Last year, some of my friends put together a fun meme list of their favorite Christmastime flicks. Some were television movies, others rank among the classics. This year, the thought popped into my head that I should copy-cat their idea and put together a list of my own. It was easier than I anticipated to par down the collection to a “top ten” like list, but since just ten isn’t enough… there are eleven! Read after the cut to see which titles get me into the Christmas spirit – and which touched my heart. 


12 Men of Christmas

Who among us doesn’t like Jane Austen? I’d wager most women have been swept up into at least one of her iconic novels at some point or another, this Lifetime movie is (loosely) based off of the iconic Pride & Prejudice starring the always comedic Kristin Chenoweth. Compared to most TV movies, it’s actually quite good with some snappy comedy and flirty banter despite its controversy revolving around a calendar featuring *cough* half-dressed men.    

Christmas in Connecticut

I vaguely remember the first time I watched this. It tickled my funny bone like nothing else had in a long time. Today I still get a kick out of it and don’t think the re-make can touch this Barbara Stanwyck version. Should the version with Jennifer Garner’s name attached ever see the light of day, I might feel differently.    

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The Christmas Card

For Christmas “fluff” with a dash of romance and patriotism, nothing beats this delightful Hallmark Channel flick. It’s sweet as honey and uses an excellent platform to add realism to its plot. No matter what new films catch my eye, this one is a “must” every season.

The Christmas Shoes

I don’t go for weepy movies – they just aren’t my “thing.” Perhaps this is because I’m not a particularly emotional person but this tear-jerker is just precious! It has a sweetness that most cinematic films – whether on the big or small screen, lack and is a very relatable, “human” film.

Christmas with Holly

Three bachelor uncles, one little girl and an old Victorian house. That is the three basic principles of this film and what a charmer it is! It’s seriously one of, if not the best Christmas movie to come from the Hallmark Hall of Fame collection. It’s a little piece of
Christmas magic… without any actual magic. This one is a keeper and one I’ve already purchased – it’s easily the best I saw in 2012!  

Fallen Angel

It’s poignant and driven by fabulous acting; marvelous in an A+ kind of way.  

11 FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES 2012. Chatting up some of my favorite Christmas and festive movies through the years. All text is © Rissi JC

The Holiday

Though this film is far from wholesome, there is something catching about it. The characters bring charisma enabling them to give us no choice but to fall in love with it – something scripter Nancy Meyers does with class and ease. I love its setting and quaint nature. It’s another keeper.

11 FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES 2012. Chatting up some of my favorite Christmas and festive movies through the years. All text is © Rissi JC

Miracle on 34th Street

Here again many of you will disagree but I must respectfully agree to disagree, in my estimation the 90’s remake is best! I love the lead actor’s dark good looks and charming manner as well as the proper manner Mara Wilson brings to the role of Susan. Her dialogue is brilliant – and she delivers. Who else could properly say this line: “I am very sorry Mother, but you have it perfectly wrong.”  

A Princess for Christmas

Sappy, yes, but what a charmer this film is. Bad lighting aside, the story is adorable and stars the legendary Roger Moore and Lady Morgana herself, Katie McGrath.

Stealing Christmas

Fun, fun and more fun! There is really nothing else to say about this would-be caper flick. It stars Tony Danza and Lea Thompson.  

White Christmas

Undoubtedly, many would disagree with what I am about to say but it cannot be helped. When it comes to the old-fashioned, classic Christmas movies, none touch this gem. It’s charismatic, has great stars and a funnyman that no actor today can match in class or style. Oh, yes, and some fantastic song and dance numbers.  

What about you; what titles rank among some of your most favorite? Share below! Want to type up your own list? Why not share your link here – stop back by to leave it anytime!

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    1. Couldn't say it better myself, Ella. Sappiness and all, Hallmark rules this genre. :)

      Same to you – hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful holiday-filled week. :)

  1. Yes! I love this list! "Christmas Card" in all it's romantic, idealistic cheesiness is one of my favorite Christmas movies! I mean, a sad soldier in need of comfort on a motorcycle? What's not to like. :) I will definitely be checking out some of those other ones! Thanks, gral!

