Recent TV Addictions: April 2015


Good morning, friends. If you’re visiting today hoping to see Top Ten Tuesday, well that didn’t happen today. I wanted to put today’s meme together, alas inspiration wouldn’t strike. Plus given that I cannot talk about so many books that I have lying around, I don’t like the idea of being repetitive in my lists. This means sometimes it’s best to take a break until I can try and “refresh” those Top Ten Tuesday lists. I don’t know what next week will bring (what kind of characters are you planning to feature for next week’s topic?), but hopefully something as I do enjoy chatting with you all about our Top Ten Tuesday loves.


Not only is life a bit busier just now, another reason why I’m “out of the loop” with reading (it’s scary how many books I have started…) are TV shows. Yes, that’s right I’m in a serious TV show “obsession” phase. Not only have I re-watched Sherlock (the BBC version naturally), I am also nearing the end of a second viewing of ITV’s Marple. Guys I do have to insert this: if you’ve not seen Marple, reason number 101 to do so are the guest stars. Oh my, gosh! Is there ever an insanely talented line-up. Not the least of which is Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch. But I’ll save more raving for another day (likely over on Silver Petticoat). Back on today’s topic. My recent TV obsessions led to today’s post, which is why I thought it might be fun to chat up some I’ve recently watched and enjoyed.

…and to get your thoughts on any you may have recently discovered.

Recent TV Addictions: April 2015

#1: Bunheads
Recent TV Addictions: April 2015. Chatting up some of my recent TV addictions! What would make your list? All text © Rissi JC

An ABC Family channel show introduced by the brilliant creator of Gilmore Girls, this show disappeared way too soon. It told the story of a Vegas showgirl who married a nice man on a whim, is taken to his small hometown of Paradise where she learns he lives with his mother. Unfortunately for her, he dies shortly after in a car crash leaving her all of his property including the dance studio his mother runs. This is one of those series I recently re-discovered after seeing the pilot way back when. It was a cute little show (with more Gilmore fantastic humor) that didn’t get the time it should have.

#2: Jane by Design

I watched the first half of this show some two or three years ago, and fell in love with its quirky, fun storyline. It was later cancelled after its first full season, though I never went back when the latter half finished airing. Considering I am awaiting all of my favorite TV shows to appear on DVD, it seemed like a good time to revisit this one and as usual, it’s as cute as ever! It’s about a high-schooler who attempts to live a double-life as a student and personal assistant to a ruthless fashion designer. I love the characters, the music, the world and of course the fashion.

#3: Jane the Virgin

One of CW’s newest smash hits, this show is probably not something I ordinarily would have looked into were it not for so many raving reviews. I did indeed give it a shot and guys, it’s charming! I didn’t appreciate one of the earlier subplots however for now, it’s been pushed to the side and since then, I’ve enjoyed the more focused story. There’s mystery, romance, comedy and a whole lot of fun to boot.

#4: iZombie

No need to talk too much about this one considering I already had a review gush-fest for it. Needless to say, iZombie is way more interesting than I gave it credit for. Another plus is this being associated with DC Comics and it’s a fact well established that I do love my comic book adaptations. Is it something I’ll keep up with right now? Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean I won’t let some episodes build up then promptly binge-watch it.

#5: Scorpion

Because I reviewed this, I watched a couple episodes in preparation for that and promptly became addicted! Like, seriously. I heart this show. It’s all about a team of geniuses who help a Homeland agent solve some of the most dangerous threats. By the time I finally got back to watching more of the first season, the episodes had built up and I had several to satisfy my “must-have-more” attitude. By the time the recent season hiatus rolled around, I was all caught up and just this past week finally watched it’s returning episode. Let me tell you, I giggled my way through it and loved the sweet “sparks” of romance that came about. Everything about this show is terrific.

#6: Younger

This TVLand show caught  my attention because it stars Hilary Duff, an actress whose teen movies were once hugely popular at my house. The story is a cute one about a 40-something (played by Sutton Foster of Bunheads) who has to pass herself off as a 26-year-old in order to get a job after her recent divorce. Hilary plays her work friend, Kelsie, who I suspect will have some troubles of her own. Though this one is more “adult” than it needs to be in the humor department, I really enjoyed it. The story will bother some viewers, which I totally understand, but I loved the fashion, the friendships and would be curious to see where the story goes (if I were inclined to keep up with it). Fans of Devil Wears Prada may enjoy this one.

There’s what’s recently been taking up space in my iTunes library. How about you? What have you been watching and enjoying recently? I’d love to chat it up with you.

…and if you took part in today’s Top Ten Tuesday, leave your links, same as always. I’d still love to read your Tuesday meme.

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  1. I remember seeing Bunheads and then poof it was gone. It looked cute! We love izombie! :) We says it's zombies for girls, a combo of Walking Dead (which I don't watch but its about zombies) and CSI (crime solving) and a bit of girly stuff like romance and family.

