‘Love Blossoms’: Romance Blooms in a Pretty Locale


With the holidays over, and shelves emptying of heart shaped boxes of chocolate, the appeal of Valentine’s Day has worn off and with it, Hallmark’s programs of sweet romance winds down. But rather than asking loyal viewers to forgo the charms of these stories, they present Love Blossoms.

Love Blossoms

Love Blossoms (2017) Hallmark Film Review

As a child, Violet Chappel (Shantel VanSanten) thought the world of her father. In the aftermath of his death, Violet has a decision to make. Her life in Boston is fulfilling, and her career as a chemist successful, which complicates everything. But her father’s legacy needs to carry on. As a leading perfumer, his company’s future and the formula (the final in a trilogy) he was about to launch, hangs in the balance.

Now Violet must choose between running her father’s company or handing the reigns over to someone knowledgeable of the business. First she needs to discover the missing element in her father’s last formula. For that she needs to hire a “nose.” This is how she meets Declan (Victor Webster). A botanist with a unique sense of smell, Dec may be just the man Violet needs to complete her complicated (both literally, and of the heart) task.

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Though Love Blossoms does not fall under the umbrella of Hallmark’s Valentine promotion, this film is as sweet as its predecessors. My excitement for this one was already high. What I didn’t realize was that those expectations would be surpassed. Though there were other films hyped as the pinnacle of  the Valentine’s promotion, this is one of, if not, my favorites of the group. There is so much I appreciate, enjoy, giggle, and swoon over.

Love Blossoms

Shantel is from The Flash (who else hopes she returns to Barry’s life!? And is there a ship name for them!?), and to see her play a character in a favorite network original is a fun surprise. Her character is as fun as that of Patty Spivot; the clumsy nature of her personality makes her especially relatable. Basically Violet is impossible not to like. Similarly, fans will fall head over heels for Declan. Or I know I did.

Beyond the general appeal of this story (which is vibrant and beautiful), what also makes this such a worthwhile film is the “old fashioned” appeal. The most organic of the appeal being the overseas setting. Set in Belgium, the stunning scenery and architecture sells what otherwise might have been an ordinary albeit still sweet little film. The fascinating locale ties everything together to evoke that final “finishing touch.” And as everyone knows, it’s that which neatly ties all of the ingredients together to create the magic that is Love Blossoms.

Stay in this Saturday and fall under the mesmerizing spell of Love Blossoms. It’s 100% darling and all kinds of adorable. In other words, it’s the kind of story that makes you smile. It’s the kind of story that uplifts rather than breaks our heart. And in today’s entertainment industry, dark and terrorizing is the norm. So the exception that is Hallmark is a breath of fresh air. ♥

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