This is How I Rank the Hallmark Valentine Day Romance Originals


Here we go! Another block of seasonal content, and a new “how I rank Hallmark romance” list is on the slate. If you spot this title and think, um, didn’t I already see a post on the Valentine’s Day romances?, then, yes, you’d be 100% right. I did indeed publish this last year. BUT I did the actual rankings in a video on this website’s Youtube channel (update: a channel we no longer have). Of late, I’ve been publishing all of these lists here because, while it might not be a popular platform, it’s easiest for me – and where I feel like I’m most coherent. With that said, I’ve decided to again post a Hallmark Valentine romance rankings list, only with one or two differences.

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The first, of course, is there’ll be one or two additional titles (including a couple I didn’t rank last time around) and to keep things interesting – or just more fun? – I am not going back to look at how I ranked these titles in 2019. In 2020, there are four films that fall under Hallmark’s new Love Ever After banner (prior to this, the campaign was called “Countdown to Valentine’s Day”), a new title likely to prevent limitations. Those are:

1: A Valentine’s Match (February 1) | 2: (February 8) | 3: The Secret Ingredient (February 15) | 4: Love in Store (February 22)

Without further ago, below are the titles I’ll be ranking this go-round:

1: All Things Valentine; 2: Anything for Love; 3: Appetite for Love; 4: Be My Valentine; 5: Cloudy with a Chance of Love; 6: A Dash of Love; 7: Dater’s Handbook; 8: My Secret Valentine; 9: So You Said Yes; 10: The Story of Us; 11: Valentine Ever After 

Also a part of previous Hallmark Valentine Day campaigns (but I don’t include in the rankings, either because I haven’t seen them, or didn’t really like them that well):  All of My Heart; I Do, I Do, I Do; The Lost Valentine and Love Locks, both Hallmark Hall of Fame originals; Love at First Glance; Love, Romance and Chocolate; Valentine in the Vineyard; Very Very Valentine; plus more! hallmark valentine romance rankings

Hallmark Valentine Romance Ranking List

As usual, the rankings will be from least to most favorite

11: A Dash of Love

Don’t remember specific details of this one, but I do like Jen Lilly, and each movie she is featured in, she adds a kind of charm that’s infectious.

10: My Secret Valentine

hallmark valentine day romance rankings

With Hallmark favorite Lacey Chabert, this one has a sweet old-fashioned charm where the lead characters fall in love via the notes they leave for one another. I’m not the greatest fan of movies that don’t let us, and the couple fall in love while with each other, but it’s still a pretty darn cute movie.

9: Be My Valentine

Oh, look! Another title I don’t remember a great deal about. That said, I do remember being pleasantly surprised by this one, so I feel as though it deserves a decent spot on this list. (Plus, to be fair, I saw it years ago, and sometimes I cannot remember specifics of a movie I saw two months ago, so…)

8: The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Cute, and it features a book store! What more do we need to know?

7: Appetite for Love

Super cute script with Taylor Cole (and sporting a blonde ‘do!) playing a woman who reconnects with an ex, played by favorite Andrew Walker. Plus, there’s a quaint diner, and a plate of French fries always makes things better, right? hallmark valentine romance rankings

6: So You Said Yes

So You Said Yes

Again, this is another I don’t remember too much of simply because I saw it years ago. But I do remember thinking it quite fun, and it has an old-fashioned appeal that suits Kellie Martin’s dress shop owner’s personality.

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5: Cloudy with a Chance of Love

Michael Rady in this automatically means I’m going to like this one, plus I’ve found that I quite like Katie LeClarc as a leading lady, too.

4: Valentine Ever After

Valentine Ever After

Again, another one that features an actress with an impossible not to like personality; Autumn Reeser plays a businesswoman who goes on a retreat with a girlfriend on a kind of ranch. While there, she discovers she may have some ways to help in making this cozy destination even better (all while maybe falling for a cowboy, of course).

3: Anything for Love

This one surprised me – a lot. It was one of those I didn’t anticipate caring much about, but goodness, it’s darling.

2: All Things Valentine

LOVED this one so much. It features Sarah Rafferty (of Suits fame) and Sam Page as two people who don’t get along, at least not with their online personas. It’s fun, cute and filled with good banter.

1: Dater’s Handbook

hallmark valentine day romance rankings

Featuring Meghan Markle (another Suits alumni) before she was royal, this movie follows her character as she attempts to put her dating life in shape. Only trouble is, between the two guys she meets, one is perfect on paper, while the other makes life an adventure.

There we go, that’s an end to another ‘Hallmark Valentine romance rankings list.’ Tell me, which of these have you seen? Which do you WANT to see, how would YOU rank them? Comment all of your thoughts down below. Hallmark Valentine Day Romance Ranking List

This is How I Rank the Hallmark Valentine Day Romance Originals. Talking about the Hallmark Valentine Day romance rankings. © Rissi JC

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  1. I have a Christmas list and an everything else list (and only of my favorites, so about 6.5 and up out of 10), but since I’m liking the other seasons, at least winter-spring much better than the Christmas ones recently, I think I need to update. I currently have Valentine Ever After as an 8 and The Story of Us and Appetite for Love at 7.

    1. Cool. I love to make these favorites list, Livia. And I hear you on the Christmas movies; they weren’t as solid this year. Or maybe I just anticipated more since this was their ten year anniversary. I’ve liked the Winterfest movies I saw (still have one to watch) and I need to watch all of the Valentine Day ones still. :)

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