    1. You sum up Christmas Card very well, Kellie. What's not to like…? Yes, indeed: Methinks NOTHING. ;D

      Hope you find some new ones to enjoy. All of these are sweet, touching, romantic and/or classics. Or that's how I see them. :)

    1. As do I, Joanna. Ironically I've not seen White Christmas in a couple of years now, hopefully I'll remedy that in 2012.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh yes, it just doesn't feel like Christmas until I watch "White Christmas" with my mom and sisters. I seriously love that move too much. "Sisters, sisters…" I also love the cartoon "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" I watched that one as a kid and still do. :-)

    1. That song number you are referring to, Gwendolyn is possibly my favorite in the entire movie. It's so cute. I've missed not watching White Christmas in the last couple years. Perhaps that will change before the season is over. :)

      Never have seen anything 'Grinch' but I know people who think it's one of the best Christmas specials. :D

  3. I adore "Christmas in Conneticut," but it seems like hardly anyone has ever heard of it! So glad to see that you enoyed it too. =) And of course, "White Christmas" is just an absolute must for ever single season. Last year I watched it three times. Ahem.

    A very merry Christmas to you, friend. =)

    1. Hey, there, AnnaKate!

      Oh, goodness, 'Connecticut' is a charmer. It surprises me that few have heard of it. I'd always thought of it as a "classic" in the ranks of White Christmas (fabulous movie!) or Jimmy Stewart movies. Guess you learn something new every day. ;D Sadly I've not watched my copy in a few years now but it's not because I don't like it anymore… I just don't get it watched.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family also! Hope you have a wonderful, joyful season.

  4. Lovely post!! My fav's are "The Good Old Summertime" (actually a Christmas movie lol), "Christmas in Connecticut", "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and of late, "12 Dates of Christas"!!! OMW — SO didn't realize Katie McGrath was in that Christmas Princess thing! SO WATCHING IT AGAIN!!!

    1. Never apologize for comments, Micah! I enjoy each one.

      I've not seen 'Summertime' (that's an ironic Christmas flick!) or '12 Dates' but I adore Most Wonderful Time of the Year and may have originally had it on this list. Katie is fabulous in 'Princess' though her accent comes through at times – a struggle since she plays an American. :)

  5. Hey you!! I remember doing this last year….;-)

    So I loved "Princess For Christmas" and um, "Christmas with Holly" looks super good. (That latter one is in my DVR and has already made me CRY!)

    "Christmas in Connecticut" we watch every year. Some of the oldies are goldies ;-) And I love "The Holiday" despite its obvious problems. LOL

    1. Hey, there, Ella – you and (I think) Charity both did this last year and I thought, "It's time I did!" :D

      'Princess' is one I've already watched again this year: How adorable is that one!? As I said to Meghan, I'll enjoy knowing what you two think of 'Holly,' it's one of my fave now. (My cousin and I were just talking about how good Fallen Angel is also, another movie in the HHofF collection but I'll have to loan 'Holly' to her and get her thoughts.) 'Holiday' is special in ways most movies aren't and gosh, I miss not watching 'Connecticut' each year. It sparkles with holiday cheer. :)

      Golly… I didn't even think to include some of the series/TV shows that were awesome Christmas episodes. *Sigh* Cannot mention it all, I suppose.

  6. Let me see…White Christmas is a classic & we just watched that the other night. Christmas Card is a sweet one!! *Love* that…I want to see 12 Men of Christmas, Christmas with Holly, & gosh darn it, I cannot remember Christmas in Conneticut to save my life.
    Oh wait. Not that one Christmas movie with Janet Leigh…Barbara Stanwyck. YES! My brain is working now…I *have* seen that one & it is adorable. =D

    1. Love your titles listed here, Meghan!

      I need to get through White Christmas yet this year but it's so long and I've got so many "to-do" lists yet that I don't know if it'll get done. Perhaps Saturday morning while I clean, I'll let it play – I can enjoy the music if nothing else! LOL!

