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Morning, dear readers. Since I am again skipping out on Top Ten Tuesday (I always miss the comfort of the weekly meme when this happens because a.) it’s fun and b.) it ensures I have something to kick off a new week of blogging), I decided it was well past time to finally get to this fun tag that Grace (of Fictionally) tagged the blog with a while back. First things first, thank you, Grace for the shout-out. I appreciate it. Secondly, how fun is this Sweater Weather tag 2015 going to be? I mean, seriously, it’s all about my favorite time of the year! What could be better!? Especially considering this week is starting off to be a proper Midwest fall; sixties and beautiful sunshine. This means pulling out the sweaters (several of which are my cozy favorites) and boots.

With all that said, let’s get to the questions.

Favorite candle scent

I have multiple favorite candle scents, so we’ll just go with the one I had lit Monday afternoon, “Maple Butter.”

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Sweater Weather Tag 2015. Joining in this fun and festive autumn tag! Just because. All tag text is © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

Absolutely NO coffee, unless it’s Starbucks Frappuccino’s. Beyond that I do drink a yummy Café Mocha, which is half hot chocolate, half coffee. It’s available for our Keurig machine, so needless to say if I run out of it during the winter, I’m kinda sad. It’s my go-to hot drink if I’m freezing and have some computer/writing work to tackle.

What’s the best fall memory you have?  

Nothing specific really. My sis (cousin, actually, but that’s a long story) and I used to build “leaf” houses, and guys, they weren’t teeny tiny. Nope we went all out.  

For as long as I can remember, my family has taken a weekend day trip to see the leaves too. We have a really nice drive and though it’s lengthy, we make a day of it – plus there’s a bookstore waiting on the end the trip out there, so there is that.  

Sweater Weather Tag 2015. Joining in this fun and festive autumn tag! Just because. All tag text is © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com
Best fragrance for fall

Pumpkin or anything with a “spice” scent. (Speaking of spice, it’s not a fragrance, but I found the most divine zucchini cookie recipe this year. It’s like a soft spice cookie, and in thinking about it, I need to make them again.)

Favorite Thanksgiving food

Is this a trick question? I love pretty much everything on our Thanksgiving table which is very inconvenient for me. My mom makes a yummy stuffing and I do love our green beans, whether they’re made by themselves or turned into the traditional casserole. 

Most worn sweater

Honestly, I don’t know. All of my sweaters get lots of wear this time of year. Though I do love days at home wearing my Marvel sweatshirts, curled up on the couch binge watching TV or reading a book as I indulged for part of Saturday this past weekend. (First Saturday I’ve read over a hundred pages in a sitting for a long time.)

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Leaves all the way. Haven’t indulged in a leaf pile for years, but the nostalgic feeling is nice.

Sweater Weather Tag 2015. Joining in this fun and festive autumn tag! Just because. All tag text is © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com
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 Skinny jeans or leggings?

Skinny jeans! I’m a bit obsessed with them, more so since I found a brand at Target that I heart. 

Combat boots or Uggs?

Neither really, although I did just get these really cute black boots that, while of the fashion variety have a definite “combat” style.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Most of the time, yes. Depends on what the it is. Pumpkin spice M&M’s? Um, nope. But give me pumpkin spice Frappuccino’s, candles or baked goods and I’m all like, “Yes, please!”

Favorite fall TV show

Don’t have a single favorite in terms of overall for the season (meaning something I *have* to watch every time fall rolls around), but my current obsession – as you all likely know – is Blindspot. Last week’s episode… ohmygosh. I’m still swoon-y and lovin’ it. Cannot wait to watch the next installment tomorrow post iTunes download.

What’s your favorite fall TV show?

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What do you want to be for Halloween?

Never celebrated Halloween a day in my life, which means I’m not likely to start now. Although I will take all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, please and thank you. *grin* 

Hats or Scarves?

Used to be scarves, but despite owning several (my cousin has gifted several to me), I seem to wear hats now. I kind of love ’em.  

What’s your #1 favorite thing about fall?

Probably the colors. I love the leaves though this year they weren’t as vibrant as prior years. Still, I love how God’s creation changes this time of year. I also love the fashion and sense of nostalgia the season brings. This enters the best time of year for a variety of reasons, which is weird since I’m always amazed when the years are over which is essentially now. Because of that, one would think I’d prefer the beginning of a new year. But nope, I don’t seem to.  

I feel like everyone I know has been tagged for this one… or if my dashboard is any indication this be true. *smile* Hence I’m again not tagging anyone, but if you haven’t been tagged and you think this looks like fun, consider yourself tagged – you’re it! I’d love to read your answers so be sure to drop by with your post links.  

Until then…. happy Tuesday and fall. I hope you’re all enjoying the season.

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    1. I do as well, Meghan. It was such a fun tag. Same to you, Meghan; hope you're fall is going well and you're enjoying good health – I've thought of you a lot through your recovery. :)

  1. Nice post! If I'm not mistaken I use to make teeny tiny leaf houses as well, along with acorn tea sets for my barbies and American Girl dolls.
    Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I always enjoy the football and seeing the beautiful leaves here in the mountain state where I live! =)

    1. Aw, that's cute, Kara! I made some "stick houses" for my smaller dolls (Barbie like, only they weren't) and used yard to make them stay together. :)

      Yay for fall – the leaves are gorgeous this time of year and I bet they are in particular in a mountain state. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Kara.

    2. My brothers made "stick" houses – like they went all out (and still do!). My, my siblings, and cousins, would go up the hill behind my grandparents' and make wood forts (with actual good sized logs). It was always the highlight of my Thanksgiving. =)

    3. That sounds like fun, Kara! It's always cool to revisit childhood memories – sometimes I shake my head at the crazy things we used to find amusing. But then, that's part of the joy of childhood. The fact that we could find enjoyment in building leaf houses or houses made of sticks. Most kids today are too busy with their electronics to think anything such as what we're talking about would be fun. :)

  2. So fun, Rissi! Yay to the Blindspot mention- that show is seriously too darn good. So excited for tonight's episode! One of my favorite things about fall is also the colors. So beautiful. Exercise becomes so much easier when the fall scenery comes around too, which is a plus. ;) Pumpkin m&m's sounds… interesting. Lol! And zucchini cookies sounds amazing!!!

    Loved reading your answers to this super fun tag!! :)

    1. I cannot seem to mention Blindspot enough, Bekah. It's a thing I need to work on. ;) I went to download yesterday's episode and couldn't find it. I'm not sure, but maybe it didn't air on NBC last night!?

      Anyway, I love the fall colors too! They're beautiful.

      I'm so not a fan of pumpkin M&Ms, but their pecan pie were amazing. Sadly I never found them again.

      Zucchini cookies were amazing! They're so tasty. In fact, I need to make more. ;)

      Thanks for reading, Bekah! Had fun with this as always – and ps; if you've not been, consider yourself tagged. :D

    1. (How I missed your comment, I don't know, Courtney! My apologies!)

      Well, I suppose your supposition is indeed right: I *do* drink coffee… after it's been blended to creamy and dairy-overloaded perfection. ;)

      Leaf houses: It was! Such great childhood memories. :)

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