    I'm looking forward to Messengers on the 17th at the CW. Hope it's as good as the previews look.


    1. Bunheads is so darn cute, Shannon! I'm not even done with the episodes and I miss it already. I mean… it's from the Gilmore Girls creator, so there is that. :D As for iZombie, I'm glad to know you and your girls are enjoying that one. It's definitely better than I gave it credit for, so I'll have to let a few episodes build up then do some binge-watching.

      As for The Messengers, I hope you enjoy. I remember seeing the promo for that one. :)

  2. I've only heard my sister's cries over Jane by Design when it was cancelled, but it sounded like a charming show. ;) Bunheads was great, and cancelled too soon but I feel it was trying too hard to be Gilmore Girls a wee bit.
    Jane the Virgin; totally a guilty pleasure of mine. Had to fast-forward over *that one* storyline but it is SO charming, and Jane is a dear. And Rafael + Jane = heart melting.
    Scorpion's fantastic; my parents & I watch it fairly often and I love it, which is weird for me, but it's that good of a show.
    And I just watched the Pilot for Younger and I was trying not to howl in laughter. Hope to watch more of it as it airs! Sutton Foster is perfection, and it's SO neat/surreal to have Hilary Duff back on TV.

    1. Your sister's reaction was legit, Meghan. It's super cute – you know it's one of those shows that leaves you with a smile simply because it's "mindless" and fun! As for Bunheads, I hear you. I have thought that a time or two (mainly just because of its small-town setting), but I'm still lovin' it. :)

      You and I both: I didn't care for the earlier season direction (and suspect it'll crop up again), but beyond that, I heart the show. It has flaws, sure… but the charm is too cute! I hope Rafael and Jane don't encounter too many bumpy roads… because *happy sigh*

      I giggle my way through so much of Scorpion because the team dynamics are fantastic! As is the cast. I think my mom might enjoy it, but I haven't sat down to watch any episodes with her. Maybe… someday. :)

      That was my reaction to Younger as well! I adore the fact that Hilary is back starring in something (I was a fan of her films as a teen) and as you say, Sutton is terrific! I'll likely not keep up with it right now, but considering the episodes are only 30 mins. they'd be easy to binge-watch. :)

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Meghan. Always great to chat with you.

  3. Bunheads was a little gem killed too soon :( So quirky and utterly unlike anything else on TV. Now that Parenthood is over, I've got no connection to Gilmore Girls anymore and it's making me hyperventilte.

    'I am also nearing the end of a second viewing of ITV's Marple.' – MY KIND OF PERSON <3 Poirot and Marple are staples in my house, I bought myself both box sets for Christmas and it's been an absolute treat watching them all again. I much prefer Julia McKenzie to Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple.

    I haven't been reading much recently either but not for lack of time, I just haven't felt like it. There are times when I'll read 20 books back to back with minutes between each and then I'll hit a reading slump where I don't want to read anything for a while. I don't force myself when it comes to hobbies, I do what I what I do when I want to do it :) I think I'm going to reread some books next. I also want to buy and read Have Courage, Be Kind: A Tale of Cinderella, the accompanying illustrated novel.

    1. I know how you feel, Ruby! I'm still watching Gilmore Girls (I only discovered it last year), but LOVElovelove it and Bunheads. I'm already missing the latter despite having a handful of episodes left.

      I've not seen Poirot but adore Marple and cannot wait for BBC's new Christie mysteries at the end of this year. They sound fabulous (plus a chance to see Call the Midwife's "Jenny" will be fun). I like both actresses though do think Julia's is far sweeter, which is always a plus.

      I have a problem when I don't read this time of year because I'm one of five board members for the INSPYs awards, which is a program that recognizes the best in inspirational fiction. Needless to say, we have a lot of books to read. But that being said, I do plan on getting in more reading starting this week, which will hopefully help. Sounds like you have it right (not to force hobbies). I think a lot of creative hobbies have to happen how they happen and at the pace they "need," otherwise we aren't likely to enjoy them or the results. Ooo, yay for Cinderella. I'll have to look that book up! :)

    2. I bought the book yesterday from The Book Depository so I'll be posting something about it (along with pictures) on my blog soon :)
      Call the Midwife is very good most of the time and then there are times whne it's very disappointing. The latest series was extremely sad – let's just say that one of the couples didn't have a happy ending and that made me really angry.
      Poirot is the BEST. I suggest watching from series 9 onwards – the first 8 are good but not feature film quality. The cinematography in the last few seasons is breathtaking. My favourite episodes are Cat Among the Pigeons, Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, Cards on the Table and Dead Man's Folly.
      I can't believe you hadn't seen Gilmore Girls till recently – isn't it the best? It's my very favourite show, I'm on a constant GG marathon :) Hope you're enjoying it! My favourite seasons are all up till season 5, then it gets a bit… different, to say the least.

