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You know those moments when you remember something and you immediately feel like slapping yourself in the head with one of those “duh,” my bad kind of expressions? Yep, that awkward feeling has been me this week. Why? Because I remembered that two bloggers awarded/tagged this blog and well, it’s embarrassing to realize I’ve not yet acknowledged that with my thanks over here. The first award is the “Very Inspiring Blog Award” which was given by Charity (thanks, friend!). The second and more recent award is the “Liebster Award.” Shantelle nominated this blog for that one. Thank you, Shantelle. I appreciate you both thinking of this blog. As a result of this, today we celebrate more blogging awards!

JUST SOME BLOGGING AWARDS. Sharing a few more blogging awards given by lovely friends. Text © Rissi JC

Below are my answers to the questions or as the “rules” state for Charity’s award, 7 random facts. Let’s get started.

The Rules

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank your nominator because they’re awesome
  • List 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for their awesomeness
  • Post the rules so people know them


  • 1: I will randomly start singing during the day. Not necessarily loud, sing-in-your-hairbrush kind of singing, just some tune I’m familiar with, quietly to myself as I go about accomplishing various tasks.
  • 2: I have a small scar on my right shoulder and my left thumb. I’ve no idea how I got the former, but the latter is thanks to making applesauce.
  • 3: I’ve visited Alaska.
  • 4: I detest hot weather.
  • 5: Currently I am addicted to WWII or post WWII period dramas, putting together gushing book cover posts (or it would seem so) and am reading Hello, I Love You and Married ‘Til Monday. (Oh yeah, and Poldark is pretty swoon-y.)
  • 6: I love stir-fry with vegetables (green beans, squash, peppers, onions), noodles or rice and either chicken or steak for meat. Getting excited to make it with all of those summer garden vegetables!
  • 7: I’m a little bit OCD about the books on my bookshelf matching by size.

MORE BLOGGING AWARDS: Liebster Questions

  • 1: What is the driving passion of your life? Right now… a whole assortment of things. I’ve grown up a lot in these last few years (or I hope I have), changed and wanted to understand and learn important things about life. My family and (right now) my writing is definitely a driving passion in terms of where I am right now. The former because now that I’m older I understand and appreciate life’s simple joys and the people in my life so much more. The latter because it’s currently the “passion” I want to pursue as a serious avenue.
  • 2: Can you name a favorite character from a movie you’ve seen recently? Going with a TV series and naming Sidney Chambers from Grantchester. I totally get why all of my blogging friends were gushing over this series as it was airing. Sidney is really  an interesting guy; he’s human (flawed) in ways not every leading male character is and whether or not I always respected his decisions, I loved that about him. Plus, James Norton wasn’t half bad playing him.
  • 3: What’s one book (or chapter, verse, whatever…) of the Bible that has particularly touched you and why? We’re actually working through the Old Testament in Sunday school and a familiar verse we came upon is as follows.

They who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; […]they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. -Isaiah 40:31

This has always been a verse that’s stuck with me. Why I cannot say. It’s just always in my mind. Also, read Rachelle Rea’s book if  you want to be impressed by a spiritual message. It’s amazing.

  • 4: How tall are you? *smiles* Um, I have no idea. 5’6-ish. Informative, I know.
  • 5: What’s one thing a book needs to have in order to make it a favorite for you? Basically, anything contemporary is my go-to read (weird, I know since I adore costume drama). For the “one thing,” I’d say likable, good, human (flawed) characters are a must.
  • 6: How did you start and what’s your favorite thing about blogging? I began blogging when one of my prior writing “jobs” was winding down. Basically, I was looking for a new outlet to ramble and fangirl. I have a lot of favorite things about blogging (the writing, the designing), but the best part is the community. I love this blogging community and the friends I’ve made. Chatting with you all is the best. So thank you.
  • 7: What’s something exciting that has happened in your life recently? Nothing. But honestly for me, that is exciting. I like the quiet, simple joys kind of life. …unless getting review copies of books I didn’t anticipate receiving would count!? *smile*
  • 8: Why do you write (blogs, books, whatever)? Good question. It’s kind of my “happy place.” I love writing, trying to think of new ways to express how I felt or what I liked about something. Blogging let’s me do that and as for books. The notion is to get back into my WIP (which I really like in theory), but that hasn’t happened yet. I guess, it’s where and sometimes how, I say all I “need” to say.
the making of a lady
  • 9: Can you describe (or find a picture of) a different-era outfit that you’d love to wear? I really like Shabby Apple’s sense of “vintage” inspired clothing if we’re talking 40’s or 50’s era… or anything from Downton Abbey if we’re looking for something earlier in the timeline. Also, the wedding gown in the film, The Making of a Lady? Gorgeous. Unfortunately, there aren’t photos to be found of that film. You’ll just have to watch it.
  • 10: Favorite songs? So many. I’ve been listening to ‘Rather Be’ lately and have recently bought Hilary Duff’s new album (haven’t listened to it yet though), I’m also still obsessed with (yes, these many months later), Taylor Swift’s 1989. Why? I don’t know. Something about that music is just amazing… it’s the rare album I haven’t tired of. If you want more of my recent music addictions, have a look at my iPod post.
  • 11: Any advice for your fellow Christian bloggers/writers? Keep at it. If you are loving what you’re doing, just enjoy the adventure of blogging and writing. It’s really a unique and rewarding journey that we go on. Most important is to enjoy that. We learn, grow and change; find your voice and niche and run with that.   
JUST SOME BLOGGING AWARDS. Answering some fun blog award Q's. #Blogging #Random #FWArchives Click To Tweet

