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Morning, all! Last week, Kaylee picked me as one of her “tags.” Thanks bunches, Kaylee! And then Chasity also did the same! Thanks so much, Chasity. It’s always fun to answer the questions that come with these but since everyone has likely experienced this fun meme, I won’t be singling anyone out and instead nominate all of you! (Plus, I am out of good questions to pass on.) Instead, if you think this looks like it’d make for a fun post, please, feel free to use either Kaylee or Chasity’s (or both!) great lists.  

22 Things! Finally answering the fun questions in the tag from Kaylee and Chastity. Come by and leave your replies to their Qs; just for fun! Text © Rissi JC


Kaylee’s Questions:

1. Night Owl or Early Bird? Definitely Night Owl! I cannot stand mornings. My father is up at four a.m., me? I say that isn’t even the morning!  

2. TV or Books? Both. I grew up an avid bookworm (and still am) partly because TV watching was virtually foreign in my house. Now, there are several TV on DVD series that I devour. Fiction is still a love but I think because of my tendency to be more “visual,” I always appreciate book-to-screen adaptations.  

3. What’s the Craziest thing you have ever done? Um… methinks, nothing that would qualify… Seriously I am a very normal girl who probably doesn’t have a single adrenaline-obsessed-junkie bone in my body. I’ve a feeling that an event that may fit into this category will, if ever be in my future. Maybe.   

4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? Without knowing anything about the place, gosh, either somewhere overseas (Ireland, England) or further South within America. I think I’ve love the beauty of places like Hawaii or Florida but wouldn’t want to live in the warmth year-round. Alaska is beautiful during the fall season, but I would detest the cold and days that are completely dark during the winter. Then when considering different countries, the politics has to come into consideration.

5. do you own your own cell phone? Yes and no. I have one but it’s for everyone in my family to use – though usually I am the only one who uses it.  

6. last movie you watched? It’s a secret… cannot spoil the review that is about to be posted!  Oh, all right, I’ll give you a hint (it has the letter “X” in the title) and I will say, I cannot believe I missed out on seeing it! *grin*  

7. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla! Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream is my one weakness. (Okay, so its one of my weakness’.)

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8. One Direction? hmmmmm? XD Nope, don’t go for that group. I think their music is “too young” for me. I’m more of a Casting Crowns/Lady Antebellum/Natasha Bedingfield fan.  

9. last time you talked on the phone? Um… Maybe a week ago?  

10. nutella or peanut butter? Peanut butter.  

11. girly girl or tomboy? Girly girl.  

Chasity’s Questions:

1. What was the last book you read and last movie you saw? Just finished the delightful rom-com book, Picture Perfect. It was positively wonderful. As for the movie… that is a secret. But… I do give it away with the hint in the question above. *wink*

2. If your nails are painted, what color are they? They are black! This is the first time ever for me to have painted them black. The closest I’d gotten until then was a dark purple or navy. Kinda’ am likin’ the “classy” black.

22 Things! Finally answering the fun questions in the tag from Kaylee and Chastity. Come by and leave your replies to their Qs; just for fun! Text © Rissi JC

3. What’s your favorite hairstyle? So many are favorites. For practical reasons, my hair is twisted up into a “messy bun” all the time. When I want to “dress” it up a bit, I either wear it loose after giving it some body or if I want to be really creative, I’ll braid parts of it or twist it into some sort of loose chignon.  

4. Oreos or Chips Ahoy cookies? Oreos! Yummy.

5. Are you doing anything special on Valentine’s Day? No, but then I never have. Other than maybe a romantic-comedy in the comfort of my living room and it’s always fun to make some sort of festive desert. If it counts, over the weekend, I do have plans to go see a movie, just not on exactly Valentine’s day.

6. Are you closer to your mom or dad? My mother is who I spend the most time with so I probably talk with her the most. Both of my parents are awesome though (so I am a little biased *wink*) and I’ve always known that anytime or anything I needed to share could be expressed to either one of them. Their personalities are different so I see traits I’ve inherited from both. In many ways I am more like my dad but my mother is probably the one I have the most “heart-to-heart” conversations with. To answer the question simply, I have a close relationship with both parents.

7. Is you hair naturally straight , wavy, or curly? My mother claims it’s got some natural curl. I say she’s crazy – it’s straight!

8. How many states have you been to? Five… I think.  

9. Cocoa or apple cider? Umm… both! My parents Keurig makes awesome apple cider and their cocoa K-cups are delicious. 

10. Favorite type of movie? The happy-go-luck kind. A story can challenge me (that’s always a plus) but I basically disown it if it doesn’t end happily. That’s one of the reasons I love the BBC’s Dickens adaptations so well; they are depressing and intelligent in the “middle” but always end well.

11. Favorite type of book? Happy ones! Love authors like Janice Thompson , Jenny B. Jones and Susan May Warren. Also, Christian fiction has some great suspense authors like Dani Pettrey.

