20+ of the Colorful and Charming Children’s Movies to Watch


For years now, one of my favorite things is a good romantic-comedy. However much as I adore romantic comedies genre (because it’s always fun and simple), sometimes I want something simpler, but still fun, and that leads us to colorful children’s movies to watch, which is always a fun time!

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When I pick an animated film to watch, I always realize I have no legit reason to be watching it (no kids in the house). But then I realize, hey, I can watch one if I want because sometimes these animated movies are just too cute not to enjoy. This is why today I thought I’d put together a little list (again, non-inclusive) of fun children’s movies, no matter who may be watching them!

*Also, yes, I realize we probably have all either seen or heard of these films. But still… sometimes it’s fun to look back and remember why we used to (or still do!) love something.


1: Alvin and the Chipmunks

I feel like this is a super unpopular film, but I think it’s fun. Plus, while I did not grow up on these stories, I think it will have that nostalgic factor for anyone who did. Alvin is still a mischief maker; Simon is clever and good; and then, Theodore has that cute factor that no one can dislike. Oh, and Jason Lee is quite perfect in the role of Dave.

2: The Aristocats colorful children’s movies to watch

Revisiting a Nostalgic Favorite: Disney’s ‘The Aristocats.’ Have you seen this underrated (??) Disney film? Eva Gabor voices Duchess in this one! © Rissi JC

This one goes deep down my childhood. I used to watch this one time and time again, and only recently re-watched it. Of course, it doesn’t have the same appeal as it did as a kid, but there’s no doubting, The Aristocats is darling. You can find The Aristocats on Disney+

3: Brave

‘Brave’ – Entertaining Disney-Pixar Film about a Red-Headed Heroine. A review of the Disney film Brave (2012). Features Emma Thompson. Text © Rissi JC

If you’re into the moment of strong women, this Pixar (with Disney) film may be your cup of tea. It’s about a strong willed red-headed girl who ends up slaying the threat to her family. It’s sweet, but from what I remember it also seems to belittle “love,” and puts it down to weakness whereas I don’t believe it to be. You can find Brave on Disney+

4: Charlotte’s Web (1973)

This is another of my frequent childhood watches. It’s also more bittersweet because of what happens to Charlotte, but the theme overall is cheerful, and it’s just a fun little animated film. You can find Charlotte’s Web digitally with a Hulu at publication.

5: Chicken Little colorful children’s movies to watch

20+ of the Colorful and Charming Children’s Movies to Watch. Which of these movies have you seen? Come by and share your favorites, too! Text © Rissi JC

Saw this one for the first time in 2020. It’s cute, but not a repeat favorite… but again, it’s cute. You can find Chicken Little (2005) on or Disney+ (at publication)

6: Cinderella (2015) colorful children’s movies to watch

This one seems more “adult” than most of these other titles I’ve added, but I have to add in this charming fairytale. I adore this live-action remake and appreciate that it offers more character growth. Also, this one is just pretty to look at.

7: Duck Duck Goose

Tagged as a Netflix film, I watched this one on a whim and thought it was pretty cute. You can find Duck Duck Goose streaming on Netflix colorful children’s movies to watch

8: Dumbo (2019)

This one was ridiculed (at least that’s what I observed), but it’s one of the best live-action Disney movies I’ve seen. It’s all kinds of sweet and charming, plus teaches what courage looks like. You can find Dumbo (2019) on Disney+

9: Happy Feet

Adorable dancing penguins. Need we say more?

10: Kung Fu Panda

These movies are all kinds of fun! It took me forever to finally watch them, but when I did, I think I watched them all pretty close together.

11: Leap!

This film, also known as Ballerina, is a French film that was also produced (from what I can tell) as an English language film. In that version, Elle Fanning voices our lead character, a spunky redhead who runs away from the orphanage, along with her friend, Victor, to pursue dreams of being a ballerina. Haven’t watched the film in its entirety, but it’s cute thus far.

