‘The Mistletoe Secret’ is a New Love and an Old Tradition


Part three of a kind of trio of ‘mistletoe’ romances (connected only by their titles) from author Richard Paul Evans, Hallmark follows up The Mistletoe Promise and The Mistletoe Inn, this latest follows Aria Eubank (Kellie Pickler), a Utah transplant who wears her Southern roots in her distinct accent. Happy and content, Aria makes plans to help revitalize the diner she runs, and the small town she calls home. This begins with the legend of the mistletoe secret, and the possibility that popular travel writer Sterling Masters will feature their town.

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Into this quaint picture of Christmas walks the more cynical Alex Bartlett (Tyler Hynes). What no one knows is that while he’s not the face of Sterling Masters, Alex is actually the writer of all the articles that Aria believes is the key to revitalizing Midway.

The Mistletoe Secret (2019) Hallmark Review

Though I’m in the minority, I remember really liking ‘Promise’ from this trilogy. It was cute, sassy and a little bit more “fun” than some of the film’s most at home on this network. I haven’t seen the second, and didn’t rush to see this one, but inside the quaint snow globe that is Midway, you’ll discover a place that’s as idyllic as the scenes preserved inside those magical places.

This is a trope we see commonly on TV films, but for no particular reason, I find I quite like it here. Perhaps the reason is its leading man who is always charming, even when he plays a bit of a Scrooge. Tyler is always convincingly good in these lead roles. He’s been in Fall Harvest originals to Spring Fever, and of course, last year’s It’s Christmas, Carol. Kellie Pickler was also in a Christmas romance last year, Christmas at Graceland where she made her Hallmark debut.

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I’ll confess, I didn’t love her in that role, but something about this story or maybe the character works. She approaches this role from a practical point of view, and whether or not it’s a choice, she doesn’t ever allow Aria to become “angry” (even in the last-minute “break up”). Instead she’s more level headed, and like I say, it works. Patrick Duffy co-stars, and another popular Hallmark-er, Christopher Russell. the mistletoe secret

Like any of the peers you’ll spy playing 24/7 on networks this year, The Mistletoe Secret is cute. The “legend” is, for me, a little silly, but I can also accept it because, again, this film is nothing if not entertaining. There’s nothing better to put you in the Christmas spirit than a Christmas movie, and fortunately for us, there’s no short supply of them!

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‘The Mistletoe Secret’ is a New Love and an Old Tradition. A review of the Hallmark original with Kellie Pickler. All review text © Rissi JC

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  1. I’m so happy you loved this film; it was absolutely one of my favourites from this year!

    I’m also glad you brought up the Mistletoe Trilogy of it all as well though, because while I adore this film and fell head over heels for Mistletoe Inn (I would DEFFINITELY recommend that everyone should watch it at least once!), Mistletoe Promise left me feeling very unimpressed the first time I saw it. HOWEVER, I took a chance and watched it again this year, and MAN has my opinion changed; I totally see why you love it now!

    1. Fun! I don’t think ‘Promise’ is all that well liked, but I remember giggling my way through it, and loving the sass. Or at least I feel like there was sass. ;) I’ll have to watch Alicia’s ‘Inn’ romance… someday. Glad you liked this one too; it’s a favorite for me, just because it’s so “cozy” feeling. I know these all are, but this one feels different, you know? :) Glad to chat with you, as always, Kristy.

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