      I really enjoy talking to you :)

    3. Forgot to reply about the INSPYs – I know how commitments are, that's why I can't possibly be part of something like this, it'd feel too much like a chore. Is there someone you could ask for help if you can't read the entire selection? I had a look at the categories and though I don't read Christian fiction (I think I might have read a couple of books that ddi fall into this genre – Julianne Donaldson's books), I'd have trouble reading books in anything other than the 'historical romance' category as historical fiction is really what I'm drawn to. Have you got to read books in all categories?

    4. Hooray, Ruby! That's so exciting! I'll be watching for that post – which reminds me, I don't think I'm following your lovely blog. My bad!

      Bummer. I'm sorry a happy ending wasn't in store for one couple. If I like them, I'm right there with you in being sad. Here's hoping I will enjoy it… mostly. :) I'll likely be reviewing the season next week, so it'll be fun to know what everyone thinks.

      Glad to know a fan of Poirot. I suspect I'd rather enjoy that one, though I haven't given myself opportunity to find out. Why I do not know. I'm so pleased you shared your favorites – I'll have to watch out for them if I ever get started.

      Right!? Now I'm watching GG, I've no idea why I waited so long either. However I did – and thus far, it's been absolutely wonderful. So excited to see what else will come. As for the S5 remark, I've read that from other fans as well… many only REALLY liked it up until a certain point because of the character changes. I'm hoping to still enjoy if not love the series up until the final episode.

      INSPYs: I have a friend who was just saying the same to me (not wanting to have the "chore" of the tasks). She thinks I'm nuts and that's totally cool. I don't mind the "work" that comes with the awards (most of the time) because it's a worthy effort and I do so enjoy helping to support authors. As for help, yes! I am just one of five awesome board members who works on this program and my fellow board members are FABULOUS! It's not fun to work with them, I also consider them friends.

      I hope you liked Julianna's. The setting (the 20's/30's) is so fascinating. :)

    5. Never mind! I do believe I had someone different on the mind considering I was thinking INSPYs. ;) As for Julianne Donaldson, no, I don't believe she has written other books (different eras). I vaguely recall reading one of hers (Blackmore), I believe. :)

  4. I totally understand about the TV show obsession phase! It's always hard to decide whether to read or watch, though watching usually wins!
    I absolutely love Jane the Virgin and iZombie! Such fun shows! I also really like Scorpion but I've only seen the first few episodes, we got behind and just haven't found time to catch up. Bunheads and Jane by Design have both been on my radar but I just haven't gotten around to them. As for Younger, I just saw the promo for it today, not sure if I'll try it or not!

    1. That's exactly me, Abbi! Usually watching wins (at night). Morning is always my go-to reading time since it fits before the day starts, but at night… I am more inclined to power up iTunes and hit "Play." That being said, I'm going to have to start being "good." :)

      Yay for shared TV addictions! I like both you mention and of course Scorpion. The team/humor is my kind of TV. As for Bunheads and Jane by Design, I hope you enjoy if you decide to give them a shot. What's nice (in some ways) is they're only a short selection of episodes so it's not a long "commitment" time. As for Younger, I get that. The pilot was cute (the first 1/2 hour episode), but I don't know that I'll keep current with that one – at least right now. It has flaws and I suspect I'll be furious at some of the impulsive choices the characters make. Or that's what the promos suggest! :D

      Glad you visited and commented, Abbi; always fun to chat with you.

    1. Exactly, Kaylee. One day is my go-to phrase as well. It fits my want-to-watch-it-all (or a lot of it) TV mentality. ;)

      Hope you enjoy iZombie if you try it.

    1. *High Five* Scorpion is my "go-to" show when I am looking for a laugh. It's such a delightful group of characters and story. Glad you enjoy it as well, Lakin. :)

  5. Lovely list, Rissi! As always. I have to admit I LOVE Jane the Virgin. I find its mix of humor and serious to be adorable. Its quite an unusual story, but I love it! It got my attention because of the raving reviews and I must say I don't regret paying attention.

    The one on your list you've got me considering is iZombie. I just might watch it after all. :)

    1. Same here, Miranda! Jane the Virgin is such a charming, unique show. Definitely not something I'd have ordinarily looked at, but aww… it's really been a delight. I don't either mind being sucked in by its cuteness. :)

      …if you try iZombie, happy watching!

      Thanks for visiting, Miranda. Always a pleasure to chat with you.

  6. I loved Bunheads and Jane by Design – so sad that they both were cancelled! I just finished yesterday's iZombie. I am always left for more. I have a friend who is begging me to watch Scorpion, I need to apparently! I was going to start Younger :) I love we have a lot of the same TV favorites!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Same here, Missie. I'm already missing those two and still have some episodes to go. *sad face* They had a lot of potential.

