A Gift to Remember: Charming and Bookish Holiday Romance


Though every one of the Christmas films I watch has a sweet disposition (because they’re Christmas stories – they kind of have to be, right?), there are some that seem to stand a little bit taller. For a handful of reasons, A Gift to Remember is one of these.

A Gift to Remember (2017) Hallmark TV Review

It’s all about the simple things for Darcy Archer (Ali Liebert). She enjoys crafting during quiet evenings at home. Her favorite pastime is a cozy reading chair with a good book. A passion only fueled by the fact that she works at a small bookstore. Unfortunately for Darcy and the small store’s employers, there’s a chance the store may close. Unless someone like Darcy can turn it around.

a gift to remember

Darcy finds she has greater things to worry about when, while riding her bike, she accidentally hits a man crossing the street. As she tries to learn about this stranger’s condition and who he is, Darcy learns that he’s lost his memory. While unsure of who he is and where he comes from, Aiden (Peter Porte) relies on Darcy, the only person he knows. All the while, Darcy tries to discover his family ties and reunite him with family just in time for Christmas.

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Reviewing any Hallmark originals never ceases to make me feel like a broken record. Nonetheless, there’s a truth. Do I mind? Absolutely not! Of course I have my favorites and those I can watch year after year, but overall, each Hallmark film is adorable. Those that do stand out seem to shine a little brighter. For some it’s the script. For others, it’s the chemistry between the leads. Then there are those that have that extra dose of adorable. A Gift to Remember has this.

If there is one way to ensure I’m going to love a story, it’s to introduce me to a bookish heroine. In this story, that’s exactly who we meet in Darcy. She’s named after a literary character (bet you can guess who!) and finds quite evenings in reading to be enjoyable. It’s because the writers impress this old-fashioned bookish appeal (among other qualities) that viewers fall so easily for these originals.

Those looking for more than just great characters are also treated to actors who play the characters with genuine emotion, care and perfect characterization. Or at least, I thought so. Most of all, Ali Liebert’s Darcy is a compelling heroine anyone’s sure to root for. If she seems familiar, it’s likely because she’s played the “best friend” character time and again. Seeing her in the leading lady role is great fun, and a role she handles very well. So much so that I know I’d love to see her in another in the near future. Peter Porte will also look familiar if you saw the adorable Love at the Shore (with Amanda Righetti).

I’ll make no secret of the fact that this has been one of my favorites from 2017. The story progresses at a nice pace, and because of Aiden’s memory loss, these characters have a great reason to be together. (Meaning, their time spent together comes across as normal under this kind of circumstance. Plus this is just who Darcy is as a
character.) Another pro in this films column is the non-dramatic parting between these characters. So often (perhaps a little too often) in movies there’s some kind of big “break up” separates the characters. Most of the time this feels a little disingenuous especially since the limited time frame never feels sufficient to have inspired such a sense of betrayal.

If you haven’t seen A Gift to Remember, but you like Christmas films, consider making room for this one on your DVR. It’s sure to charm you! My parting advice to you is as follows; make yourself a large cup of cocoa, find that favorite cozy sweater and settle in for this little piece of joy.

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  1. This film has been on my list to watch for awhile now, but reading your review pushed me just over the edge today, and I'm so glad it did, as I completely agree with everything you said about it! The script is smart, and fun, the secondary characters have been given these defining quirks that makes it easy to fall in love with them (particularly Darcy's Christmas-mad landlady!), and the chemistry between the leads is on point. That, combined with my huge fondness for the amnesiac trope, and A Gift to Remember was a winner all-round!

    Also, as you've mentioned your love for story-lines that involve an "old-fashion bookish" element, I would strongly suggest checking out Mistletoe Inn, if you haven't already. It was the first 10/10 film of the season for me! And if you have seen it, what were your thoughts?

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Wasn't Darcy's land lady adorable? So fun to see a character like that.

      I really liked this one all the way around too. So much cuteness packed into one little package! So much sweetness and adorable storytelling. Especially those "old fashion" touches. I loved that and the fact that this one didn't go all in for the same old tropes.

      I have not seen Mistletoe Inn. Hopefully next year I'll mark that one as a must see. :) So glad to know it ranked so high for you, Eleanor.

      As always, I'm so glad to have you stop by!! :)

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