‘YOU DON’T KNOW ME,’ by Susan May Warren


‘YOU DON'T KNOW ME,’ by Susan May Warren. A review of the sixth Deep Haven novel. All review text © Rissi JC

STORY: Lies is what Annalise Decker builds her life on; she depends on them. They are what keep her safe. Or this is what she tells herself. That’s before her past rears its ugly head and one of the three people who can destroy her life returns.

Over twenty years ago, Annalise was Deidre O’ Reilly, a young woman who helped put a dangerous criminal behind bars. Now, she’s a model citizen in the sleepy town of Deep Haven having re-invented herself in the WitSec program. Only now her inspector, Frank shows up with news that she, and her entire family, could be in danger. Suddenly her world crumbles when she is faced with choosing between leaving behind the person she is now or shattering the family she loves.

You Don’t Know Me, by Susan May Warren | Book Review

REVIEW: This is the first series I read that I discovered Warren. These books always have had a special place on my packed bookshelf, and in my heart. They’re the sort of sweet romantic comedies that realistic dreams are made of. The first three novels and then the ensuing three have a several year span between release dates. In this “missing” chuck of time, there’s a great deal of change. No longer are they quite as carefree. Now they are mature, challenging stories. You Don’t Know Me is one of the most interesting premises I’ve read in the recent months. Its main character, Annalise is in the witness protection program and given that I just finished a drama show that highlights WitSec inspectors, I did find the procedure particularly interesting. Within these pages, there is mystery that never becomes cliché.

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The theme of the story is really all about secrets, and the havoc hiding the truth can cause. Annalise’s choices present some interesting studies of her character. As we read her story I do feel torn between wondering if she truly loves Nathan or if she marries him without really “knowing” what true love feels like (because of her past). Her compulsive need to re-decorate their home informs her character. By the time the final chapters roll around, danger does come calling but everything ties up prettily.

IN SUMMARY: Unfortunately, this novel doesn’t earn my pick for the best or favorite book in this six-book series but You Don’t Know Me is a wonderful story that demonstrates how easily secrets and the lies we build can destroy lives but ultimately, it’s a beautiful inkling of the power of forgiveness. If you want a more romantic story, look to some of Warren’s earlier books.

About the Book:

Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Date: 2012
Series: Deep Haven – Book 6
Genre: Christian Fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5
Shop the Book: Bookshop.org | Goodreads

With thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this book for reviewing purposes

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  1. I have seen a book or two of Susan May Warren's that I have wanted to try. One about a radio host? I'm not sure, but I've seen some that look really good. I don't know if I'll read this book or this series (although the cover makes me want to, I'm a sucker for fall and western covers :D) but I definitely want to get my hands on some of her books at some point. Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  2. Your guess is right: Warren does have a novel about a radio host. It is actually another one I am trying to read in-between my review commitments. So far, I like it better than this novel. If there is one thing Warren can do, it's write a compelling rom-com or suspense or historical – she is quite adapt at all the genres! It is one of the reasons I like her so as an author. :-)

    Hope you enjoy Susan's writing if you get any of her novels!

  3. As do I, Ruth! She has a natural talent at weaving together beautiful, heart-tugging stories that really stay with you – or at the very least on one's "keeper shelf." :-) That is certainly where hers have been for me – I've enjoyed reading her trips into the 1900's with her recent 'Daughters of Fotunte' series and this 'Deep Haven' set of books has been WONDERFUL so far.

    Hope you enjoy!!

  4. Great review! Sorry this comment is kind of late… But yes, it sounds like we share a similar opinion about this book! I've only read the three latest in this series, so it was interesting to hear your comparisons regarding the first three books and these last three. :)


  5. Current or "late" comments make no difference to me, Amber – I enjoy each one! :-)

    Oh you must read the "original" three novels in this series – they are so good! I started 'Foolish Heart' but had to give it up temporarily to read this novel and others but so far I was loving it. 'You Don't Know Me' was good but not nearly as memorable. :-)

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