Considered a classic, To Catch a Thief is also a film with top billing star power. It’s also a flick that until now I had never seen.

To Catch a Thief (1955) Film Review

Once a talented thief, John Robie (Cary Grant), the burglar known as “the cat,” is no more. Currently Robie tends the gardens of his impressive villa grounds. When the authorities surround his home, he knows something is amiss and after an escape, he sets out to trap the person copycatting his techniques.

His plan requires socializing with those wealthy enough to be a target. This brings him into the orbit of Jessie Stevens (Jessie Royce Landis) and her pretty daughter, Frances (Grace Kelly), along with perhaps his anonymity.


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Recently I’ve been watching a few older films that are considered classics. So far, these have all featured Cary Grant. This film which is an award winner sadly won’t be a favorite. The set-up of the film is frenzied, but not in an exciting kind of way. We simply “meet” Robie though not really, and watch as he tries to evade men arriving at his home. We are thrust into this without finesse.

I do love the premise and the cat-and-mouse scenario too is a concept that could be a unique idea. To Catch a Thief could have been a fun globe-trotting adventure. Instead it’s a little messy, at least that’s how it seems. The stars, popular in this era of filmmaking, lend dazzle and glamour. There is a fun masquerade with extra elaborate costuming and I would be fibbing if I said I didn’t enjoy this final sequence through the end.

Though I don’t adore this film, it does still have some charming moments. Quite likely a film that inspired many of the caper flicks I grew up on, To Catch a Thief is, I am sure, one many remember as being quite glamorous, even if it does run a little long.

You can stream To Catch a Thief on Paramount+ or, at publication, on streamers like Pluto TV.


‘TO CATCH A THIEF’: ONE OF THE CINEMATIC CLASSICS. Review of the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock and Carey Grant mystery. Text © Rissi JC

Content: nothing much to note. To Catch a Thief is typical to its era and has a spot of romancing. This consists of making out and time alone in someone’s room. There may be an innuendo or two. The film is PG.

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    1. I’ve been seeing him in a lot of films recently! From this to ‘Suspicion’ and others. Plus now I want to rewatch ‘Houseboat’ which I saw years ago. :)

  1. Say what you will about this picture but every time I turn it on, it grabs people’s attention. I’ve found it’s a good gateway film for people who have no interest in classic films.

    1. I’m so glad it’s introduced people to some classic films! There are some gems in the genre. I also just re-watched The Philadelphia Story and forgot how much that one makes me laugh. ;)

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