      '12 Men' is hysterical minus a few flaws but Kristin Chenoweth shines in it and 'Holly' is too cute for its own good: I am *dying* to hear what you and Ella think of it! :)

      Yes! Barbara Stanwyck – 'Connecticut' is another classic and adorable. :)

    1. Thanks, Gina – I appreciate you reading it and stopping in!

      It seems The Holiday is winning big time in people's faves – an honor it deserves. :)

      LOL! Well… my dad always gets a kick out of the Griswald's adventures whereas I've only seen parts of the movie years ago, and apparently haven't cared enough to sit through it in more recent years. :D

  7. Wow, the only one I've seen of these is The Holiday, loved it though. My favourite christmas films are Little Lord Fauntleroy, Love Actually and Home Alone.

    1. Oh, goodness, The Holiday is such a favorite, Mette! It is full of charisma and charm plus the actors are fantastic. :D

      Never have seen Love Actually or 'Alone' but do recall that years ago I watched 'Fauntleroy.' It was good as a remember.

      Glad you stopped in!

    1. Well, despite that, who cares!? You've watched two of the best, Charity! No matter its flaws, I still remember how well I liked The Holiday the first time I saw it, and as usual, mom and I watched 'Miracle' this year only a day later than normal. It was still charming! I loved it – and yep, Dylan is fabulous in the role. ;D

  8. I watched The Christmas Card last year after a friend recommended it. It is TERRIFIC!

    Just this week I saw A Princess For Christmas after my sister said a friend of hers was telling her about it. I looked it up on Wikipedia and when I saw that Katie McGrath was in it, I knew I absolutely HAD to see it. I LOVED IT!!!!!! Within the first few minutes I couldn't 'put it down'!! (I may or may not have stayed up late to finish it. Ahem.) :) I'm actually planning on watching it again in a couple days, it is that good.

    I haven't seen any of the other movies on your list. But, after reading your description, I now want to watch Christmas With Holly.

    Little Lord Fauntleroy is such a fun movie! My family loves it! Sir Alec Guinness is pure genius.

    1. Hello, Melody – thank so much for dropping by and sharing your "picks." Visit again any time. :)

      'Princess' is a delight and it's fun to see Katie in a movie in which she plays a "good girl." I am so pleased to know there's another fan. :) Likewise 'Card' is a charming film that I rarely do not re-watch over the holiday season.

      Oh, goodness, 'Holly' is adorable! It was new this season and is without question, my favorite (the review is also posted on this blog). I hope you enjoy it if/when you see it.

      Honestly, I don't remember much about 'Fauntleroy' but the name is familiar and I seem to recall, it was cute.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

    1. Oh, goody! It's fun that some of these are "unknown" to my readers – I didn't expect them to be. :D Hope you enjoy some if you ever see them, Camille. :)

  9. White Christmas is definitely one of the best Christmas movies! I actually don't really watch a whole lot of holiday movies but I like Jingle Bells, it was a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie a few years back starring Anne Heche. Most of my faves are cartoon classics like Charlie Brown and Rudolph LOL! You can't go wrong with those!

    Renee C.

    1. Still haven't gotten around to White Christmas yet but it's such a classic, Renee! I watch tons of Christmas movies – and love it. :) Aw! Yes, I remember that Hallmark film. It is quite good though it drove me nuts to hear the main character (the male lead) called "Christy" all the time because that is such a girl's name in my book. :)

      When I was little, I couldn't go a year without watching all those cartoon classics – now I've not seen them in years. It's amazing they still play! Better kids (and adults for that matter) watch those than some of the other rubbish out there – that is "good" programming. Charlie Brown has been banned from being performed at school plays and such because it's "too religious." Sadly, before long, they'll try to get it off air.

    1. Goodness, I am so delighted that most of these are "unknown" to my readers. I'd assumed they wouldn't be. :) Hope you find some new favorites, Charity – this was lots of fun to put together. Thank YOU for all your sweet comments!

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