‘Cinderella’ (2015): Of Mice, Magic and Midnight, a Magical Adaptation of a Classic

March 16, 2015 54 Comments

‘Cinderella’ (2015):  Of Mice, Magic and Midnight, a Magical Adaptation of a Classic. Review snippet of the 2015 Disney film. All text © Rissi JC

After days of gushing on Twitter chatting it up with friends, the release of Disney’s Cinderella finally arrived. For weeks, Disney has been promoting this movie with its beautiful graphics (seriously, aren’t they gorgeous!?) and trailers (I was sold on just the teaser). Though many were nervous about the remake for more reasons than one, whereas I saw it as a film that could only be improved. I saw it this past Saturday and had the pleasure of writing a review for it on Silver Petticoat. Though I could write a second gushing review for it, I instead will only share this: It might just induce some serious fan-girling – I know it did for me.

Cinderella (2015) – Of Mice, Magic and Midnight, a Magical Adaptation of a Classic #FWarchives Click To Tweet

Without question, this is one of THE best Disney films of recent years. It has more depth than we usually see from a Disney-fied version of this fairy tale, and its massage is one of goodness and kindness and forgiveness. The cast is brilliant. Costumes are a sight to behold. Plus, while still short on time, the romance is magnetic (that meet cute though!).

‘Cinderella’ (2015):  Of Mice, Magic and Midnight, a Magical Adaptation of a Classic. Review snippet of the 2015 Disney film. All text © Rissi JC

Basically, if you’re anything like me, this will be one of those films that personifies everything a good fairy tale should be.

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You can find Cinderella (2015) digitally on Amazon Video

Here’s a snippet of my review. Should you like to read the rest, it’s on Silver Petticoat.

Cinderella (2015) Film Review

Enchanting as it is, what’s so special about this film might not be the world it shares, but rather that it has a message to impart. Without giving away too much, it strengthens Ella as a heroine who is more than a victim of her circumstances. She takes to heart her mother’s lessons to always be kind and have courage, taking nothing for granted. It offers a romance that is accepted no matter social status… Continue Reading →


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amateur photog. #bookblogger. downton abbey. inspys. internet-photo-shy. writer. the aspiration is to someday write professionally. a girl can dream, right?

Rissi JC

amateur photog. #bookblogger. downton abbey. inspys. internet-photo-shy. writer. the aspiration is to someday write professionally. a girl can dream, right?

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  • Charity March 16, 2015 at 8:50 PM

    I didn't adore this film but I did enjoy it and I suspect subsequent viewings will make me even fonder of it. I think Disney did a lovely job of fleshing out the original animated film while avoiding changing it too much. And, it was full of little nuggets of wisdom that are wonderful to ponder.

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 4:43 PM

      Hi, Charity! Thanks for coming by to share your thoughts. I avoided your review while writing up mine, but will have to come by and read it sometime. :) I'm glad you liked the film. It really was enchanting – my mom and I were still gushing about it yesterday. I love what you say in this comment ("…little nuggets of wisdom") and agree, it was a wonderful tribute to the original. :)

  • Shantelle H. March 16, 2015 at 9:34 PM

    Ahh!! This just makes me want to watch it again, :-) :-)

    I can't wait to buy it on DVD too! I'm feeling like I simply MUST add it to my movie collection! ;-)

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 4:45 PM

      Right there with you, Shantelle! It was THAT lovely and of course, like you, adding this to the DVD collection is a must! It'll be lovely with Maleficent, Mirror Mirror and plenty of other fairytales I own. :D

  • Heidi Robbins March 16, 2015 at 9:46 PM

    I thought it was so well done. I didn't have any expectation of loving it but I think that made me appreciate the unexpected details that were so touching.