      Yay for iZombie. I'll have fun to look forward too. You simply must try Scorpion. (Well, if you like that sort of genre.) It's really funny and I am loving the way the cast has "gelled." Happy watching – and me too! It's fun to have fangirl moments over favorite TV shows (and books!).

  7. While I only saw the first two episodes of Scorpion, I'm now reminded of why I should catch up soon. It's a really fun show! Love Jane the Virgin and surprisingly still enjoying iZombie. I watched Younger the other day and couldn't get over how weird it was?? I will probably keep watching though, because Hilary Duff. I grew up watching her on tv!

    LOVE this post, Rissi- I am always looking for new tv shows to try. By the way, adore the site changes! Your new domain name is gold. :)

    1. I love(lovelove) Scorpion. Other than the humor, I don't know why exactly, but there are a lot of great moments that make the story "shine." I'm glad you are liking "Jane" and iZombie. I think I'm behind on the former an episode or two (oops!) which is inspiration to buy some new iTunes cards. ;) As for Younger, I've a feeling I'll either wind up loving or hating that one. I DID like the pilot, but haven't gone back for more and though I love Sutton Foster, mainly I gave it a shot because of Hilary Duff. The pilot was funny, but not sure how I'll feel about the rest.

      Thanks, Bekah! I randomly put this together and it was fun. :)

      …and thank you! I spontaneously put the new URL into working order and held my breath the whole that I wouldn't delete everything. As for the URL, I wanted to step away from it being anything "specific." That way if the content changes I'm not tied to a specific URL. I have this one for two years anyway, so hopefully it fits. :)

  8. I'm not watching any of these shows (actually the only currently airing show I'm watching is Call the Midwife), but you just reminded me that I've been wanting to watch Marple! I got the first episode through Netflix yesterday and really enjoyed it…I look forward to watching the rest of the series! :)

    1. Call the Midwife is awesome! I just finished its current season and am hoping to write about it this week yet. Though there were some things "wrong" with this season (as always), I really enjoy it same as always.

      Yay for Marple. That show is one of THE best 50's era series in my opinion. So many guest stars, so many gorgeous costumes… everything is lovely. :)

  9. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 YAAAAAS — the others I haven't seen. I was SO disappointed that they did away with Jane by Design, but then again ABC Family just loves to cancel the few shows that I watch on their channel. I'm still bitter about Nine Lives of Chloe King… Haha! Anywho my new addiction is Arrow. My cousin bugged me to watch it years ago and I kind of blew it off because it was DC and I was Marvel. I don't know what I was thinking, you can definitely be both! Love Oliver aka eye candy and LOVE Felicity. She's a kindred spirit. Totally geeky and not afraid to admit it. I'm just glad I was able to catch up on it before the new episodes started. Have you seen the trailer for tomorrow's episode? ?

    1. Ditto, Renee! Those are all SUCH fun. Like you, I'm disappointed that ABC cancels many of their shows too. I enjoyed (drama and all) the one they had about the gymnasts, too. Alas that one is gone now as well. Didn't ever try "Chloe King," but do remember reading about it.

      Arrow is epic! I'm both too (DC and Marvel) though I think the former is rocking the small screen (more so) and the later the box office. Oliver and Felicity are both perfectly cast, and of course he's not bad to look at. ;) I agree about Felicity! She's a loveable nerd that I suspect we all can relate too. Her babbling and nervous energy is priceless. :)

      I did see that trailer… suffice to say, I'm nervous!

    2. Ugh. Chloe King was the bomb dot com and it ended with sooooo many loose ends. I had never read the books, but I was a huge fan of the short lived series. My luck is starting to turn though and most of the new series' that I watch have been renewed. Yay!! ?

    3. Isn't that the worst!? We don't like loose ends, TV writers! I saw some short-lived TV series that I loved as well (i.e., "Emily Owens"), but like you, feel like MOST of my shows now are sticking around. Those that are in real danger of being cancelled probably need to end anyway, so I'll deal with that when it comes. ;)

  10. Bunheads has been on my radar for a while! Anything that has connections to Gilmore Girls sparks my attention. ;)

    I've been catching up with Heart of Dixie, and then we just started Fridy Night Lights. Good stuff. <3

    1. It's a really cute one, Heather! I adore the similarities to Gilmore Girls and appreciate the ways Bunheads is its own story.

      Yay! Love Hart of Dixie. When the final two seasons come to DVD I am so getting them. The show is really the perfect small-town kind of script. :)

    1. Haven't gone back to watch more of Younger, but I will. Someday. As for Jane, I'm behind too… but I'm going to catch up. They're already teasing the finale, so it should be fun. :)

      Super glad to see you around again, Juju. :)

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