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It’s that time again, peeps. Our editor has released an all-new, shiny issue of Femnista. This time it’s a Femnista: Epic Friendships kind of issue.

Femnista: Epic Friendships. Sharing the July/August 2013 issue of Femnista full of wonderful and favorite friendships. Text © Rissi JC

In the summer edition, the contributing writers turned out a number of fun articles chronicling their favorite friend fandoms – most commonly defined by the incomparable Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. (Come on, you know this is true.)  The issue revolves around memorable friendships in literature and cinema. Meet Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey (these dudes are SO cool and can rock a suit –like, seriously!), a white collar crime fighting duo who aren’t just the “usual” partners. One is a criminal!

Femnista: Epic Friendships. Sharing the July/August 2013 issue of Femnista full of wonderful and favorite friendships. #FWArchives #Webzine #Friendship Click To Tweet

Or read an in-depth analysis of the iconic friendship of Spock and Kirk. Also featured are Reese and Finch along with Peter Pan and James plus many more! We hope you enjoy this issue and maybe even find love and laughter with some new friends. Or as Anne Shirley would say, “kindred spirits.”

…share some of your favorite friendships!  

Find the link to page through the issue on the side bar under the “read Femnista” tab or download the issue and read it at your leisure. Feel free (pretty please with a cherry on top!?) to re-pin or retweet this issue.   Do let us know how you like this issue, friends.


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    1. Selfishly, we thank you for getting it out there early then – what with you losing power and that stormy weather(glad you guys are okay). There's not much that can be done without electricity.

      Here's wishing you a freaky-free weekend, Charity. :)

  1. Wow, I love it! So many great friendships! I have to say, I haven't actually read any of the "Sherlock" stories… I guess I should, because Carissa's article really clarified what I felt was "off" in the BBC's "Sherlock" (which I love in every other respect.)

    Your article is great, Rissi! The points on real friendship and technological "friends" was very thought-provoking and spot on! I've enjoyed Annie and Auggie's relationship, too, I think friendship is a great base for a romantic relationship. ;) I do hope it doesn't end up badly for them…

    Also, it made me realize how much I miss "Person of Interest," "White Collar," "Castle," and "NCIS." And I think Anne and Diana are my favorite pair of literary friends.

    (P. S. Did you hear that the new Doctor is going to be announced this Sunday?!? I'm so sad about Matt Smith leaving, but I'm really eager to find out who 12 is going to be!)

    1. Hey, Lizzie – thanks for reading Femnista! We appreciate it very much and for your kind comment. :)

      I am so glad you felt like Carissa clarified something for you in regards to Sherlock. To be honest, I haven't had time to read my fellow contributors articles but know that Carissa's is great – this is one talented group of writers. :)

      Annie and Auggie are one of my weaknesses – I love those two together. They're so cute. :)

      Yay for those TV show shout-outs; they are SPECTACULAR. I think Person of Interest is possibly one of the cleverest shows on television today.

      Yes! I did see the new Doctor was going to be announced on Sunday – perhaps I'll have to break my "no-Internet" rule on Sunday night just to see the name. ;) Exciting stuff!

    2. If you "like" Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as BBC characters, you will LOVE them in the original stories. The "real" Holmes is so much nicer and more personable (although just as eccentric and clever) in Doyle's short stories. I read them at thirteen and have been madly in love with Holmes ever since. ;)

    3. It's funny because I'm usually such a bookworm, I really should have read the original Sherlock Holmes stories first! I'm so looking forward to it now. =)

    4. …I've never read the Sherlock books either, Lizzie. Weird since a.) I am a bookworm and b.) I love the movies and show. But either way, I am cool with not reading them. ;)

    1. Neither have I, Lianne – perhaps I'll print it out this afternoon to read over my usual Internet-free weekend. With a glass of cold lemonade, that sounds like a good way to spend part of my weekend. ;)

  2. A great read! I love what you said about the hollowness of technology and social media making real, personal friendships harder to come by. Sadly, very true.

    Friendships in entertainment is one of my favorite things. I particularity love Ryan and Esposito, Donna and Ten, and Lewis and Hathaway. Oh and Hugo and Isabella… and Sherlock and Watson of course… Kirk and Spock… ok, I like them all. :D

    1. You are right; I love them all too, Sarah! It's not fair to narrow down the list. ;) Some of them I haven't had the pleasure of "meeting" but suspect at some point most will end up coming to life on my television screen. :)

      A year ago or so I did watch Hugo, and while I was surprised how slow it was, it was well made and produced – plus he and Isabella are fun together.

      Thank you bunches for reading our latest issue of Femnista – happy you enjoyed it! :)

    2. Hugo was slow moving for a kid's movie I suppose, but it was paced perfectly for my enjoyment, and I agree, they're so cute together, and it was very well made… and acted!

    3. That was the biggest surprise of the film – I felt like for a children's movie, it was undeniably slow. That being said, it was a classy movie. :)

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