‘Christmas a la Mode’: A Lifetime Romance to Watch


Though I’ve seen many in the past, for this season of new Christmas romances, this is the first of the ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime’ movies I’ve seen. Katie LeClarc stars as Emily White. Struggling to keep her family’s dairy farm going, no one works harder than Emily, but her business minded sister has other plans. Living in the city, Dorothy (Jennifer Ellis) and her company plan to see the farm to a farming group, a deal that Dorothy’s co-worker Charlie Blanchard (Ryan Cooper) comes to broker. christmas a la mode

When Emily learns there’s more behind this deal, she sets out to save their legacy, and the dream her father built.

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Like any of the seasonal movies that air this time of year, this is another cute one. One of the things that most stands out as making this one “unique” is the family business being a dairy farm. It makes for an interesting plot, although the basic idea of saving a dream or small business is the same. There are some moments, while the characters work the farm, that feel a little sappy, but for the most part, Christmas a la Mode does characters-working-a-farm better than some movies; like dressing or styling the characters impractically.

Fun bit of trivia is that Katie LeClarc and Ryan Cooper co-starred together in another production. Though I haven’t see the series, they’re pretty good together in this one. It’s a simple, cute kind of romance without dynamic sparks (not complaining), and I must admit confess, I do detest (but not in an emphatic way) this first kiss trope. The romance itself is “basic,” with the only real complications being the whole you-lied-to-me accusation. It’s fun to see LeCarlc (Switched at Birth) in something again (she’s also appeared on Hallmark), and I won’t mind seeing Cooper in the leading man role in similar productions.

Another of its unique approaches is the “catalyst” that “saves” the farm. It’s sweet (and tasty!). Much as I’d like to say more, I won’t in case you want to go in without all of the details!! Like its peers, Christmas a la Mode is an ideal treat. If your DVR has the space, it’s worth a Saturday night in indulgence.

Content: This one is “clean.” There’s nothing in it that I can remember to call out or make note of.

‘Christmas a la Mode’: A Lifetime Romance to Watch. Talking about the Katie LeClarc and Ryan Cooper 2019 Lifetime romance. Text © Rissi JC

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