‘The Knight Before Christmas’ is The Best Kind of Fun!


This season, everyone (from streaming to network TV) seems to be “upping” their game when it comes to new seasonal themed romance. This year, one of the new kids on the block is from Netflix. Taking modern ideals and twisting them into a historical era is, as you can imagine by its title, The Knight Before Christmas is all about. Something it does, mostly, in dashing style.

The Knight Before Christmas (2019) Netflix Review

In 1300 England, a knight prepares for a quest as part of his heritage. In present day Ohio, a history teacher tries to prepare her students not just academically, but also when needed, that sometimes boys aren’t the knight’s we wish them to be. Back in England, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) finds himself in a brewing storm when he comes upon a woman who tells him he must complete a very important quest, and until he does so, he won’t return home. This sends him to the modern world where he, quite literally runs into Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens).

Feeling bad that he has nowhere to go, Brooke settles Cole into a guest house, and tries to help him find his memory of this reality. But as he persists in believing he’s from the 1300s, Brooke begins to wonder, what if he really is a medieval knight in shining armor?

TV FILM REVIEW | ‘Write Before Christmas’: How to See this Merry New Romance

Anyone who likes or really likes (you can admit this here; we’re Christmas movie fans here) the seasonal fluff that “everyone” puts out this time of year, will find this a fun adventure. It’s full of all the romantic-comedy tropes flair we love, but is also simply cute because it makes us smile. Here’s ten reasons why you should watch this one.

Ten Reasons To Watch The Knight Before Christmas

1: The British Hero

I mean, really, what better reason is there?

2: Cup of Christmas Cheer

Like any festive film worth its salt, this one has a whole hot chocolate vibe, which always earns any story brownie points.

3: Fashion

Brooke’s fashion is absolutely spot-on! I kind of want (nearly) everything from her wardrobe. [Make plausible by her sister’s business.]

4: Kate & Leopold

Many may take issue with this being likened to the comedy with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman, but if you enjoyed that, this is an updated version that equally darling. In fact, I think this film does some things a bit better than Kate & Leopold and vice versa.

5: Old-Fashioned Courtship

I’m not sure if it’s intentional (likely it is because of the hero), but this entire romance trope “feels” like an old-fashioned courtship even though it’s not a courtship. But no matter what I sort of love this.

the knight before christmas
6: Swoon! The Hero

I’ve mentioned this before, right…? But really, who doesn’t love a British hero? We can blame Darcy, Thornton, Rochester and Knightley, right?

7: [All of the] Swordplay

I mean, who doesn’t love a little bit of swashbuckling?

8:[How-to] Tie-a-Tie

Is it weird to call out a scene like this? It might be, but this scene is so dare cute and trope-y, but the way it ends is a little different, and it makes the scene a little more memorable.

9: Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Like any of its peers, this film evokes a sense of “comfort” and makes you feel happy, which to me is the very definition of anys good Christmas romance.

10: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa appeared in last year’s Netflix original The Princess Switch, and she’s now executive producing this one. Rumor has it, she’ll also appear in a sequel to ‘Princess’ for next year, and this one leaves with a could-have-a-sequel set up. All of this to say, I’m curious to see where this Hudgens-Netflix business partnership goes.

Tell me, have you seen The Knight Before Christmas? Did you like it? Dislike it? Is it a new Christmas movie favorites? Comment down below with all of your thoughts.

‘The Knight Before Christmas’ is The Best Kind of Fun! A little fangirl publication on the 2019 #Netflix romance with Vanessa Hudgens. Come by and share YOUR 'ten reasons to watch #theknightbeforechristmas list' Click To Tweet
‘The Knight Before Christmas’ is The Best Kind of Fun! A little fangirl publication on the 2019 Netflix romance with Vanessa Hudgens. Text © Rissi JC

Content: there’s really nothing troubling in this one aside from one or two instances of innuendo, but otherwise, this one is pretty darn sweet.

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    1. RIGHT!? It’s really cute. What I like it that she can’t even tie it right, and just gives up. Normally, the woman ties the tie with precision, and then there’s an “eye lock” moment. The fact that she doesn’t know how to do this job makes the scene sweeter. :)

  1. I finally finished watching this last night and hehe it’s so cheesy but I admit that I ended up enjoying it. It’s funny to see Hudgens in these roles that are so different to her HSM role, and I haven’t seen her much since, but it’s also nice! I totally agree with you about her wardrobe too — so amazing and I’m a little jealous. I want all the clothes ? It also really made me crave hot chocolate despite living in the sweltering tropical heat right now! Great review, Rissi :)

    1. I love that it’s so easy and fun to enjoy (even if that means being cheesy :D) because sometimes, after a DAY, I need something cute and mindless. I also think it does the whole transportation to the modern world better than some old favorites, but then, I don’t always tend to like the “clueless” character transitions. ;D Thank YOU so much as always, for visiting and reading, Dini. Glad to chat with you.

  2. Gah, I forgot this one came out! I still have to reactivate my Netflix account but once I do, this and the myriad other things I have to catch up on are going to get watched immediately.

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