Thanks for these ’22 things’ questions, ladies! I enjoyed this.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your answers! You have me curious about the movie you watched! I see that the black nail polish has progressed from your toes to your fingernails. Be careful, or you'll turn into me and start absorbing all my goth girl habits! ;)

    1. Thanks. This was super fun to write, Charity. It's nice to do something sometimes that doesn't requite serious thought – I'm thinking about doing Meghan's fun blog party tag too. :)

      Oooh, come on! You must be able to guess the movie with that one clue. ;D

      Baby steps, you know with the Goth look. Love my black nail polish right now. Which reminds me! My poor nails are quite chipped; they need to be re-painted ASAP! ;)

    2. Well, in my X-Men fangirl frenzy, that's the only title with an X in it that I can come up with — "X-Men: First Class." But since you sorta are and sorta aren't a sci-fi fan… I dunno.

      Sometimes my nails chip 5 hours after I put on polish. I think it depends on the polish itself. =D

    3. You are so smart. ;)

      (LOL! You are the second person this week who's said I'm not "into" sci-fi. Might need to re-think my strategy here. ;D)

      Oh, yes! I have that problem ALL THE TIME. Oh, the art of nail painting. :)

  2. Yay! Another Oreo fan! *high-fives* All you're giving us is an 'X'??? Girl, you've got my curiosity running now. :p When will you be posting it?? Can you share that? ;D

    I did black nail polish once… it took days for it all to come off. Even with nail polish remover! Not sure I'll be doing it again. lol

    1. *High Five*

      Don't have Oreos real often but when I do pick up a package, I tend to eat nearly the whole thing. Yes, it's embarrassing. ;D

      Really!? And here I was thinking the "X" was a dead giveaway. ;O Absolutely, you may ask, Rosie: The review should be up early next week. My intention was to post this week but well… it's Friday already!

      Yeah, I figure I'll encounter that problem also. To be honest, the color red is horrible to come off! Every time I wear it, it bleeds everywhere. Shame really since I love that one also.

    2. Haha, I don't either. I wonder what they add to it to make it so addicting… ;D

      *slaps-forehead* OK, I guess it was just because I was tired this morning… It is a dead giveaway. lol Can't wait to read your thoughts!!

      I haven't tried red but I'm sure it would do the same thing to me. Haha!

    3. Good question: What does make the cookie so darn addicting. It's really not fair. ;)

      Hey, that is totally a legitimate excuse, Rosie. :) I had to laugh because I was like, "and here I thought that clue would be quite obvious." LOL!

      Ugh! Red is awful to remove but then perhaps it's the brands I've bought.

  3. Aww, this is sweet to read.

    I tried some black fingernail polish this summer and totally loved it. Way out my normal zone … :) I'm also SUCH an night owl and an Oreo fan.

    1. It was way fun to write up, Camille. (Thanks for reading!) I'm thinking about joining a "tag" blog party also which would mean another post similar to this; writing something different is always a nice break. :)

      Mine too! I tend to wear darker clothing (browns, dark plums, etc.) but when it comes to finger nail polish, I stick with reds, greens, plums, blues and the like. Needless to say, I'm going to re-do mine in black. Maybe tomorrow.

      Gotta' love those late nights – and Oreos. ;)

    1. LOL! Always been a PB fan. But honestly… not sure if I've even tried Nutella! I know my aunt likes it and it's been something we've always teased her about.

      Thanks for reading, Juju!

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers Rissi! =) High five, I also go for vanilla (if I had to choose between vanilla and chocolate for ice cream) =D And yay for rockin' black nail polish; I prefer the darker colours when it comes to nail polish (right now it's like an electric green, mwhahaha)

    1. Love vanilla ice cream, especially when it's my fave brand. :)

      Ooooh, neat! The color you are sporting on your nails sounds fab. I like to find "unique" shades. As a result, I have way too many bottles around. :)

      Thanks so much for reading, Lianne!

    1. I just recently realized how well I liked Natasha, Brooke. She has a lot of great songs. :)

      Thanks so much for reading, Brooke. I appreciate you stopping by to comment. :)

  5. Such a fun post! :) I'm totally a night owl, too! I love your response about your parents. :) And I love the Leap Year pic – love that movie!

    Thanks for sharing, Rissi! It's great to get to know you a little more. :)


    1. It's funny because my mother and I are the same and my dad isn't so we love staying up late to read or watch a movie and there he is, thinking we're crazy. :) Still, I love those late nights. :)

      The question about my parents was "challenging." I feel like I am close to both of them but I've certainly had more heart-to-heart chats with my mom. Either way, they are both awesome people whom I admire. :)

      Love Leap Year – it's such a sweet movie plus Amy Adams is adorable!

      Thank you for reading, Amber! I appreciate you dropping by.

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