…and that’s it. Whew. I’m glad I got this one done. As always, I’ll go though my mini-explanation about nominating: I’m not tagging anyone. A.) because I saw a lot of friends tagged with one of these already and B.) when I have tagged bloggers, it’s not their “thing,” so the awards sit unclaimed. That’s totally fine. I have no issue with that. It’s just I don’t feel it necessary to take the time to put a nominee list together if no one is really interested.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think my blogging buddies aren’t worth being tagged nominated – you are! If you want to join in, please do. Shantelle has some amazing questions (as evidenced by this post) that you are more than welcome to answer.

Happy Saturday, friends.

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amateur graphic designer. confirmed bookaholic. bubbl’r enthusiast. critical thinker. miswesterner. social media coordinator. writer.

Rissi JC

amateur graphic designer. confirmed bookaholic. bubbl’r enthusiast. critical thinker. miswesterner. social media coordinator. writer.

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  • Kristin June 21, 2015 at 1:01 PM

    I enjoyed reading your answers! I also hate hot weather…I would happily live in a place where it was always fall or winter. :) And I'm OCD about organizing my books, but not by size, ha!

    • Rissi June 22, 2015 at 8:46 PM

      Hi, Kristin! Thanks. I had a "duh" moment these last couple of weeks when I remembered never putting this together. *sigh* At least it was fun!

      I'd adore finding some place with crisp, fall-like weather year round. You'll have to let me know if you run across such a place. ;)

      Isn't it funny that we have an OCD nature about how to store books!? Sometimes my books look like a wreck (which I don't know how I "deal" with when they're all over the floor), but I let it go because during INSPYs, that's just the way it is. They're almost put back together now and my books are now in much better harmony.

      Glad you visited. :)

  • Shantelle H. June 22, 2015 at 5:05 PM

    Lovely! ^_^ I so enjoyed reading all your answers, Rissi!! So glad you found the time to do this award!

    Ooh, Downton Abbey clothing is just gorgeous, isn't it? I'd love to wear some of their dresses, hats, and jewelry! :) And vintage is just wonderful too!!

    Getting a review copy of a book you didn't expect to is definitely an exciting happening! :D

    And I am planning to, and so excited, to read Rachelle Rea's book! Such a beautiful cover, and it sounds excellent!

    Isaiah 40:31 is an inspiring and encouraging verse!! I like it too.

    Well, again, such fun to read your post! :) Blessings!

    • Rissi June 22, 2015 at 8:54 PM

      Thank YOU, Shantelle for tagging me. I meant to put this together a long while ago (and did, in fact get it started) and then didn't complete it. Fortunately I did just that this past week.

      Downton Abbey IS gorgeous. I should have included some photos from that and its costumes. *duh*

      Review copies are awesome! I enjoy opening a package and finding a book inside I DID NOT expect. Makes the eventual reading of it all the more fun.

      Yay for Rachelle Rea's book. I certainly hope you enjoy. To me, it was a beautiful novel of inspiration and wonderful moments of faith. She does an excellent job.

      Again, thank you. This was really fun to put together. Blessings to you. :)

  • Amanda Holmes June 23, 2015 at 5:41 PM

    I will have to look into The Making of a Lady and Grantchester!
    I love Shabby Apple's clothes too. Personally though, I think I'm too tall to pull off a lot of retro looks….

    • Rissi June 25, 2015 at 1:02 AM

      You will indeed, Amanda! If you like period films, they're amazing.

      I hear you. I often think I wouldn't "pull off" certain looks too. Sometimes I'm proven right, other times I'm surprised. :)

  • Ganise C June 24, 2015 at 10:24 PM

    SO fun to learn more about you, Rissi!

    • Rissi June 25, 2015 at 1:03 AM

      Thanks, Ganise. I realized after writing those "7 facts," I wrote pretty boring stuff… but well, it was late and that's what I went with. ;)

  • Kara June 27, 2015 at 7:06 PM

    I'm not a huge fan of hot weather either. Especially around here where the humidity becomes unbearable! Ugh. Much prefer Spring and Fall where it's cooler, I can still wear sandals, and don't require a coat!

    Also, I'm much the same when it comes to book sizes. I have all my bookshelves separated by that. The only exception is an old series that I have half the books in normal size and half in the small size. Which bugs me to no end! But I couldn't find the same size when I was buying them and I've never tried to correct it since then. *sigh* Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

    Well. It certainly sounds as if I need to watch Grantchester soon! :)

    • Rissi June 30, 2015 at 1:11 AM

      Humidity is the worst. Fortunately we've had a cooler summer (thus far) when it comes to temperatures, but it's come with lots of rain. *sigh* We're ready for that to move out. I agree. Sandal weather without that bulky coat = heaven on earth. :)

      Guess embracing our bookish oddities is… inevitable. *High Five* to a fellow book size organizer. I still haven't gotten my books whipped back into shape from the INSPYs. Still have a bunch stacked on a piece of furniture and it's kind of driving me insane. Guess this week is as good a time as any to finish that project. :)

      Yes, you must! If/when you see it, there's MORE conversation to be had. ;)

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