this combines to make an impressive film that’s memorable if not a re-watchable favorite.


Content: This one has quite a lot of violence. The film opens with an arrow going into a deer and it being picked apart (two other scenes show animals put on a table after being killed). There’s a lot of violence throughout the entire film. Someone murders a room full of people (a neck is broken, and others are shot). This plays throughout as torture and murder is a big part of the film (we see the use of various weapons from a pipe to knives and arrows). Two girls share a chaste kiss and there’s some minor conversation about sex, and sexuality. The film is PG-13.

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