12: Paddington colorful children’s movies to watch

This British film, along with its sequel, about an unlucky little bear who is dubbed Paddington is adorable. It’s one of those films that makes you happy each time you watch it. Plus the mix of animated and live-action makes it something we adults can enjoy, especially given its talented cast which includes Hugh Bonneville (of Downton Abbey). You can find Paddington (at publication) on Netflix

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13: The Peanuts Movie

Only recently watched this 2015 film for the first time, and like ‘Alvin,’ for adults, this one is going to have tons of nostalgia if you grew up reading the Schultz comic strip. You can find The Peanuts Movie on Disney+ (at publication) colorful children’s movies to watch

14: Peter Rabbit

I love this tale of rascal rabbits who end up eating up the garden of their neighbor! For adults, this one has that nostalgic aspect as its based on the childhood books by Beatrice Potter. You can find Peter Rabbit (2018) on Hulu (at publication)

15: The Prince of Egypt

There can be miracles when you believe
Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve?
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe
Prince of Egypt soundtrack

20+ of the Colorful and Charming Children’s Movies to Watch. Which of these movies have you seen? Come by and share your favorites, too! Text © Rissi JC

Walking down another Rissi throwback; I used to watch this one all the time too. From the Dreamworks studios (are they even still producing titles?), this one follows the Biblical story of Moses, and while likely not super authentic, it does have some pretty music! You can find The Prince of Egypt (at publication) on Peacock

16: Mulan (1998) colorful children’s movies to watch

Chose to include this one because it’s always been one of the “new” Disney animated flicks to me; it released while I was a kid, and so knowing it’s already passed its 20th anniversary makes me feel OLD! You can find Mulan (1998) on Disney+

17: Over the Moon

20+ of the Colorful and Charming Children’s Movies to Watch. Which of these movies have you seen? Come by and share your favorites, too! Text © Rissi JC

Haven’t seen this Netflix title, but guys, it looks SUPER sweet. It follows a girl who, in the aftermath of her mother’s death, decides to travel to the moon to prove her mother’s favorite fable is true. You can find Over the Moon on Netflix

18: The Rescuers

This is a vintage Disney title that I grew up watching and if I owned it on DVD, I think I’d re-watch it. Instead I have the VHS because, yes, that is how we saw movies as kids. But the film is, as best as I can remember, super charming. You can find The Rescuers (1977) on Disney+

19: Sing

This title is all kinds of cute. The story is fun (about a group of unlikely talent who come together to compete in a singing competition) and the adults will love hearing the impressive vocal talents of stars like Matthew McCaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Tori Kelly. You can find Sing with Hulu (at publication) colorful children’s movies to watch

20: Stuart Little colorful children’s movies to watch

It’d been years since I saw this film, but I re-watched it a while back and discovered it is cute. It’s not my most favorite live-action animated story, but it is cute.

21: Tangled

This, like many of these, is super popular and likely everyone knows about it. That said, since I also re-watched this one in recent months, I wanted to include it since it reminded me how well I like this Disney film; it’s so sweet and reminds us to appreciate the simple joys of life. You can find Tangled on Disney+

22: Zootopia

This Disney film is all kinds of cute. The characters are fun, and I love the “opposites” friendship of Judy and Nick. Plus, it’s cute to watch their friendship go from bad to better to beating the baddies together. You can find Zootopia on Disney+


  • Despicable Me
  • Finding Nemo
  • Frozen
  • Home | One I haven’t seen, I’ve heard good things about this title (and it looks super colorful!)
  • Hop
  • The Incredibles
  • Moana | I haven’t seen this one, but I know people rave about it!
  • The Muppets, 2011
  • The Princess and the Frog | YES, this is another one I haven’t made time for; but trusted viewers tell me it’s cuuute!
  • Yogi Bear

There ends my list of fun children’s movies. What about you, which ones would you add? Which ones do you enjoy or do you have any favorites you’re kids put on repeat? Comment all of your thoughts down below.


20+ of the Colorful and Charming Children’s Movies to Watch. Which of these movies have you seen? Come by and share your favorites, too! Text © Rissi JC

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  1. While I’m not really a huge animated movie watching fan, I have to say that Tangled would definitely make any list I might make too (partially because I just love the characters and tropes used, and partially because of it’s parallels to the Captain Swan love story ?), as would The Rescuers, The Aristocats, & Cinderella. As the animated film I’ve memorized the most amount of lines from, I’d also have to include The Emperor’s New Groove as well. I think the #1 spot has to go to Robin Hood however, (SUCH an underrated gem!!)

    1. Aw, cute! I didn’t know there were [Tangled] parallels to the Swan love story. ;) I never finished OUAT because I was disappointed in some of its directions.

      I SO meant to add ‘Emperor’ and then forgot. I watched that one YEARS ago, but it made me laugh so hard. Also, someday I should watch Robin Hood. I honestly do not remember if I ever saw that one or not. Thanks for sharing your favorites, Kirsty – as always. :)

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