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 4:46 PM

      I'm glad, Heidi! Sometimes the films we have no expectations for are the ones that are most touching. :)

  • Kara March 16, 2015 at 10:26 PM

    And you make me more excited to see it! (Naturally.) :D

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 4:47 PM

      Woohoo! That's always the goal. :D

  • Hannah Barta March 17, 2015 at 5:25 AM

    This is such a good movie. I do have some reservations about it, but overall I think it's a milestone in filmmaking . . . it's not like Maleficent that didn't stay close to Sleeping Beauty, and it doesn't have any weird Gothic vibes . . . it's just, well, Cinderella! and I think that's wonderful.

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    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 4:57 PM

      I agree, Hannah! This one was SO good. It was classic, romantic (kudos to the writer's for giving the characters more depth) and of course, the "look" of the film matched the moods beautifully. Glad you enjoyed. :)

  • Amber Stokes March 17, 2015 at 6:11 AM

    Lovely post, friend! So crazy that this is already in theaters, isn't it?? It was fun to anticipate this one with you!

    I agree with Charity in that I wasn't overly wowed by the story on the first viewing… I guess I was hoping for a tad more twists and a little more depth. But as Charity noted, I too might like it more the more I see it. :) (It was that way for Austenland – didn't love it the first viewing, but now I think it's so awesome and charming!) And yes, the graphics were so very beautiful! And the friend I went to see the movie with mentioned today the song Cinderella and her mother sang…and it reminded me that I did really enjoy Cinderella singing. So pretty. :)


    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 5:02 PM

      Thanks, Amber! It is crazy; we've anticipated it for way long. :)

      I thought maybe there'd be a few more scenes between Cinderella and Kit, too, but I was so enchanted, I didn't care! Plus, I probably give fairytales a bit more leeway where character development is, since they aren't "realistic" most of the time. In comparison, this one is WAY better (than the 1950 version) and I appreciated that. There are some films like that for me as well (don't care for them as well, then wind up loving them later on), I hope you do enjoy it better with future viewings, but then, if not, that's okay too! We don't all love the same things and that's awesome. Keeps the world far more interesting. :)

      Austenland = awesome! But then, you already know all about my gushes for that film. ;)

  • Kristin March 17, 2015 at 10:08 AM

    I'm so excited to see this! All of the glowing reviews I've been reading have just made me more excited. :) I hope me and my mom will be hitting the theater within the next week or two to see it.

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 5:00 PM

      Yay! Hope you enjoy, Kristin! I'll not say much since you haven't seen it, but I look forward to your thoughts if/when you see it. :)

  • Gwendolyn Gage March 17, 2015 at 10:32 AM

    The graphics are spectacular, and I'm looking forward to seeing it! Though honestly, I doubt it can triumph my favorite Cinderella retelling, 1970s' "The Slipper and the Rose". (It has a comic, 18th Century flavor. ;)

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 5:03 PM

      I remember seeing the 70's version. Don't remember much about it, but it was sweet. Hope you like this one, too, Gwendolyn! :)

  • Ella March 17, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    Thanks for reviewing this Rissi!!!
    I'm so glad to hear this is great ( even though I could tell from the trailer it would be:).
    I'm not sure if I will watch it in theaters or when it comes out on DVD. Either way I can't wait to watch it:)

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 5:04 PM

      Ooo, I'll be anxious to know what you think, Ella! I'll not say much more in this comment, but… I hope you like it. :)

    • Ella March 18, 2015 at 4:37 PM


    • Rissi March 19, 2015 at 5:11 PM

      You're welcome. Hope it's a good experience for you. :)

  • Lis K March 17, 2015 at 3:45 PM

    Would the movie be okay for a 6 and 8 year old to watch? My kids aren't really excited to see it BUT they are dying to watch the Frozen Fever short before the movie (haven't heard any reviews about that though, was it cute?). They said they'll watch Cinderella just to watch Frozen Fever :)

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 5:18 PM

      I think so. I don't know if it will hold their attention (because it's live-action), but there isn't anything scary or suggestive. Some of the costuming is low-cut (if that bothers you) and there is one (very sweet) kiss, but beyond that… the stepmother isn't (overly) sinister and I cannot recall anything that might be inappropriate.

