‘A Boyfriend for Christmas’: An Old Hallmark Fan Favorite


All right… I’ll admit it, I love Christmas movies. Every passing Christmas season prompts me to again re-watch my growing collection. Sound a little odd? Well maybe, but Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so visiting it through film, especially an old favorite, is always entertaining.

A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004) Hallmark Review

Thirteen-year-old Holly Grant is the only one in her circle of BFF’s that doesn’t have a boyfriend. Acting on an impromptu impulse while hanging out at the mall, she whispers her wish to Santa. Come Christmas morning, a small snow globe has a special message for Holly. Twenty years later Holly (Kelli Williams) is a successful lawyer who works on pro-bono cases. After a disappointing outcome, Holly decides to have a scathing letter written to the incompetent opposing counsel, Ryan Hughes for his tardiness in missing the hearing.

Ryan Hughes (Patrick Muldoon) finds himself playing along with Santa’s matchmaking scheme when a twist of fate sends him to Holly’s door. Only knowing Holly’s opinion of “Ryan,” he becomes Doughlas Firwood. (Yes, that’s the name he picks.) Over Christmas, the two play a fake couple, little realizing their faux dating just may be an unfilled promise.

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Another big two thumbs up goes to Hallmark for making this family-friendly film that is just adorable. A Boyfriend for Christmas is something of a sappy title, and while it does have goofy scenes, this is one of the cutest Christmas comedies to be made available on DVD. One of the best things about Hallmark is how wholesome heir films are; maybe they aren’t always particularly endearing where the story is concerned but nonetheless, each are a good bet for families. This script does knit together a family that is supportive of one another, which is something I always appreciate coming from such a family myself.

If you’re not into the trope of a relationship that starts in a lie, this might not be your cup of tea. Viewers know from the beginning who Doug really is, but much to her dismay, Holly doesn’t. This, of course, clashes with Holly’s sense of right vs wrong, and her dating requirement that trust be a foundation. Kelli Williams and Patrick Muldoon play off each other really well and I also got a chuckle out of Holly’s sister-in-law, Karen and the Grant parents. Their down-to-earth personalities make you feel as if they were “real” everyday people. (Oh! And here’s a bit of movie trivia for you all: the actress who plays Mrs. Grant is Kellie Williams’ mother in real-life.)

A Boyfriend for Christmas isn’t perfect, but it’s a fun Christmas flick to add to your rotation of yearly films. Some favorite scenes include a spontaneous family game of football in the snow (albeit, it’s a total cliché), the ice skating scene, and in general, the series of moments when Ryan and Holly join the Grants for Christmas. If you can get your hands on this sweet film, it’s worth one watch. As long as you don’t expect it to be a perfect Hollywood film, you may actually find you’re ready to re-watch it as the final credits roll – just don’t forget to have the twinkle lights on and a big buttery bowl of popcorn at hand.

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Content concerns: thematic elements (like lying) plus, there is a few innuendos. Holly asks Ryan about sex, to which there is a brief answer. A man remarks about forgetting his ex’s “bed hair” and it’s suggested that he cheated on Holly during their relationship. Girlfriends get drunk at a New Years party.

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    1. It's one of mine as well, Meghan! I can still remember being up at my aunt's house for our family Christmas and watching it on its premiere(my family doesn't have cable) – it was adorable, and still is! :)

      What a great film to pick for your "sister's night." Love it. I haven't watched it yet this year but hopefully I will yet. :D

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