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Update: The film database is reporting Bella and Richard in the cast list. They are still listed as “rumored” but… that is more than was previously in the listing.

Hey, hey, fellow fairy tale fans! So… here again we have some news on casting for the upcoming live adaptation of Cinderella. From a couple of weeks ago, we already discussed and agreed that Cate Blanchett is going to own the role of the stepmother but we’ve yet to meet our new Cinderella or the prince. Now, we have a new set of faces.

Here is what’s being reported as the new “short list” for Cinderella – none of whom are the same list as from last time! Go figure – plus a rumor for Prince Charming. Try not to swoon. Or do. *wink* I certainly did not.

Casting Rumors: Cinderella. Chatting up the fun scoop and thoughts on Disney's upcoming live-action re-make. All text is © Rissi JC and
  • I am still not sure who I’d like to see in this role but those of us excited about this talked extensively about actors who we could see in this role. Names like Bradley James, Alex Pettyfer, Sam Clafin and even Ian Somerhalder were mentioned. Now Zap to It is saying that Richard Madden could be cast. Right up front, I will say, I am not really falling for it, but… what do you all think?

Here’s what Zap to It reports:

Richard Madden might be transitioning from playing the King of the North, Robb Stark, on “Game of Thrones” to playing Prince Charming in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming live action “Cinderella” movie. /Film is reporting that Madden is one of the names Branagh is considering for the Prince Charming role. Cate Blanchett has been signed on to play Cinderella’s wicked stepmother in the live action Disney movie for over a year.

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Now, moving on to the new “short list” for Cinderella, herself.

Casting Rumors: Cinderella. Chatting up the fun scoop and thoughts on Disney's upcoming live-action re-make. All text is © Rissi JC and
  • Bella Heathcoat (Dark Shadows)
Casting Rumors: Cinderella. Chatting up the fun scoop and thoughts on Disney's upcoming live-action re-make. All text is © Rissi JC and
  • Lily James ( Downton Abbey)
Casting Rumors: Cinderella. Chatting up the fun scoop and thoughts on Disney's upcoming live-action re-make. All text is © Rissi JC and
  • Margot Robbie 

Here’s what We Got Things Covered reports:

While rumors have circulated about both Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried taking on the part of the dust-laden princess, the current shortlist is a bit less well-known: Bella Heathcoat, Lily James and Margot Robbie are all being considered.

So, everyone, what do we think!? Any new faces standing out? Share your ideas or conclusions on this “casting rumors: Cinderella” below.

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  1. I say…yes to Lily, based rather on looks alone as I haven't seen her acting. She looks strong enough to be a hard worker AND a princess. And no to that prince. Too old. I may be a little particular… But really? Bradley James. That one…I like.

    1. She's "cute" in 'Downton.' Kind of a girl ahead of her time. Some of us do find her character a bit annoying but I think that is how she is meant to come across because she's acting out. She could play Cinderella – that was my first thought also, Charity! :)

      Yeah, I wasn't impressed by this actor for Prince Charming. Let's hope it doesn't pan out. ;D

  2. I think casting an unknown for a role like this would be a great idea, I mean what girl doesn't dream about playing Cinderella? Even though Morgot Robbie has the traditional look of Cinderella, Lily James has a very unique beauty about her.

    Sam Claflin played prince William in "Snow White and The Huntsman," but I would love to see him as the prince in this.


    1. I agree, Ivy. Casting unknowns has worked well in the past and been very successful. It'd be more compelling to see a "fresh" face in the roles. Lily is "cute" and yes, classically beautiful. Did you see her in Downton Abbey? She plays more "cute-sy" in that than anything and yet, I think judging by looks, any of these ladies could play the role.

      Believe it or not I didn't love Sam in SWATH however did in the last 'Pirates' flick. Don't think any web sites are claiming Sam is being considered, we were just tossing out names and his was one that popped up. Either way, it will be exciting to find out who wins out. :)

  3. ooooh, can't wait. Not crazy about the Prince choices, though. I think Lily or Margot for Cinderella herself, though I haven't seen either of them in anything- my opinion is based on looks only, I'm afraid. But do please keep us updated with any more news!

    1. I am certainly not wild about Richard, Hayden. That is the only name I've seen "officially" attached to the project for the prince – the rest we girl's have just been chatting about. And dreaming. ;) Is there anyone you'd like to see?

      Lily is adorable – she has been promoted to a regular in S4 of 'Downton' and appeared in two episodes prior to that. Margot, I've not seen in anything however she would also (based on her looks) be a good match. Right now the film database has Bella listed, so we'll, see…

    1. I could see him in that role also, AnnaKate. Unfortunately, I don't think I've seen him in anything so, again, I am judging by his looks alone. He's kind of a bad-boy handsome. And, yep, that could work. ;)

    2. LOL! That was my impression. ;)

      Oooh! Are you liking Lost, AnnaKate? I think my local video store has the entire run so I'd be set for watching the show anytime. Thanks for the suggestion – if I do see them, you can be sure I'd share my rants – I mean, thoughts of the show. :)

  4. I'm not really falling for Richard Madden either, but sometimes just seeing a photo doesn't do someone justice. It's when they talk where you see the chemistry happen. I like Bella Heathcoat for Cinderella. Thanks for the update. :)

    1. Yeah, he just isn't my idea of a "princely" prospect, Rachel. ;/ 100% agree. Hopefully this will be a rumor and nothing more. I do agree though – photos don't do always do an actor justice. I remarked that since I've not seen some of these names in roles, I am just judging them by their "looks." And of course, that is NOT everything.

      Hopefully if Richard is cast, he will share some great chemistry with whomever plays Cinderella. That makes up for a lot!

      Thanks for sharing, Rachel – visit anytime.

    1. Only vaguely remember her from Dark Shadows so it could be fun seeing her in a new role. So long as she plays it well. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Regine.

  5. Richard Madden doesn't seem all that princely in that particular photo I have to admit. But those make up and wardrobe people can do wonders! So if he makes the final list, we shall see what I think of the finished product. ;)

    As for Cinderella herself, (basing this only on those photos you provided) Lily James seems the most princess-like to me. But it's really hard to decide!

    1. Oh, yes, those Hollywood make up artists are spectacular at their jobs, Kara – it sometimes astounds me at the transformation some actor's go through when taking on a role! Hopefully, he will have excellent chemistry if he is cast. :)

      Lily is adorable (if not slightly annoying) in 'Downton' so I wouldn't mind seeing her step into Cinderella's shoes. She would do the role justice. I think.

  6. Interesting, I think these are great choices. The pictures of Bella Heathcoat is too couture to make it easy to re-imagine her but Lily's picture is pretty natural making me lean towards her.
    Katja from YA's the Word

    1. Yes, they are. I think a "fresh-faced" cast could lend a lot to this. Lily would add some "spunk" to the role of Cinderella if her acting on 'Downton' is any indication. And that could work if they do the same route as the recent Snow White re-tellings.

      Glad you visited, Katja. :)

  7. Just to add about Richard, he does look much older with a beard (which is for a part). If you've watched Game of Thrones, he is one hell of an actor and quite a looker too. I hope he is selected for the prince.
    Ps: New here, hi!

    1. Unfortunately, no, I've not seen Richard in anything. I'll admit, I am judging him by his looks which don't seem to "scream" Prince Charming. However if he is cast, I'll watch the movie with an open mind – nice to know you think he'd do well in the role.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nancy! :)

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