A Harvest Wedding – Sweetheart of a Hometown Hallmark Romance


There are some romance films that seem sweeter than others. A Harvest Wedding is one such movie. The story is one we’re well acquainted with, but manages to alter some of the common cues to keep its story unique.

A Harvest Wedding (2017) Hallmark Original Review

Though comfortable in the small town she grew up in, Sarah Bloom (Jill Wagner) is as at home in the city. This is where she houses her business, a wedding and event planning business that’s doing well. Her next goal is to earn the magazine cover of a prestigious publication. Priorities shift when she takes on a wedding that needs to be photo shoot ready in two weeks! More complicated still is the realization that the groom is the brother of Sarah’s former sweetheart.

With the wedding set to take place in her hometown, Sarah and her assistant, Emma, head to her hometown to prepare for the big day. During her stay, Sarah reconnects with David (Victor Webster), a farmer who also happens to have a business idea that may take him away from small town living. Between the diversion that is the wedding planning, a reporter and their rekindled feelings, what does the future hold for Sarah and David?

Though I adore them all, once in a while, Hallmark releases an original romance that’s special. This is one of those. At least for me it is. The story is an oft-retold one, but this one breathes fresh life into it without sacrificing the charm and appeal we love about this branding. One of the ways this script (kudos to writer William Penick) approaches this topic in a fresh way is the city girl subplot. Instead of vilifying it, the story shows the best of both worlds. Small towns have good qualities as does the city. It’s refreshing to meet a father who likes to visit his daughter in the city and isn’t at odds with her (because of her choice to live in the city). In addition to this, it’s nice to see characters who don’t have an aversion to the metropolitan. An element that plays into the ending (which I cannot say more about because spoilers!!).

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If any of these faces look familiar, it’s likely because they’ve appeared in many a Hallmark original. You’ll see When Calls the Heart favorites, and of course, its primary love story couple will look familiar. Jill Wagner has been in Autumn Dreams and Christmas Cookies. Victor Webster is known from (one of my VERY favorites) Love Blossoms; he also co-starred with fan favorite Candace Cameron Bure in Puppy Love (and many other Hallmark originals).

Harvest Wedding

The same being true of any Hallmark story, the cast is wonderful. Furthermore, the actors who seem to have a fun time while telling these stories. Another point in favor of this story IS that love story. The fact that it’s not an awkward-reunion kind of set up makes it all the more entertaining. Instead, the scene when Sarah and David see each other again is casual and cute. Plus, I like that an obvious (from the start) interest still lingers rather than the obstacle of a new boyfriend/girlfriend. Or the we-can’t-be-together-because-of-X plot complicating things.

Though there is no longer promotion for this 2017 Fall Harvest campaign, I still wanted to write a fangirl-y review for this one. If you didn’t see this one, you might not be able to catch a showing until next year, but it’s well worth keeping an eye out for. The charm oozes from this one (oh, and the scenery is stunning), and that ending! Without giving anything away, let’s just say, it’s adorable. Add that in with all the other reasons, and A Harvest Wedding should be something you RSVP to without hesitation. (Even if it is a year in advance. ♥)

A Harvest Wedding – Sweetheart of a Hometown Hallmark Romance. Review of the Hallmark original. Text © Rissi JC
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  1. This film definitely surprised me, in all the best ways; I have seen Victor Webster in a few Hallmark productions before this one, but he never had any spark of chemistry with his co-stars (in my subjective opinion), making the love stories fall kind of flat, and in turn the entire film. In THIS one, however, he is given a character that feels believable, and likable, and he plays off Jill Wagner SO WELL.

    Jill Wagner I loved in the Christmas Cookie, so I wasn't shocked to find myself enjoying her character in this. Also, having the bride and groom be played by actors who were also potential love interests for Jack and Elizabeth respectively was fantastic!

    I also need to commend the script for rising above the usual fare Hallmark produces; although that end scene was very nearly bordering on cliche, for the most part the dialogue and character arcs were smart, sharp, deep, and I adored that for once the 'childhood sweethearts reuniting' trope was done with such a refreshing lack of over-the-top angst and drama.

    Thank you for another wonderful Hallmark review! If I didn't love Harvest Love so much, this one would be my top favourite of this year's Harvest Festival crop.

    God Bless,
    Eleanor Rose

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