      Aw, that's cute! Frozen Fever is REALLY sweet. It only lasts about 3-5 minutes, but yes, the theater was pretty enchanted with that… it made me smile and all the more excited for Frozen 2 because of the short! :)

  • Tressa S March 17, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    Yay! So glad you loved this! I've been dying to see it and my 8-yr-old daughter has been begging me to take her. I thought Maleficent turned out so well and so I have high expectations for one of my favorite fairy tale stories. Do you think it's clean enough for my daughter? We could totally do a girls' date. :)

    • Rissi March 17, 2015 at 5:21 PM

      I did indeed, Tressa and I hope you like it! It was one of the sweetest movies I've seen in a long time. Hope you enjoy it too – and if you see it, I'll love to know what you think. Maleficent is lovely! I liked that it was a different perspective on the legend.

      I think your 8-year-old could definitely see it. There is nothing "scary" nor is the stepmother especially cruel; I mean she treats Cinderella as a maid, but they don't abuse her in the sense that Ever After does. It's really quite wholesome and clean, which is very refreshing. :)

    • Tressa S March 17, 2015 at 7:29 PM

      Thanks, Rissi! I'm really looking forward to this one!! :D

    • Rissi March 19, 2015 at 5:12 PM

      I'd love to know what you ladies think when you see it, Tressa! Hope it doesn't disappoint. :)

  • Bekah M. March 17, 2015 at 5:21 PM

    YAY! This movie was seriously good and I adored it. I can't wait to read your review…heading over now! ;)

    • Rissi March 19, 2015 at 5:13 PM

      It was SO good, Bekah… and thank you (as always) for reading! Loved chatting with you a bit on Silver Petticoat. :)

  • Paige McQueen March 18, 2015 at 9:15 PM

    I loved it. I adored it. I even cried a few times! I thought it was pretty timeless! ❤️

    • Rissi March 19, 2015 at 5:13 PM

      Timeless… what a great way to describe it, Paige! Ditto on all your thoughts: I'm the same. :)

  • Sarah March 19, 2015 at 8:18 PM

    Lovely review, Rissi! I knew I would enjoy this one from the moment I knew about it, but what really surprised me, and what made me not just enjoy, but love it, was that they made it so similar to the classic animation, but never even came close to just "going through the motions" with the remake. They really put effort and heart into it, and it shows through magnificently. :)

    • Rissi March 23, 2015 at 6:22 PM

      I picked out so many "iconic" scenes, Sarah – it was fun, really! I don't mind twists on fairytales, but seeing this beauty really made me appreciate a classic, timeless kind of fairytale. This is the best version of Cinderella for a new generation. I love what you say in wrapping up your comment; this was more than "going through the motions"! :)

      Thanks for dropping by and reading. Appreciate it. :)

  • Maria March 20, 2015 at 3:42 AM

    I'm going with some friends to watch it this weekend. Really looking forward to it!!!

    • Rissi March 23, 2015 at 6:22 PM

      How lovely! I hope you enjoy it, Maria. :)

  • Sarah March 24, 2015 at 4:14 AM

    Those colors….

    • Rissi March 25, 2015 at 4:41 AM

      Right!? They are too beautiful… and brilliant… and lovely…!

      Hope you enjoyed if you saw this one, Sarah. :)

  • Ella March 25, 2015 at 4:49 PM

    I (finally:) watched this yesterday.
    It's such a lovely film. I can't wait to buy it when it comes out on dvd:)

    • Rissi March 26, 2015 at 1:32 AM

      Yay! I'm glad you liked it, Ella! I am in 100% agreement. It's nice that Disney is re-making these. Same for me; I'll be "first in line" to get that DVD. Or close to it. ;)

    • Ella March 26, 2015 at 2:47 PM


  • UptownConnie October 13, 2015 at 6:38 PM

    I've loved this since seeing the trailer..can't wait to see the movie!

    • Rissi October 13, 2015 at 10:34 PM

      Oooh, I hope you enjoy, Connie! It's an amazing film. :)

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