Entertainment’s definition of my personal preference is not a very “serious” one. First and foremost, I seek out things that are going to make me laugh, be swept up and occasionally, make me tear up. This is why at Christmas time, I am most eager to enjoy some hot chocolate or popcorn (or both) and curl up with one of the Christmas movies that find frequent homes on various networks. Finding Christmas is one of The Hallmark Channel’s 2013 newbies; of the three I saw in their “Countdown to Christmas,” it happens to be the favorite.

Finding Christmas (2013) Hallmark TV Film Review

This tells the story of two small-town siblings. For brother, Owen (J.T. Hodges), Christmas has just been soured. His hopes of rekindling his seven-year relationship have just been crushed when he learns his ex is about to marry her short-term new beau. This prompts Ryan (Tricia Helfer) to insist that her brother get out of town for a while – take a vacation. Since arguing with his sister is pointless, Owen puts his house on a house swap site and almost immediately he receives a response from an NYC ad exec looking to escape the city after his girlfriend dumped him just as Sean (Mark Lutz) was going to propose. Though both men are skeptical about an out-of-their-league swap, they find themselves going through with the plan… and discover something they
didn’t know they were missing.

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‘FINDING CHRISTMAS’ (2013). When a woman's brother swaps houses she may find new love with its temporary visitor. Text © Rissi JC
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This plot is one that the same network did last year in the adorable Trading Christmas. Remembering that, it surprises me that there is a script so similar within the same year. Nonetheless if you’re fond of the house-swapping scenario (any fans of The Holiday out there!?), trust me, this title is your cup of tea. The cast is fabulous though aside from Tricia, most of their names are unfamiliar. What is most “different” about the cast of characters is what a limiting part Ryan’s son plays in the film. I’m not sure I’d seen something that puts a cap on the few times the child character is in the movie, normally, they’re in multiple frames which always ups the “cute scale.” What he is in was fun and it was even cuter to watch his haul around his robo reindeer.

‘FINDING CHRISTMAS’ (2013). When a woman's brother swaps houses she may find new love with its temporary visitor. Text © Rissi JC

In closing, seriously, this shouldn’t be so charming considering already it was following in the much bigger footsteps of the Cameron Diaz star-studded charmer. The friction works effectively and of course, the characters are fun. Just as a warning to anyone who doesn’t like the insta-love scenario, it’s here. It seems at first meeting, couples fall in love or at least something near to that. Anyone who wants a wholesome quality, full of good cheer new Christmas flick this year, make sure to gather round and catch Finding Christmas this weekend. It’s worth the discovery.

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    1. LOL, it is true, Juju! I watch a LOT of these at this time of year, but.. they're SO cute. Love how fun and sweet they are – and of course! We'd have fun watching a Hallmark marathon. :)

  1. I totally agree with Juju…I want to come over too. So much school these days its hard to find any time to watch anything! LOL! "Here guys, I know it's Christmas break time…SO GO HAVE A GOOD ONE WITH ALL THESE PAPERS." yeah..it used to be a joke..but now i'm living it! LOL!

    Think you might be able to write a guest post for my blog?! I could really use one now!

    Thank you =))

    1. LOL, wouldn't we have a fun Hallmark marathon!? :)

      Hope you slow down soon, Lilly! Busy-ness and I don't get along so I try to avoid it.

      Aw, thanks for the kind words! I had fun with this Christmas design – I wanted simple yet elegant. As for a guest post, depends on what you'd like. Feel free to send me an email (it's up above in the blog header) with your ideas and we'll go from there. :)

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