‘Thor: Ragnarok’ – Marvel’s Colorful World in a Third Adventure


This fangirl may be upset over the new direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but so far this hasn’t stopped me from visiting the worlds in which MCU heroes live. The latest solo outing for Thor is all about an epic cinematic scale. Somehow, despite the eccentric scenes, it works wonders for Thor’s world. Let’s take a closer look at Thor: Ragnoark

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)Marvel Review

Despite a clever rouse, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) knows something is not right in his world, Asgard. Having just returned home from successfully defeating a fire demon, Thor is ready for another fight. This go-round, the fight confronts his “father.” Turns out, Thor’s supposition is right when, finally, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) reveals himself to masquerade as the King. Knowing that something called Ragnarok is about to threaten his home, Thor demands Loki take him to their father.   With the help of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), they find a weary Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Before he leaves his sons behind to carry on his legacy, Odin warns them of the war to come, a war spearheaded by none other than the sister neither brother knew they had. 

Hela (Cate Blanchett) is fierce, and stronger than her father. Her strength comes from Asgard, which strengthens her the longer she remains at its helm. Annoyed by this turn of events, Thor must set aside his battle plan to return Asgard to its former glory when he becomes stuck on planet, where he enlists the help of a mysterious bounty hunter (Tessa Thompson).  

As is the case with each Marvel film, I saw this one late in the game. In fact, the wait for the DVD seemed especially long though I suspect this was because I was so anxious to see it. By the time the DVD did make its way to store shelves, the enthusiasm had cooled. But I still popped my disc (because, yes I’m old-fashioned like this) into my Bluray player, settled in and let myself be swept into the world that is Ragnarok.  

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This world Marvel invites us into is VERY different than any MCU world we’ve seen until now. Part of me basks in its unique premise and vision, while another is cowering in my fangirl corner because of the foreshadowing it implies. For a Marvel film, this one is basically, all about the comedy. Sure, there are some “tense” action sequences, but overall, ‘Ragnarok’ retains a hold on the funny bone, and it’s this that looms large over the franchises future. Proceeding the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which is rumored to be very dark (think death!), I wonder if the writer’s gave fans this comedic installment before thrusting us into the depths of fangirl devastation. Whether the theory is accurate or not, it’s still going to be an adjustment.  

 For now, we’ll go back to Thor: Ragnarok, and try to look at it as a solo outing for Thor’s story. In this lens, ‘Ragnarok’ is insanely good. Far more than I could anticipate. From the opening moments to the victorious end, the entire setup of the film leaves me in giggles; and how the script caters to Thor’s sense of humor. The cast and writer’s seem to have a good time with this story even with Blanchett’s formidable enemy. This is something I appreciate far beyond anything else the producers and writers could have added to this film.

“So much has happened since I last saw you! I lost my hammer, like yesterday, so that’s still fresh. Then I went on a journey of self-discovery. Then I met you.”

The characters are all fabulous, and for once (though this won’t remain true) Loki doesn’t annoy me to death. Blanchett’s addition is cunning and creepy, a villain and woman without hesitation or a soul. Thompson’s character is also a fun addition, whom I’m glad didn’t form a romantic attachment to Thor (no matter the romantic in me, this is wise). Seeing a cameo by Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange is fantastic (I may or may not have almost squealed when he showed up!), though I missed Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and minority or not, I really miss Jane (Natalie Portman). Which story teller thought it was a good idea to break up this Marvel couple? I don’t approve – especially after ‘Dark World,’ in which this pair seemed to work out many of their relationship wrinkles.  

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Despite the more lighthearted nature of the picture (in an over reaching way), there is still plenty of layers to this film. Whether it’s catching up with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffulo) or experiencing Thor’s emotions at discovering as sister, and having to fight for his world, it’s a roller-coaster. (Side note: the scenes with Bruce and Thor are also hilarious!) The sci-fi and action sequences – which are sometimes one and the same, are brilliant as is the music that underscores it all. Seriously, the score is epic!  

Whatever happens in ‘Infinity War,’ it’s films like this that remind me why Marvel is, in my book, THE best in the superhero game. How the story blends its primary genre (sci-fi action film) with its humor is brilliant. It’s for this reason alone I’ve been such a devoted Marvel fan. They know how to, and more importantly understand, capture comedy and balance it off the journey of their characters. It’s these cinematic experiences I’ll remember best about the universe, and the ones I’ll revisit the most.  

You can purchase Thor: Ragnarok on DVD and Bluray or own/rent digitally on Amazon Video.  


Thor: Ragnarok – Marvel's Colorful World in a Third Adventure. Review of the 2017 addition to the MCU. All review text © Rissi JC

Content: there is the standard sci-fi action sequences that result in injuries, or sometimes death (nothing graphic). There may be a few minor profanities or innuendo. The film is rated PG13.)   

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  1. Yasssssssssssssssssssssss! It's no secret I loved this movie <3

    From what I've read, it was Natalie Portman herself who broke Thor and Jane up by deciding she didn't want to be in any more Marvel movies.

    1. I loved this one too, Rachel. It's such a nice break from the heavier themes of 'Avengers.' Just curious: who do you think will perish in 'Infinity War'?

      Yes, that's what I understand about Natalie Portman too! But it still made me sad. :/

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      Thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate the support and your readership. :)

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