The film to mark the final run of Christmas flicks on Hallmark, My Norwegian Holiday isn’t something I expected anything from. Despite my skepticism, it’s not without charm.

My Norwegian Holiday (2023) Hallmark TV Film Review

As a PhD candidate, Jessica Johnson aka JJ (Rhiannon Fish) has a lot on her plate. Dealing with grief, JJ hasn’t rediscovered the spark of her paper or research. When she, quite serendipitously, overhears Henrick (David Elsendoorn) being dumped by his girlfriend, a woman who shares Jessica’s name, the two end up sharing a few words. They go their separate ways until Henrick shows up at JJ’s substitute teaching room, bringing her a warm apology drink and one of the papers she lost when they blew all over the parking lot. He also has another idea, sparked by the unique troll he sees on her desk.

He offers her his spare ticket to Norway for Christmas. She can explore why her grandmother has something from his hometown and he’ll spend the holidays with his family. All they have to share is the plane ride to and from the country. Reluctant, but needing some kind of inspiration, she agrees, little realizing what she’ll find instead.

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⛷️❄️‘MY NORWEGIAN HOLIDAY’: PLENTY OF TROPES BUT STILL SWEET❄️⛷️ Review of the 2023 Christmas flick with Rhiannon Fish. © RissiWrites.com

Like many in each Christmas season lineup, My Norwegian Holiday isn’t a title I anticipated finding anything from. It seems like one of those average titles that would perhaps be fun, but nothing memorable. For most this is true (the ones I seem to enjoy aren’t the popular vote titles), but the script is sweet. By this I mean, yes, it’s familiar and it does use tropes, but there’s something warm and inviting about the story that we don’t always get. Or if we’re should, it doesn’t always translate.

The connection between Rhiannon and David as their respective characters is cute, like anything else, but I think it goes a little deeper, too. They have moments that are, even if there’s some “cheesy” parts, about a deeper bond than just attraction or curiosity. They’re about connection and wanting to care for someone. Also, if you pay attention to a little element that crops up through the story, this ties into the end and it really is very cute.

The film is a little bit of a roller coaster story with its sweet romance, adventure in travel and heartwarming bonds. The film is surface level normal and cute, but looking deeper does reveal a story with purpose.


⛷️❄️‘MY NORWEGIAN HOLIDAY’: PLENTY OF TROPES BUT STILL SWEET❄️⛷️ Review of the 2023 Christmas flick with Rhiannon Fish. © RissiWrites.com

Content: nothing to note. It’s the same-old, same-old TV-G rating with some kisses and discussion of a pregnancy.

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